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Jewelry storage.

branchtree.jpgEarlier one of my blogger friends, Ambika, over at The Fray posted about unique jewelry storage and the adorable Bird Jewelry Stand she got for Christmas. Just follow the link to check it out and if you have never devoured her blog, dig in! I have also been on the watch for something different than my typical jewelry box storage, especially for special items that I would like to display more. I received a catalogue from Red Envelope this weekend and spotted their Silver Twig jewelry tree. They are just what I had been looking for! Two sizes are available and they would work for displaying every piece of jewelry you deem worthy. The middle branch lifts off to accommodate rings and bracelets and the other two branches are stationary for hanging earrings, necklaces and cuffs. If you would like to purchase them or anything at Red Envelope, enter the coupon code REDHHONORS through 1/31/08 for 10% off your entire order.

5 comments January 28th, 2008 nicky

I like elephants and donkeys.

adlerbanks.jpgI’m not going to go politico on you all, but today I changed my voter registration from Republican to Democrat. My father-in-law will probably jump for joy (he’s a very involved, lifelong liberal). But really, the party name is not that important to me since I’m more of an independent anyway. For me, it’s about the individual candidate and this way I can vote in the primary for my chosen leader, Barack Obama. Come on, after seeing him dance on Ellen how can you not love him? Haha. But I won’t go too far into the topic since this isn’t that kind of blog. Instead, I’ll segue to these modern piggy banks that would make perfect holiday gifts! (I’m laughing now, what a random transition!) They’re from the fabulous Jonathan Adler, made of fired ceramic, glazed in white and feature artful geometric patterns. Available in donkey or elephant, they would look perfect on any desk or bookshelf. And if you’re an independent, you could just get both and call it a draw!

Add comment November 5th, 2007 nicky

I love autumn.

cupcake.jpgTomorrow is the first day of fall and I am so happy about it! It may still be in the 90s in my neck of the desert but shortly it will be my favorite time of year and I can’t wait. Time to autumn-ize my house and celebrate! Here’s my plan: hit Pottery Barn and pick up a few fall home accessories (like these gourd candles and this pomegranate wreath for my front door) to mix in with the seasonal decor I already have, then head over to Illuminations and grab my favorite fall scented candles (YUM!), then purchase my first sweater of the season (like this fab Free People cardigan at Nordstrom) and finally bake up a cupcake storm with this delicious recipe. Best weekend ever! 

2 comments September 21st, 2007 nicky

Small changes.

Back in May, I shared how I am trying to be more eco-friendly to both the environment and myself, and I thought I’d give an update on changes I’ve been successful at and things that have been a little tough for me. We’ve switched to organic produce, dairy and natural meat (hooray for having a Trader Joe’s nearby!)  I’ve been trying other organic food items like pasta, cereal, bread etc. to find ones I like too. And I’ve bought some reusable grocery bags so I can cut down on my use of paper and plastic. We’ve also completely switched all of our cleaning products to Method, which makes non-toxic, naturally based formulas. We use their liquid soaps, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, laundry products and bathroom cleaners. They smell great, work great and the best thing is they don’t put all those nasty chemicals down the drain, in our clothes and on our bodies. I want to get their omop, a kind of Swiffer like product that uses a washable microfiber cloth, compostable sweeping clothes and safe floor cleaner. As for toiletries, Adrian also uses their Body Wash bloq and we use Aveda hair products, which I know I’ve talked about a lot before. We also switched to natural toothpaste, which I love more than the old stuff! I am having trouble switching to more natural beauty products though. They just don’t make many that I enjoy (I tried Juice Beauty’s organic facial line and it was not for me) and it’s so much fun trying new products that I don’t want to give it up! It did make me feel kinda ill though when I checked my products and pretty much all of them have petroleum in them, yuck! And I’m not going to throw out things to replace with more organic things (like clothes) since that creates more waste than you had before. There’s been a few green based stores opening in our area (like a eco friendly version of Home Depot) and we just signed up with Lady Bug Pest Control, an environmentally responsible pest service nearby. It’s been fun so far to make small changes and take baby steps to living a more intentionally green life. We’ve learned a lot and are looking forward to more growth as we learn even more (a book I am going to check out is The Lazy Environmentalist). Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments or questions on this subject!

2 comments August 31st, 2007 nicky

random home finds.

hide_box.jpgI love these little fabric boxes from Greener Grass Design, perfect for storing jewelry, medicine or using as a small gift box. Also, they would be useful for stashing in a handbag or luggage when you’re on the go. So cute!







tajtable.jpgI also really want to get this console table on sale from Z Gallerie. You can’t see the detail in the picture but I saw it in the store last week and the carved wood inlay is so beautiful! It will be perfect in my entryway.




parisglobes.jpgAnother favorite recent discovery are these Parisian globes from Anthro. I don’t know what it is but I am a complete map nerd. I could spends hours looking through a world atlas! These would be fun displayed on a shelf or placed in a large decorative bowl, I am definitely getting these!




safaribag.jpgThis makeup bag from Stephanie Johnson is so lovely that I wouldn’t even put it away in my bathroom cabinets, it would stay out on the counter! Her bags are not only pretty to look at but so functional inside.




1 comment August 23rd, 2007 nicky

Party time!

plumparty2.jpgNot sure if you’re the party hosting type but if you are, you must check out Plum Party! It is my absolute go-to site for party decor, favors, centerpieces, etc. For a bridal shower I threw a few months ago, I got these cute wire ladies and tied tulle and ribbons on them. It was so simple and added just enough to the tables. I also ordered these unique Blumeboxes, that come in a million colors and have endless uses as vases, centerpieces and gift boxes- I love them! Plum Party has tons of categories, boutiques and fabulous ideas for whatever type of party you are throwing. The great thing is that they aren’t like so many party supply stores that are stuck in the 80s and have such a cheesy style. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and browse for all sorts of items from coaster invitations to paper lanterns to hand painted maracas (yes, they really have those!) So next time you are throwing a shindig, whether it’s over the top or super casual, stop by the ever stylish and clever Plum Party site!

Add comment June 20th, 2007 nicky

How many shades of brown?

I most likely will not be able to get a post up until late Monday night, instead I will spending my day pulling my hair out in frustration over the endless amount of choices in kitchen cabinets/countertops/doorknobs/(enter various home interior item here) at the new home design center. My friend Sara told me to expect to be there for 5 hours… just thinking about it makes my stomach sick. I am one of the absolute worst people at making decisions. Even choosing where to eat dinner with my husband is like torture for me. Trust me, you don’t want to witness my indecision and I thank God for my patient, kind husband who puts up with my pickiness! We are starting the process for building our new home, which is exciting but very overwhelming. Especially with trying to get our current home ready for sale. Some people may just wing it and let people come over to check their home out without a second thought but I am a neurotic, everything must be staged and completely sparkling beautiful before that sign goes in my front yard type of girl. Case in point, we spent four hours this morning staging the garage…and no one will probably notice but me. Man, I am making myself sound really crazy by telling all of this to the world! I promise I am normal! Anyway, wish me luck at the design center!

1 comment June 11th, 2007 nicky


shampurecandle.jpgIf candles weren’t technically on fire to release their scent, I would rub this one all over me. (Hot wax is not my thing!) And I got it for free with my Aveda Pure Privilege card, whoo hoo! Now if I can only accumulate 50,000 points, I can redeem them for a 3 night spa getwaway in Jamaica, Ireland or Italy. But the decision gets tough when 50,000 points could also translate into hmmm, let’s see, 20 Shampure Soy Wax candles! Smells…soooo…good…





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The Red Dahlia.

astridchair.jpgI realized that I haven’t had a post on things for the home in forever! I guess it’s that I’ve been so focused on redecorating lately that I needed an escape from it all! But my family room is now complete and oh-so-comfy that I am ready to move onto the next project. The plan is that my hubby and I may upgrade to a nicer, bigger home soon. We have the opportunity to possibly move into our perfect “family” house. Meaning, it’s the place we would stay in FOREVER and raise our future family in for the years to come. We still haven’t worked out all the details but just thinking about it is exciting and since it would be almost double the house we have now, there would be many more rooms to decorate! By complete chance, I recieved an email from Anthropologie that they are having a 25% all upholstery through April 30th. I am in complete love with the Astrid chair in the fabric “naive tropical.” I have no idea what naive tropical would mean but whatever it is I LOVE it. And one random fact about me is that Astrid is one of my favorite girls names too (it’s Norwegian!) and isn’t that even more of a sign? I think it would be perfect in my future living room/study. I love the eclectic, retro style and bright, cheery dahlia print. I think it’s always great to have one unique piece in a room that stands out a little, I wouldn’t have a whole room full of pieces like this or anything, that would be overkill! It’s still $750 though, so I’m not sure if I’ll get it but at least I have inspiration for more ideas!

1 comment March 27th, 2007 nicky

making my eyes happy.

ikea.jpgToday I finally gave in and put away my laundry. It is my most dreaded chore and I am horrible at doing it. Only after traveling to my laundry room for the last week and seeing piles of clean laundry still in the baskets waiting to be folded, I realized the wrinkled mess I have created from my laziness. The thing I can’t stand is I’m one of those people that can ignore a problem on purpose for what seems like forever, but then if I somehow reach a place of awareness, I am suddenly obsessed with correcting it. This means that the unfolded laundry leads to putting it away, which leads to reorganizing my drawers, which leads to cleaning out my closet, which leads to arranging all clothes by color hue, which leads to where did my day go? Seriously, it took me hours. So during my cleaning frenzy, I became horrified at the sad state of my underwear drawer. Even with perfectly folding all my dainties and socks and arranging by color, it still looks too sloppy. By divine intervention, an IKEA catalog arrived in the mail, completely devoted to bedrooms. In it, I found the most perfect solution to my disorganization, the Komplement storage with compartments. It has little dividers to sort your socks, undergarments and other little numbers. Plus it can be washed in the gentle cycle in case you need to be extra clean. I am going to IKEA this weekend and buying some for my drawers, which will lead me to buying some for my husbands drawers, which will probably lead me to try to convince him that we need an entire wardrobe re-haul in our walk-in closet. Have you seen how spiffy their wardrobe storage systems are? Seeing things meticulously placed like that just makes me feel good!

4 comments February 1st, 2007 nicky

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