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Red, Yellow, GREEN! Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags are one of those necessities of life once your little bambino arrives. I already carry so much cargo around in my handbag on a daily basis that I am sure I will need an even bigger diaper bag than I think. But hey, if you even need a brush, breath mints, band aid or extra pair of socks among other things, I’ve got you covered (I have no clue why socks are in there!) So here are my opinions on three different diaper bags:

miabossi.jpg Red: Audry in Glow by Mia Bossi.
$1200.00 at Bella Blu Maternity
I am putting this little number under the color red for the sole fact that it is a diaper bag, in which you will sometimes shove poopy diapers (in case you use clothe like a good environmentalist or if there’s no trash around) for over a thousand dollars. Terrible. Yes, I understand the love of designer bags. I happen to have that obsession. But there is no way I could justify spending that much on a Italian Barolo leather and real pony hair accented baby bag. It will get abused and then I would cry and feel stupid.
skiphop.jpg Dash in Blossom by Skip Hop
$65.00 at Skip Hop
The Dash is one of the most popular and versatile diapers bags out there. It is not too expensive but very well made and has tons of great features. With eleven compartments, you’ll have lots of room for baby’s stuff! It also can be worn as a shoulder bag or converted into a stroller bag. The Dash comes in many colors, like the fun, geometric and neutral Blossom print. It’s a good choice for many moms!
fleurville.jpg Green: Re-Run Messenger in OGO by Fleurville.
$75.00 at Fleurville
My pick for diaper bags that are fabulous and eco-conscious are from Fleurville, a certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Business. They are one of the first companies to be PVC-free and they also use special fabrics that are more environmentally friendly. In fact, the Re-Run is made from recycled plastic bottles! I love it in the funky OGO print, it would be perfect for a boy or a girl! It is a slightly smaller version of the popular Fleurville Mothership bag and has just enough storage space and also can clip to a stroller as well. I plan on buying this diaper bag soon!

3 comments March 19th, 2008 nicky

Eco friendly bag.

beaubag.jpgSo maybe instead of spending over $200 on the Kate Spade mentioned in the previous post, I could be a good little environmentalist and grab the Beau Soleil Beau Bag. It’s only $44 and constructed of organic, raw cotton canvas and recycled rope. It would be totally cute for the spring and perfect for running errands. And at 13 inches by 16 inches, it would hold all my stuff too! One of these days, I should do one of those “What’s in my Purse” posts and scare you all with the contents of my handbags!

Add comment January 3rd, 2008 nicky

Does this sound right?

boscia.jpgI went to Sephora AGAIN yesterday to try something new for my oily t-zone area. Are you all getting sick of hearing about this yet? Haha, I hope not!
But in all seriousness, I find it weird that with all the medical and beauty advancements we have, there still is not an acceptable remedy to the shine factor. It’s funny talking with the Sephora employees who mention all these different primers and mattifyers and I’ve tried most of them with no success! And when I check the product reviews over at Makeup Alley, it seems like the majority of women experience the same problem.
So here’s my question since I am not a dermalogical genius and maybe some of you are. The Sephora gal asked about my skincare routine and after I shared she asked if I applied moisturizer after at night. Which I don’t because my thought was that more moisture would make my face even oiler after I get ready in the morning. She noticed my cheeks are dry but my t-zone gets oily after a few hours and she said moisturizing at night would help my skin achieve a moisture balance. She said the middle of the night is the most drying time for skin and if it is not properly moisturized then it may over-compensate the next day by producing more oil. Does this sound right? Regardless, I thought trying this would not hurt so I purchased Boscia’s Recharging Night Moisture. It’s a lightweight, natural, botanical-based lotion that will be good for my sensitive skin. We’ll see how it goes!

8 comments November 2nd, 2007 nicky

Lucky feature.

urbancookies.jpgCongrats to local Valley resident Shaun Breese for her awesome feature (‘My Black Book’) in this month’s issue of Lucky mag! She highlighted some amazing places in my city like The Counter, A.K.A. Green and Frances Vintage. Make sure you check them out if you ever come for a visit. (I promise the Valley is so much more than golf courses and Scottsdale clubs!) But even better is getting the word out about her amazing organic bakery Urban Cookies on 7th Street and Highland! Trust me, these are the best cookies ever, just look at the pictures and ingredient lists on the website. Plus, they are a wonderful company that uses recyclable packaging, waste reducing practices and stresses community involvement. Check out their customizable gift packaging (chocolate art, so cool!) and order a few treats to give as a present or just for yourself!

2 comments October 10th, 2007 nicky

Small changes.

Back in May, I shared how I am trying to be more eco-friendly to both the environment and myself, and I thought I’d give an update on changes I’ve been successful at and things that have been a little tough for me. We’ve switched to organic produce, dairy and natural meat (hooray for having a Trader Joe’s nearby!)  I’ve been trying other organic food items like pasta, cereal, bread etc. to find ones I like too. And I’ve bought some reusable grocery bags so I can cut down on my use of paper and plastic. We’ve also completely switched all of our cleaning products to Method, which makes non-toxic, naturally based formulas. We use their liquid soaps, kitchen cleaner, glass cleaner, laundry products and bathroom cleaners. They smell great, work great and the best thing is they don’t put all those nasty chemicals down the drain, in our clothes and on our bodies. I want to get their omop, a kind of Swiffer like product that uses a washable microfiber cloth, compostable sweeping clothes and safe floor cleaner. As for toiletries, Adrian also uses their Body Wash bloq and we use Aveda hair products, which I know I’ve talked about a lot before. We also switched to natural toothpaste, which I love more than the old stuff! I am having trouble switching to more natural beauty products though. They just don’t make many that I enjoy (I tried Juice Beauty’s organic facial line and it was not for me) and it’s so much fun trying new products that I don’t want to give it up! It did make me feel kinda ill though when I checked my products and pretty much all of them have petroleum in them, yuck! And I’m not going to throw out things to replace with more organic things (like clothes) since that creates more waste than you had before. There’s been a few green based stores opening in our area (like a eco friendly version of Home Depot) and we just signed up with Lady Bug Pest Control, an environmentally responsible pest service nearby. It’s been fun so far to make small changes and take baby steps to living a more intentionally green life. We’ve learned a lot and are looking forward to more growth as we learn even more (a book I am going to check out is The Lazy Environmentalist). Let me know if you have any suggestions, comments or questions on this subject!

2 comments August 31st, 2007 nicky

Red, Yellow, GREEN!

Red, Yellow, Green is a new regular feature at Swish-Style that will highlight three different items ranging from hideous (red=do NOT go there!) to okay (yellow=nice but it could be better) to the very best choice (green=eco-friendly, organic, and fabulous!) Yes, I have been making many changes in my life to go green and not because it’s trendy or celebs think it’s cool but because I am genuinely concerned about what all these chemicals and toxins we live with, wear, eat, and breathe in are doing to nature and our health! After making small changes, it’s definitely time for me to step it up and be more conscious of these things. Hence, this new feature to show you all some greener choices and hopefully entertain you too! So, let’s begin:

Red: Lux Acid Wash Ankle Zip Jean, $68.00 at Urban Outfitters.
I don’t know about you but thinking about a skinny jean…in acid wash…with a zipper on the ankle…makes me want to throw up. Bad 80s flashbacks are in my brain! Besides zippers, I had jeans with snaps, denim bows and laces on the ankles. Who wants to go there again! And beside being a crime against fashion, I’m sure acid wash is also not the best for the environment either!





chippepper.jpgYellow: Chip & Pepper ‘Stella’ Bootcut Jean, $149.00 at Nordstrom.
This jean looks long, lean and oh-so flattering. I love the rinse and navy stitching. It’s definitely a pair that could be dressed up or down and the premium denim means it is also worth the extra cost!







delforte.jpgGreen: Del Forte ‘Juniper’ Denim Trouser, $190.00 at Greenloop.
The trouser fit is one of my faves and Del Forte is an amazing eco-label that uses organic cotton from Texas and California (no pestisides, yippee!) and is designed by a woman who knows how denim should fit our bodies! Del Forte also recycles their own denim, per their website, “Whether you’re the kind of woman who wears her jeans for one year or for ten, when you are finished enjoying your Del Fortes, send them back to us. As a reward for recycling, we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase of Del Forte denim. You can choose new Del Fortes or Rejeaneration Denim, or if you like we’ll donate your 10% to the Sustainable Cotton Project.” All I can say is awesome!

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