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Poisonous flower.

The purchase of this shoe should be a crime in the US. A rhinestoned, plastic flower, clear vinyl monstrosity like this shouldn’t even be manufactured in the first place! Who would wear this as an accessory to evening wear? Barf.


4 comments March 25th, 2008 nicky

Swim time is here!

I realize this may be a slap in the face for those of you who received the gift of snow this past Easter weekend, but it is already 90 here and I am dying to swim. For us Arizonans, it’s that dreaded time of year when we have to decide whether to resurrect last year’s suit or trade in for a new one. I absolutely hate swim wear shopping, can I get an amen? In my book, it’s up there with bra shopping on the list of evil mall experiences. But this year I don’t care as much. Since my belly is growing by the week, I have to purchase a hideous maternity swim suit. I’m fine as long as it fits! But if I wasn’t “with child” I would be in the market for a new suit this year thanks to the little holes in my current suit’s bottoms (cursed pebble tec pool floors!) My style of choice is the halter tankini for two reasons. It hides a less than flat tummy without looking too matronly and the halter top straps in an ample chest with support. I usually spend a bit more on my swim wear compared to cheaper options at places like Target and Old Navy since a higher quality is needed for our long AZ swim seasons. Here’s three tankinis at Nordstrom that I love the look of:

swim2.jpg This tankini from Becca has a fun tribal print that reverses to solid red. Four style options in one!
Top, $88.00. Bottoms, $50.00.
swim1.jpg I love how chic this swim suit from ViX Swimwear is! My only fear is the enamel accents may turn into burning torture devices in the Phoenix sun!
Top, $94.00. Bottoms, $82.00
swim3.jpg I had no clue Jessica Simpson made cute swimwear. Love the graphic print and sash on the bottoms!
Top, $56.00. Bottoms, $44.00

2 comments March 24th, 2008 nicky

Red, Yellow, GREEN! Diaper Bags

Diaper Bags are one of those necessities of life once your little bambino arrives. I already carry so much cargo around in my handbag on a daily basis that I am sure I will need an even bigger diaper bag than I think. But hey, if you even need a brush, breath mints, band aid or extra pair of socks among other things, I’ve got you covered (I have no clue why socks are in there!) So here are my opinions on three different diaper bags:

miabossi.jpg Red: Audry in Glow by Mia Bossi.
$1200.00 at Bella Blu Maternity
I am putting this little number under the color red for the sole fact that it is a diaper bag, in which you will sometimes shove poopy diapers (in case you use clothe like a good environmentalist or if there’s no trash around) for over a thousand dollars. Terrible. Yes, I understand the love of designer bags. I happen to have that obsession. But there is no way I could justify spending that much on a Italian Barolo leather and real pony hair accented baby bag. It will get abused and then I would cry and feel stupid.
skiphop.jpg Dash in Blossom by Skip Hop
$65.00 at Skip Hop
The Dash is one of the most popular and versatile diapers bags out there. It is not too expensive but very well made and has tons of great features. With eleven compartments, you’ll have lots of room for baby’s stuff! It also can be worn as a shoulder bag or converted into a stroller bag. The Dash comes in many colors, like the fun, geometric and neutral Blossom print. It’s a good choice for many moms!
fleurville.jpg Green: Re-Run Messenger in OGO by Fleurville.
$75.00 at Fleurville
My pick for diaper bags that are fabulous and eco-conscious are from Fleurville, a certified San Francisco Bay Area Green Business. They are one of the first companies to be PVC-free and they also use special fabrics that are more environmentally friendly. In fact, the Re-Run is made from recycled plastic bottles! I love it in the funky OGO print, it would be perfect for a boy or a girl! It is a slightly smaller version of the popular Fleurville Mothership bag and has just enough storage space and also can clip to a stroller as well. I plan on buying this diaper bag soon!

3 comments March 19th, 2008 nicky

A new giveaway!

Check out the banner about halfway down on the right for the newest giveaway from Coutorture! The giveaway is for a cute and perfect for spring handbag from LeSportsac valued at $138. It has an adorable print, 2 open side pockets, interior zipper pocket and a removable bow on the shoulder strap. Too cute! Simply enter your email address in the field and click “sign up” to enter. Best of luck!

Add comment March 18th, 2008 nicky

And another one.

greentrench.jpgUgh. All I’m finding lately are super cute jackets! They are haunting me! I would seriously buy this one and wear it as a winter coat here in AZ. It’s my favorite color and my favorite silhouette. But sadly, it is already sold out online- BOO! I even went to my local Ann Taylor Loft and couldn’t find it. I hope they restock it soon because it will be mine, I am willing it to happen. :::Crossing fingers:::

4 comments March 14th, 2008 nicky

J.Crew Via Vittoria Jacket

jcrewjacket1.jpgSometime I envy those of you who live in climates that warrant the use of spring jackets (I actually had to explain this garment to my hubby who is an Arizona native!) Not that I want to be in snow right now but as I type this is my short sleeves and flip flops, I am nostalgic for a little dose of true spring weather. Spring here means approaching 90 degrees and get ready to burn up in a couple months! J.Crew has this adorable coral red linen/cotton jacket on sale right now for $59.99 (discounted from $128.00) in a ton of sizes. It features a sateen weave, hidden buttons, chic notched collar and cute patch pockets. I love it! But I would never get to wear it unless traveling to somewhere cooler and definitely not until next year when there’s not a baby in my stomach! If you’re searching for a unique jacket for crisp spring days, check out this one!

2 comments March 12th, 2008 nicky

Beauty Review: Tarte Natural Swirl Cheek Stain

tarte.jpgI have heard rave reviews of Tarte’s Cheek Stains over the years but never gave them a try because I was content with my Stila Rouge Pots. I ran out of the Stila last week and made a run to Sephora to get another, only to find they didn’t carry it at my store anymore! I browsed around, remembered the love for the Cheek Stains and bought the new Full Blossom shade. The packaging is super convenient and the product is a blendable stick that is very easy to apply to your cheeks with a sponge or your fingers. Full Blossom is a blend of two Cheek Stain colors and looks like a very natural pink flush when on your skin. It is made with natural minerals and is preservative free. Also, the natural fragrance is because the product is full of antioxidants from a blend of goji, acai, maracuja, acerola and pomegranate fruits. I highly recommend the Tarte Cheek Stains and plan on making this my new staple for cheek color. I’m so happy that I gave it a try!

7 comments March 11th, 2008 nicky

Back and better.

I’m back from my weekend trip to visit Adrian’s family and my cold is thankfully gone. It was a great time! His family is super huge and we were busy the entire time visiting with people. They even had a big party for us with carne asada, yum! So we didn’t have anytime to go shopping and I didn’t know we would need our passports to cross the border now either (here’s a pic of the fence.)


I guess they changed the entry rules this year? Sorry I have no fun shopping to tell you all about but next time we go down, I definitely plan on fitting some into our schedule. Hope you all had great weekends!

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Sick and traveling.

So this pesky cold is still hanging around me. Annoying. And we’re leaving tomorrow morning to go to Nogales for the weekend. It’s a border town between Arizona and Mexico where many of my husband’s relatives live. I am so excited to get to know this side of his family better but I only wish I wasn’t stuffy headed and scratchy throated! Maybe some homemade Mexican food will cure me (if only I could have a margarita too!) I’m going to try to fit in a little thrift shopping while I’m down there so I hope to have lots of pics and stories to share when I get back on Monday. Thanks for hanging in there with me this week everyone. Have a fab weekend!

1 comment March 6th, 2008 nicky

The only thing I want to buy…

nyquil.jpgAnd I can’t! Ugh. I have a stupid head cold and I feel miserable. And since I am 4 months pregnant, I can only take Tylenol or Benadryl (they are approved by doctors as safe). Both of which don’t do much to stop the “nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, aching, coughing, stuffy-head, fever, so you can rest medicine” blues I am experiencing like Nyquil can. I seriously love that stuff. The Benadryl relieved my stuffy nose for a few hours and knocked me out a little last night so it was at least something. But I’ve been a complete bum for the past two days and it’s making me a whiner now. Anyway, I just needed to vent! Back to bed for me.

4 comments March 4th, 2008 nicky

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