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Update from my bed.

Hi everyone. I just wanted to give you an update on what’s been going on with me and some more details. As of last Wednesday, I’ve been placed on strict bed rest because my amniotic fluid levels are very low. So far they are stable but still yet to go up so I have to stay laying on my sides until they rise. I get them checked again this Friday. As long as they don’t decrease, I can keep myself out of the hospital. This is all very scary to me and I am very worried about Claire’s development but my perinatalogist reminds me to stay positive and there is lots of time for things to improve. As for Claire, one of her kidneys is totally blocked and not draining into her bladder. She will probably lose function of it before she is born. She also has mild enlargement of some ventricles in her brain. Which most likely means nothing but there is a chance it could signal developmental delays. This is all a lot to process and remain faithful through for me. It is really only through my dependence on God that I am not a complete emotional wreck by now. Our friends and family have been truly amazing. And my husband is my biggest comfort. He’s been taking care of me and the house, keeping me laughing, attempting to cook for the first time in his life and being the best friend in the world to me. He is going to be an awesome daddy. Anyway, i can’t wait for the day I get to meet our baby girl and all of this is a memory. it’s been a tough ride but we’re still hanging on.

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