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No title necessary.

I know this isn’t the typical Happy Friday and light, fun fashion posts that I usually compose, but I read this article on CNN today and it affected me so much that I have to mention it. My heart goes out to the injustices and abuse that these women have to endure, all because of their gender. I know things like this probably happen more than we know, and in more places than we realize, but the fact that things like this exist and we barely take notice is truly tragic. I wish there was more I could do, and more our country’s governments would do to end the oppression of women in this manner. I so take for granted the freedoms I have to express myself through what clothes I choose to wear, how I do my hair and makeup, what perfume I want to apply, etc. I can’t imagine living in a world where those liberties are absent and punishable by death. I hope that soon something can be done to end these horrific conditions and women around the world will be treated like humans and not possessions to control. I also hope that in the future when I write my blog, I remember these issues and appreciate the gift of freedom more. Thanks for reading this.

2 comments February 8th, 2008 nicky

They’re baaaack!

And it would have been sooner but yesterday my WordPress program was being funky and I ended up having to reinstall it. Anyway, hope you enjoy the return of Weekly Shopping Picks! This week’s theme is all about the orange. Yesterday was a gloomy, rainy day here in the desert and I needed a dose of bright color to cheer me up. On top of that, I wasn’t feeling well, food didn’t taste good and I really overdid it with yard work over the weekend. But today is a new day! The sun is shining, I just ate a Pop Tart and I’m leaving in a bit to go vote for my boyfriend, Barack. Have a great day everyone!

Add comment February 5th, 2008 nicky

And the winner is…

Heather the very last commenter! My actual due date in August 12th and she was only one day away. Congrats Heather, I will be contacting you with all the necessary information to get the giveaway to it’s new home. Thanks to everyone for participating, it was fun to read your guesses and I appreciate all your well wishes so much!

3 comments January 10th, 2008 nicky

So so happy.

giveaway.jpgIt’s Monday and I promised you big news right? Well, here it is. I’m going to be a mommy for the first time. Yep, I’m pregnant! I am overjoyed. Adrian and I have been trying for about 2 years and cannot wait to be parents. Even though I am scared out of my mind about everything going okay, I am looking forward to all the new experiences and challenges in the coming months. So far, I have all the typical pregnant lady symptoms and I adore my husband even more for putting up with me! I am so excited to share this news with all of you and keep you updated as I progress in my pregnancy. Swish-Style will not change at all, there may be a couple baby related posts but don’t worry, I won’t change this into a baby blog or anything. In fact, to celebrate my good news, I’m having a little giveaway contest for my readers! Leave a comment below and guess my due date (hint- it’s in the later summer months). Whoever posts with the closest guess first wins a package from me including Benefit’s Maybe Baby fragrance (a warm, flirty floral that I love) and the Thank You combo from Philosophy (two bath/shower/shampoo gels in Amazing Grace and Pure Grace- my fave body washes.) I’ll leave the contest open until January 9th. After that, I’ll email the winner and send the gift on its way! Thank you for all of your support, you’re the best!

20 comments January 7th, 2008 nicky

Stay tuned!

There will be a huge announcement on Swish-Style this coming Monday. I’ll just leave you all in suspense for the weekend, but I promise it will be worth the wait!

1 comment January 4th, 2008 nicky

Merry Christmas!

Phew, so I got through the chaos of last week and I am ready to relax with the family, eat great food and enjoy the presents! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday no matter your plans and come back from the day off refreshed and ready to end the year with a bang! Here’s a couple pics from my baking extravaganza with mi madre to laugh at. We had a great time together, baking, drinking wine and eating cheetos (weird combo, I know!) I also spent a day making tamales and baking with Adrian’s family too, it was so fun! Anyway, I’ll be back after tomorrow with more all things fashion, beauty and girlie. All the best!

4 comments December 24th, 2007 nicky

Baking update soon.

So I totally flaked on you all and didn’t update you after baking at my mom’s last week. For one, I forgot my camera and used my dad’s to document it all, so now I need to get back to my parents and upload the pics from his camera. I’m hoping to do that in the next couple days. Secondly, I didn’t realize until late last week how much the busyness of December had caught up with me. I have barely completed any gift shopping and had so many other little activities taking up my time. One bright spot last week was on Thursday. I went with a group from my church to bring clothing and toiletries to the local kids at the school for the homeless. Then we toured the school campus and served the children dessert after their lunch hour. It was amazing to talk to the little boys and girls who have nothing, heartbreaking living conditions and horrible family situations yet still have so much joy and laughter to share. I want to go visit them again soon! Even though I am running at a frantic pace right now (as I’m sure many of you are) I still will try to post a few times this week and give you updates in case things get really crazy! Stay tuned…

1 comment December 17th, 2007 nicky

Baking time has arrived.

cupcakeshirt.jpgI’m on my way to my mom’s for an all night baking party. We are going to bake like crazy ladies in our cute aprons and watch our favorite winter time movie, “Little Women,” starring my all time favorite actor/childhood crush Christian Bale. It should be a great night! As you all know, my serious baking addiction is now mostly directed at cupcakes. I am always on the prowl for cupcake related items that aren’t too cutesy and I love the merchandise at Johnny Cupcakes. I seriously need to add this tee to my Christmas list! Love it! Have a good night and I’ll update you on all the treats we make tomorrow!

2 comments December 12th, 2007 nicky

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

turkeyhat.jpgIt’s Thanksgiving time and I am so thankful. Some are serious and some are fun, but they are all things I am so happy about! 1. My husband, Adrian, is all the best things about people wrapped up in one handsome man. 2. I discovered an obsession with baking and I’m actually pretty good at it! 3. I feel so lucky to have a family that I love to be around and get to act crazy and silly without being embarassed. 4. Although building our new house is delayed (we can’t sell our current home in this crappy market) we still got our down payment back! 5. My close friends are like family. 6. Peppermint Mochas are back at Starbucks, yum. 7. My dog, Lily, sleeps with her tongue sticking out and it is the cutest thing ever. 8. It is below 80 degrees starting today (about time Mother Nature!) I’m breaking out my sweaters! 9. This year, I have a new sister-in-law, a new nephew and my long lost cousins were found! and 10. My favorite time of year is right around the corner. Christmas will explode at my house is exactly 2 days, baking frenzies will begin, shopping for gifts gives me a high and I still have over a month to get working on the New Year’s Resolutions I haven’t met (I really do take those seriously. Expect a recap at the end of this year!) And by the way, that picture is from Etsy. It’s for a crochet pattern that will create the most amazing turkey hat ever imagined (Amber, you MUST make it!) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

4 comments November 21st, 2007 nicky

A little venting…

Totally unrelated to fashion and beauty, but are you as nervous about the Writer’s Guild of America strike as I am? I am a complete tv junkie, with my two tivos and all. My even more tv-obsessed friend, Mike, luckily started a new feature on his personal blog to give out ideas for DVD watching in the coming months. I’ll either have to add more DVDs to my Blockbuster queue, start watching waaay more reality shows or just play Scrabble instead. I’m really exaggerating here but a little part of me will be sad if my shows go into hiatus for awhile. Let’s see, I watch: The Office, Ugly Betty, Grey’s, Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, The Soup, What Not To Wear, The Colbert Report, Amazing Race, and The Hills (I know, shameful) weekly. Then throw in my daily addicted-since-childhood viewing of The Young and The Restless and an occasional Oprah, HGTV or Food Network show. Holy crap! I have a serious problem. Although not watching commercials cuts the time down by at least 30 percent and I do get a ton done like cleaning and cooking while the tube is on. I would be most devastated by a break in Y&R, it is as strong as my dependence on Diet Coke. Rational? No. Necessary to live? Of course! (The pic is of the cast and the 18 years at #1 celebration earlier this year. They also just reached a record breaking 100 Emmy’s won. See, they are special!) Anyway, I’m just whining now. And I’ve just confessed my tv-aholic ways to you all, I’m a little embarassed!

7 comments November 7th, 2007 nicky

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