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Poisonous flower.

The purchase of this shoe should be a crime in the US. A rhinestoned, plastic flower, clear vinyl monstrosity like this shouldn’t even be manufactured in the first place! Who would wear this as an accessory to evening wear? Barf.


4 comments March 25th, 2008 nicky

Red, Yellow, GREEN! Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags are one of those necessities of life once your little bambino arrives. I already carry so much cargo around in my handbag on a daily basis that I am sure I will need an even bigger diaper bag than I think. But hey, if you even need a brush, breath mints, band aid or extra pair of socks among other things, I’ve got you covered (I have no clue why socks are in there!) So here are my opinions on three different diaper bags:

miabossi.jpg Red: Audry in Glow by Mia Bossi.
$1200.00 at Bella Blu Maternity
I am putting this little number under the color red for the sole fact that it is a diaper bag, in which you will sometimes shove poopy diapers (in case you use clothe like a good environmentalist or if there’s no trash around) for over a thousand dollars. Terrible. Yes, I understand the love of designer bags. I happen to have that obsession. But there is no way I could justify spending that much on a Italian Barolo leather and real pony hair accented baby bag. It will get abused and then I would cry and feel stupid.
skiphop.jpg Dash in Blossom by Skip Hop
$65.00 at Skip Hop
The Dash is one of the most popular and versatile diapers bags out there. It is not too expensive but very well made and has tons of great features. With eleven compartments, you’ll have lots of room for baby’s stuff! It also can be worn as a shoulder bag or converted into a stroller bag. The Dash comes in many colors, like the fun, geometric and neutral Blossom print. It’s a good choice for many moms!
fleurville.jpg Green: Re-Run Messenger in OGO by Fleurville.
$75.00 at Fleurville
My pick for diaper bags that are fabulous and eco-conscious are from Fleurville, a certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Business. They are one of the first companies to be PVC-free and they also use special fabrics that are more environmentally friendly. In fact, the Re-Run is made from recycled plastic bottles! I love it in the funky OGO print, it would be perfect for a boy or a girl! It is a slightly smaller version of the popular Fleurville Mothership bag and has just enough storage space and also can clip to a stroller as well. I plan on buying this diaper bag soon!

3 comments March 19th, 2008 nicky

Cute, cheap sandals!

oldnavysandals.jpgContinuing my search for affordable yet fashionable summer footwear, I spied tons of stylish sandals at Old Navy. Some of my favorites are the metallic, flat options like the Beaded Flip Flops for $19.50 and the Metallic Braided Sandals for $16.50. They have as many colors of everyday flip flops as the rainbow at only $5 a pair and even a selection of wedges if you need some added height. Buying a few pairs at cheap prices is a good choice for me since I tend to beat up my summer shoes in the long, hot Phoenix climate. It never fails that I ruin a pair of chic, expensive shoes every summer and then forget to mend my ways the next year. It’s time I remember to save my special warm weather sandals from abuse and invest a little cash in footwear that won’t make me cry if it gets scuffed, worn or beat up. I’m making a trip to Old Navy this weekend!

5 comments February 22nd, 2008 nicky

Jewelry storage.

branchtree.jpgEarlier one of my blogger friends, Ambika, over at The Fray posted about unique jewelry storage and the adorable Bird Jewelry Stand she got for Christmas. Just follow the link to check it out and if you have never devoured her blog, dig in! I have also been on the watch for something different than my typical jewelry box storage, especially for special items that I would like to display more. I received a catalogue from Red Envelope this weekend and spotted their Silver Twig jewelry tree. They are just what I had been looking for! Two sizes are available and they would work for displaying every piece of jewelry you deem worthy. The middle branch lifts off to accommodate rings and bracelets and the other two branches are stationary for hanging earrings, necklaces and cuffs. If you would like to purchase them or anything at Red Envelope, enter the coupon code REDHHONORS through 1/31/08 for 10% off your entire order.

5 comments January 28th, 2008 nicky

Little birdie.

ccskye.jpgWhether it be skulls, owls, peace signs or wings, there’s always some trendy symbol every year. It pops up everywhere and lasts for a few years before it fades away into the fashion history books (only to be resurrected later of course). One of my favorite icons lately has been the bird. I’m even considering doing a little bird design in my baby’s room if it is a girl. I saw the cutest bird bedding and decor at Pottery Barn Kids last week. Anyway back to reality, I love these new enamel pendants from C.C. Skye. They come in blue, gold, white or red on a 17 inch gold chain. They’ve already been featured in Lucky, Elle and In Style so I’m sure they’ll be around for awhile, they seem perfect for accessorizing this spring!

8 comments January 17th, 2008 nicky

Can you tell?

greenlamb.jpgThat I am stuck on the idea of a new handbag lately? I wholeheartedly apologize to anyone who is bored with my fixation but when the January Nordstrom catalog arrived and I saw this L.A.M.B. leather hobo, it was as if it fell from my green heaven! I was reading the catalog while enjoying a bubble bath and was so excited that I squealed and Adrian came running from his home office to see what his pregnant wife was screaming about, only to find me speechless and enthralled with the picture of this bag. He then rolled his eyes, said “Oh” and walked away. Some people just don’t understand. Yes it is $725 and yes I have to save up my money for baby but it is green and it is perfect! Tough decision I know. I am hoping some last long enough to go on sale this spring and maybe I can use it for a diaper bag later! I totally think it could fit a couple in there. Probably not but I’ll keep dreaming.

3 comments January 15th, 2008 nicky

Eco friendly bag.

beaubag.jpgSo maybe instead of spending over $200 on the Kate Spade mentioned in the previous post, I could be a good little environmentalist and grab the Beau Soleil Beau Bag. It’s only $44 and constructed of organic, raw cotton canvas and recycled rope. It would be totally cute for the spring and perfect for running errands. And at 13 inches by 16 inches, it would hold all my stuff too! One of these days, I should do one of those “What’s in my Purse” posts and scare you all with the contents of my handbags!

Add comment January 3rd, 2008 nicky

Pinch me.

kslakeforest.jpgAs if I didn’t spend enough money Christmas shopping…Why does the retail industry trick us by starting all the most fabulous sales right after we drain our pockets? It’s maddening! I absolutely cannot afford to plunk down a bunch of cash on myself right now but I am so tempted it hurts. I mean it, physical pain. This beautiful Kate Spade ‘Lake Forest’ Carla bag in chocolate suede (which I have been drooling over all year) is marked down from $525 to $263. Ouch.

Add comment December 31st, 2007 nicky

It’s raining, it’s pouring!

rainy.jpgMaybe it’s time I actually invest money into an umbrella and pair of rain boots after all the wet weather we’ve been having. It’s been wonderful! Besides the fun it brings to our otherwise boring sun everyday, the reservoirs are filling (after being dangerously low), the ski slopes up north can finally open (after many low snow years), and the ground is soaked (here’s hoping that makes next year’s fire season wimpy!) Back to the story, yeah, I don’t own an umbrella (or rain boots or gloves or a winter hat or earmuffs, wait- do people still use those?) Anyway, last week I had to run into Nordstrom with a Target bag over my head. And then yesterday, Adrian picked up takeout on his way home from work because I wouldn’t run into the grocery store when it was pouring outside. Did I mention I’m a wuss too? Since I have absolutely no idea what to look for in rainy day accessories anymore, I figure if they sell them at reputable merchants then they must work. I love the classic Hunter wellies in merlot. They look sturdy, comfortable and a dark red would be a nice change from basic black. As for umbrellas, I like this J.Crew printed umbrella, on sale for only $19.99. Time to pick that one up when I finally do some Christmas shopping this week! Have a good day!

3 comments December 11th, 2007 nicky

Gara Danielle Skinny Cuffs.

garad.jpgSo beautiful! The perfect dainty cuff bracelet from Gara Danielle. I wish I had one in gold and silver! They are available at, where you get free ground shipping. Order by December 14th for delivery by Christmas. I promise this post is not one big hint for my husband! Ha ha!










2 comments December 3rd, 2007 nicky

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