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Belli time.

belli.jpgI was sent the Pregnancy Gift Box Set by Belli Cosmetics and I couldn’t be happier! One of the things that is so overwhelming during your first pregnancy is knowing what is safe and what is not. Belli products are recommended #1 by OB/GYNs because they have strict safety standards. They are allergy tested, free of synthetic dyes and paraben preservatives, feature natural organic ingredients whenever possible, and are not tested on animals. Even better, Belli is the only company in the world that performs teratology screening of their formulas to help protect against birth defects. Their founding physcian, Dr. Rubin, sits on the board at OTIS, the leading organization in preventing birth defects. Also, Belli’s customer service is amazing and they answer any question you may have about their ingredients. The set includes a belly oil, body lotion, foot cream, body scrub, and body wash in an adorable lavender fabric gift box. I have been very impressed with the products so far, especially the Elasticity Belly Oil and All Day Moisture Body Lotion. The belly oil has been wonderful at stopping the itchy belly that is common throughout pregnancy and it also protects against stretch marks over time. And the lotion is so silky smooth during application! It blends easily and moisturizes without being too cakey or sticky. Overall, I have enjoyed using every one of the Belli products in the gift set, it would be a perfect gift for any expectant mom!

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Sorry I’ve been a little absent this week. It’s been super busy at our house. We’re getting set for a garage sale this Saturday morning and man, it is a lot of work! We’ve been sorting through all our closets, garage and storage, pricing items, and then loading up the car to make trips to my parent’s house 20 minutes away since the sale will be there. I’m exhausted! But it will all be worth it since this process will clear some much needed space for the loads of baby stuff we will accumulate over the next few months! Anyway, just wanted to let you know what was up with me. I’m working on a review of the awesome Pregnancy Gift Box that Belli Cosmetics sent me a few weeks ago. Look for it tomorrow!

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Oscar Gowns.

Did everyone enjoy the Oscars last night? I thought Jon Stewart did a good job and was also happy that the show even ended a bit early! My best dressed picks for the night? Katherine Heigl in Escada and Jennifer Garner in Oscar de la Renta. But there were really tons of gorgeous dresses and jewels! But did it seem to anyone that a lot of Hollywood’s elite actresses were MIA? Reese, Julia, Kate, Scarlett, Rachel? I always love seeing their fabulous choices as well. Anyway, who are your favorites of the night?


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Cute, cheap sandals!

oldnavysandals.jpgContinuing my search for affordable yet fashionable summer footwear, I spied tons of stylish sandals at Old Navy. Some of my favorites are the metallic, flat options like the Beaded Flip Flops for $19.50 and the Metallic Braided Sandals for $16.50. They have as many colors of everyday flip flops as the rainbow at only $5 a pair and even a selection of wedges if you need some added height. Buying a few pairs at cheap prices is a good choice for me since I tend to beat up my summer shoes in the long, hot Phoenix climate. It never fails that I ruin a pair of chic, expensive shoes every summer and then forget to mend my ways the next year. It’s time I remember to save my special warm weather sandals from abuse and invest a little cash in footwear that won’t make me cry if it gets scuffed, worn or beat up. I’m making a trip to Old Navy this weekend!

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Beauty Review: Benefit Hoola

hoola.jpgI’ve found my new must have bronzer! If you like a little highlighting action on your temples or if you are pasty white like me (and need a product to make you look not quite as dead) then this is the one! My previous everyday bronzer was Stila Sun, which is good, but I felt like it was a little too orange and not as natural looking as I wanted. Benefit’s Hoola is the perfect realistic tan shade, not too dark, not too orange and super easy to blend. It also comes with a mini brush if you need it but I’ve just been using my normal bronzer brush with great results. Hoola is available at Benefit’s website for $28 or at many department stores and Sephora. Give it a try!

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Spring Trends.

vstop.jpgIs anyone else kind of bored with the forcasted Spring 2008 trends in fashion? I’ve browsed through the usual style mags and it just seems like nothing new this year. Safari, floral, goddess, global, trenchcoats, blazers, blah. There’s nothing that really grabs my attention or strikes me as unique or fresh. Not that I hate all those trends or anything, I was just looking for something that hadn’t been done a million times or something so awful that it would stir up a little controversy. My favorite trend has to be the continuation of bright colors. I love brights, especially in accessories and tops, and I’m happy to see the punchy corals, electric blues and saturated yellows are still a go for this upcoming season. This Ralph Lauren Black Label dress is gorgeous, but extremely expensive and my life isn’t so fabulous that I’d have a ton of places to wear it! However, re-interpreting the things I love about the dress into an affordable beachy top is totally doable. This floaty, bright yellow babydoll bra top from Victoria’s Secret can be worn as a halter (like the dress) or as a tube top as well. It’s only $38 and makes me want to leave for the beaches of San Diego right now! I just have to be patient until May! Do you have any spring trends you’re looking forward to or ready to retire?

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I’ve been tagged.

My good friend Mike over at the blog, A Mike Life, tagged me to answer a few questions about my media habits and I’m happy to share them with you. Thanks for the tag Mike and by the way, Happy Birthday!

I grew up a total bookworm and devour books like candy. Recently, I finished Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel García Márquez and Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller. I’m now reading the extremely long but very classic Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. I adore classics and period novels so I am definitely in my element with this one!

I am also a big TV addict and have to watch myself or I will have a serious problem. And I am ecstatic that the writer’s strike is resolved so I can still have a few episodes of The Office, Ugly Betty and Gossip Girl to look forward to this spring! Right now I am watching Lost like a madwoman. I am a Lost nerd and research all these theories and island mysteries like I am a scientist or something. I also watch Project Runway, Stephen Colbert and The Young and the Restless regularly.

My favorite category. I thrive on music, it is a huge part of my life. My husband and I actually met in high school band (yep band nerds) and he even got his degree in music. He’s an amazing percussionist! My house growing up was filled with music and my mom and I still get together and dance in the living room for fun sometimes! Right now I am listening to the new Jack Johnson album, Sleep Through the Static, The Killers B-side album, Sawdust, and David Crowder Band’s Remedy. Throw in a little Bloc Party, Cake, Jimmy Eat World and yes, Justin Timberlake and I’m all set! In our home, we listen to everything from jazz to latin to hip hop to ska. We love it all (except country of course!)

Okay, now to tag a few of you! Shop With a Vengeance, MonkeyPosh, and Ceci n’est pas une blog– you’re it!

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New Shopping Picks are up.

This week is featuring the color lemon yellow in honor of my pregnant fixation with lemonade. I’m typically a huge Diet Coke and coffee drinker and for some reason they both taste like garbage to me now. I guess it’s a good thing to break my serious caffeine addiction, so now all I want to drink is lemonade and water and lots of it! Anyway, hope you enjoy the picks!

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Weekly Shopping Picks: 2/11/08

yellowtop.jpg Zephyr Tee



miaflat.jpg Mia Buttercup Flat


spaoil.jpg Spa Wisdom Monoi Oil


The Body Shop

glamourbook.jpg Modern Glamour: The Art of Unexpected Style


yellowcakestand.jpg Yellow Ruffled Cakestand


Williams Sonoma

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No title necessary.

I know this isn’t the typical Happy Friday and light, fun fashion posts that I usually compose, but I read this article on CNN today and it affected me so much that I have to mention it. My heart goes out to the injustices and abuse that these women have to endure, all because of their gender. I know things like this probably happen more than we know, and in more places than we realize, but the fact that things like this exist and we barely take notice is truly tragic. I wish there was more I could do, and more our country’s governments would do to end the oppression of women in this manner. I so take for granted the freedoms I have to express myself through what clothes I choose to wear, how I do my hair and makeup, what perfume I want to apply, etc. I can’t imagine living in a world where those liberties are absent and punishable by death. I hope that soon something can be done to end these horrific conditions and women around the world will be treated like humans and not possessions to control. I also hope that in the future when I write my blog, I remember these issues and appreciate the gift of freedom more. Thanks for reading this.

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