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Temporary Hiatus.

Dearest readers, I just want to let you know that Swish-Style will be on a bit of a hiatus. We received some tough news yesterday regarding our baby girl at a specialized ultrasound and it is difficult right now for me to write about fun and frivolous things. The only thing that matters to me right now is her, it’s all I’m thinking about. So that means I’m in no mood for fashion, beauty and style until my heart gets over the hump. I truly am trying to trust and believe that everything will be okay come August but it’s a struggle. If you have the time, I would appreciate your prayers for baby Claire and please understand that I hope to be back to posting soon. I’ll try to have some guest bloggers lined up in the meantime and I hope you’ll stay my faithful readers.

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I need a fashion rescue.

Since my belly is now growing daily and I can’t wear regular clothes anymore, I am in a fashion funk. I usually love doing posts on cute styles I find online or in the stores but I literally have zero interest in clothes shopping since I can only buy from the maternity section now! If you have an interest in being a guest blogger on Swish-Style (whether you currently blog or not), send me a message on my contact page. I’d love to hear from you and publish your ideas!

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Beauty wants.

beautyTwo beauty products I am dying to try right now are the new Stila Summer Eye Shadow Palette and the Erase Paste from Benefit. The eye shadow compact has six gorgeous, perfect-for-the-beach tones that would be beautiful day or night. I adore Stila’s shadows for their great pigmentation and lasting formula. I currently use Stila’s Kitten shadow everyday as a base color. I also am a big fan of Benefit’s classic concealer, Bo-ing, so I am curious to see how this one differs. The description says it is brightening, I am wondering if that is the only difference? I plan on picking up these two new products on my next Sephora jaunt (and we know those are pretty frequent!) Look for reviews in the future and let me know if you’ve already tried either one!

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It’s a …

GIRL!!! Adrian and I are over the moon happy. She was moving around and kicking me like crazy on the ultrasound monitor. What a little show off! It was a wonderful day yesterday, we spent the afternoon registering for the baby showers and went out to dinner at our favorite cafe to celebrate. I can’t believe in August she will be here with us! Today, I am in full blown nursery planning mode. Here’s a pic of the crib bedding that I love. I ordered some fabric swatches to confirm. What do you all think?

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PSA from my belly.

This is so random and weird but I thought I would share. I have become obsessed with making Italian sodas for the last week. I mean crazy obsessed! I will probably gain five pounds at my next OB appointment just in liquid volume. I hold the baby totally responsible since it has hijacked my hormones and taste buds. In case you have never experienced the divine goodness of an Italian soda, I will share! Go to a store like Cost Plus World Market (or any specialty market) and buy a big ‘ol bottle of flavored Torani syrup. My pick is cherry. Then buy some club soda and heavy whipping cream at the grocery store. Fill a glass with ice. Pour club soda into the glass until about 3/4 full. Then add enough syrup until there is like half an inch left in the glass. Add a good dollop of cream and stir. It is pure joy! I already finished my bottle of syrup, need to make a run to the store ASAP. So your homework, dear readers, is to make your own at su casa this weekend and let me know how much you love it! (PS. I would add some images but my WordPress app is still being funky. Ugh.)

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Shopping picks.

The new picks are up (click on the link to the right)! I’m still getting used to this new formatting on my blog editor and boy is it annoying. I hope you’re all having great weeks so far, I am in eager anticipation of finding out my baby’s gender this coming Monday! I am so excited and I can’t wait to share the news with all my readers!

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Weekly Shopping Picks: 3/31/08

V-neck tank by Splendid



Freshcut Flowers Wallet



Floral Drop Earrings



Coral Nail Polish


Rescue Beauty

Herb Savor



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And we’re back!

Holy cow, a whole week since my last post? Well, readers all I can say is sorry! My WordPress application was making serious errors so I had to install an update, then the update had errors and it was all way too technical for me! I had to bring in back-up and have my hubby, Adrian, fix it all for me. It’s good to have a husband who is a web developer! It’s looks like everything is back to normal so I can finally make new posts! Yippee! I am working on new shopping picks that I will have up soon. For now, go browse around at Through April 3rd you can take an extra 30% off all sale items when you enter the code 30MORE at checkout. So pick out some seriously discounted designer duds and let me know what you get!


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