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A History of Wedding Rings

A cute history of wedding rings 🙂

Via: Shane Co.

8 comments November 11th, 2013 nicky

One last update.

Wow. My last month and a half has been amazing, stressful, miraculous and frustrating all in one. Claire Alaina was born July 20th via emergency c-section. I made it to 35 weeks in my pregnancy and welcomed my little premie. What a beautiful gift she is! She came out with her feet hooked up over her shoulders so I am convinced she will be really into yoga or something, that girl is bendy! With all the horror stories we heard about her brain and kidney functions, we are very hopeful and proud of how far she has come in her short 5 weeks. She is missing a part of her brain called the corpus callosum and we are very optimistic (as is our wonderful neurosurgeon) that she will have minimal delays from it. Many adults may have it missing and not even know unless they get in an accident and have a scan. So anyway, with everything we see, her outcome looks great! Only thing is she is still in the NICU working on feeding issues. She is trying hard, showing progress but sometimes doesn’t finish all of her bottle so the doctors want to keep her there until she is more consistent. It has been heartbreaking having our month old baby still in the hospital but in the grand scheme of things we know this will one day be a distant memory. She is so pretty, sweet and already very girly. I can’t wait for mommy/daughter shopping and spa trips! Since I am barely ever home now and once Claire gets to come home with us I will be super busy with her, I’ve made the tough decision to end my run at Swish-Style for good. Thank you all for making my time as a blogger extremely rewarding. I learned so much from fellow bloggers, enjoyed reading your comments and had a blast exploring my interest in beauty and fashion. It will be fun to tell Claire one day how her mommy once was obsessed with buying new makeup to review, stalked the shoe sales at Nordtrom and shared it all with strangers on the internet. I wish you all the best!

17 comments August 27th, 2008 nicky

The patient patient.

I thought I better update you all again (meaning the three people that might still check this thing!) So, I’ve been in the hospital since last Thursday. My amniotic fluid went even lower and they admitted me for safety reasons. It has not been fun and I am even more of a nervous wreck now! Just when I think I have a handle on at home bed rest, my pregnancy takes a new turn. The doctors are saying that I will deliver between 35-36 weeks so that only gives us about 10 or so days before baby Claire will be here. i have to be honest, I am terrified. We went on a tour of the NICU and it breaks my heart that we won’t be able to bring her home for awhile and my brand new baby will have to have surgeries. i don’t know how I’ll get through all of this but I have no choice but to remain faithful and hopeful no matter what happens. Thank you everyone for your encouragement, prayers and support over the past 3 months. I never thought my first pregnancy would be like this and I have no idea why this is happening, but I know I’ve already learned a lot about the value of companionship, kind words and a helping hand. Soon our precious daughter will be with us and our lives will never be the same. I am embracing this change and I’m already filled with a love I’ve never felt before. More soon, I promise.

10 comments July 11th, 2008 nicky

Update from my bed.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on with me and some more details. As of last Wednesday, I’ve been placed on strict bed rest because my amniotic fluid levels are very low. So far they are stable but still yet to go up so I have to stay laying on my sides until they rise. I get them checked again this Friday. As long as they don’t decrease, I can keep myself out of the hospital. This is all very scary to me and I am very worried about Claire’s development but my perinatalogist reminds me to stay positive and there is lots of time for things to improve. As for Claire, one of her kidneys is totally blocked and not draining into her bladder. She will probably lose function of it before she is born. She also has mild enlargement of some ventricles in her brain. Which most likely means nothing but there is a chance it could signal developmental delays. This is all a lot to process and remain faithful through for me. It is really only through my dependence on God that I am not a complete emotional wreck by now. Our friends and family have been truly amazing. And my husband is my biggest comfort. He’s been taking care of me and the house, keeping me laughing, attempting to cook for the first time in his life and being the best friend in the world to me. He is going to be an awesome daddy. Anyway, i can’t wait for the day I get to meet our baby girl and all of this is a memory. it’s been a tough ride but we’re still hanging on.

10 comments May 19th, 2008 nicky

Temporary Hiatus.

Dearest readers, I just want to let you know that Swish-Style will be on a bit of a hiatus. We received some tough news yesterday regarding our baby girl at a specialized ultrasound and it is difficult right now for me to write about fun and frivolous things. The only thing that matters to me right now is her, it’s all I’m thinking about. So that means I’m in no mood for fashion, beauty and style until my heart gets over the hump. I truly am trying to trust and believe that everything will be okay come August but it’s a struggle. If you have the time, I would appreciate your prayers for baby Claire and please understand that I hope to be back to posting soon. I’ll try to have some guest bloggers lined up in the meantime and I hope you’ll stay my faithful readers.

20 comments April 18th, 2008 nicky

I need a fashion rescue.

Since my belly is now growing daily and I can’t wear regular clothes anymore, I am in a fashion funk. I usually love doing posts on cute styles I find online or in the stores but I literally have zero interest in clothes shopping since I can only buy from the maternity section now! If you have an interest in being a guest blogger on Swish-Style (whether you currently blog or not), send me a message on my contact page. I’d love to hear from you and publish your ideas!

5 comments April 15th, 2008 nicky

And we’re back!

Holy cow, a whole week since my last post? Well, readers all I can say is sorry! My WordPress application was making serious errors so I had to install an update, then the update had errors and it was all way too technical for me! I had to bring in back-up and have my hubby, Adrian, fix it all for me. It’s good to have a husband who is a web developer! It’s looks like everything is back to normal so I can finally make new posts! Yippee! I am working on new shopping picks that I will have up soon. For now, go browse around at Through April 3rd you can take an extra 30% off all sale items when you enter the code 30MORE at checkout. So pick out some seriously discounted designer duds and let me know what you get!


Add comment April 1st, 2008 nicky

Swim time is here!

I realize this may be a slap in the face for those of you who received the gift of snow this past Easter weekend, but it is already 90 here and I am dying to swim. For us Arizonans, it’s that dreaded time of year when we have to decide whether to resurrect last year’s suit or trade in for a new one. I absolutely hate swim wear shopping, can I get an amen? In my book, it’s up there with bra shopping on the list of evil mall experiences. But this year I don’t care as much. Since my belly is growing by the week, I have to purchase a hideous maternity swim suit. I’m fine as long as it fits! But if I wasn’t “with child” I would be in the market for a new suit this year thanks to the little holes in my current suit’s bottoms (cursed pebble tec pool floors!) My style of choice is the halter tankini for two reasons. It hides a less than flat tummy without looking too matronly and the halter top straps in an ample chest with support. I usually spend a bit more on my swim wear compared to cheaper options at places like Target and Old Navy since a higher quality is needed for our long AZ swim seasons. Here’s three tankinis at Nordstrom that I love the look of:

swim2.jpg This tankini from Becca has a fun tribal print that reverses to solid red. Four style options in one!
Top, $88.00. Bottoms, $50.00.
swim1.jpg I love how chic this swim suit from ViX Swimwear is! My only fear is the enamel accents may turn into burning torture devices in the Phoenix sun!
Top, $94.00. Bottoms, $82.00
swim3.jpg I had no clue Jessica Simpson made cute swimwear. Love the graphic print and sash on the bottoms!
Top, $56.00. Bottoms, $44.00

2 comments March 24th, 2008 nicky

A new giveaway!

Check out the banner about halfway down on the right for the newest giveaway from Coutorture! The giveaway is for a cute and perfect for spring handbag from LeSportsac valued at $138. It has an adorable print, 2 open side pockets, interior zipper pocket and a removable bow on the shoulder strap. Too cute! Simply enter your email address in the field and click “sign up” to enter. Best of luck!

Add comment March 18th, 2008 nicky

And another one.

greentrench.jpgUgh. All I’m finding lately are super cute jackets! They are haunting me! I would seriously buy this one and wear it as a winter coat here in AZ. It’s my favorite color and my favorite silhouette. But sadly, it is already sold out online- BOO! I even went to my local Ann Taylor Loft and couldn’t find it. I hope they restock it soon because it will be mine, I am willing it to happen. :::Crossing fingers:::

4 comments March 14th, 2008 nicky

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