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J.Crew extra sale.

jcrewsale.jpgJust a few more hours left in J.Crew’s extra 30% off all sale items sale. This gorgeous Chino Liana Jacket in khaki can be yours, marked down from $110 to about $49! It is so pretty and the classic feminine meets casual look will never go out of style. Or this beautiful Daphne Blouse would be perfect for spring and comes in four colors. With the markdown, it goes from $72 to $35! Man, I wish J.Crew carried maternity clothes for me, I love their stuff.  So hurry and add some seriously discounted items to your shopping bag before the sale ends!

6 comments January 31st, 2008 nicky

Gwen and me.

gwen.jpgI’m sure you’ve all heard the news that Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her second child. Congrats to her, I adore Gwen! Her individual style, fashion career, lovely personality and attitude are a positive example that I admire. Plus, I was and still am a huge No Doubt fan. I’m so excited because she is just about as far along as I am, so we could be labor buddies come August! Except for the fact that my child’s birth won’t be chronicled in People, US Weekly and every other news medium of course!

8 comments January 30th, 2008 nicky

Stila Eye Set.

stilaeyes.jpgI just spied the new, online only Stila Eye Set available at Sephora’s website. It’s over an $80 value for a mere $39 and includes three fab eye shadows in Champagne, Latte and Coin, a Major Lash Mascara in Black, a Kajal Eye Liner in Bronze and a sharpener. Plus, it’s all wrapped up in a cute faux suede bag. I just might have to order it to review! I am seriously in need of new shadows, mine are sad little chunks of product that are quickly disappearing.

1 comment January 29th, 2008 nicky

Jewelry storage.

branchtree.jpgEarlier one of my blogger friends, Ambika, over at The Fray posted about unique jewelry storage and the adorable Bird Jewelry Stand she got for Christmas. Just follow the link to check it out and if you have never devoured her blog, dig in! I have also been on the watch for something different than my typical jewelry box storage, especially for special items that I would like to display more. I received a catalogue from Red Envelope this weekend and spotted their Silver Twig jewelry tree. They are just what I had been looking for! Two sizes are available and they would work for displaying every piece of jewelry you deem worthy. The middle branch lifts off to accommodate rings and bracelets and the other two branches are stationary for hanging earrings, necklaces and cuffs. If you would like to purchase them or anything at Red Envelope, enter the coupon code REDHHONORS through 1/31/08 for 10% off your entire order.

5 comments January 28th, 2008 nicky

Beauty Review: Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes

aquaeyes.jpgI got the Make Up For Ever Aqua Eyes liner in Mat Black with a deluxe sample from Sephora and decided to try it out when my staple eyeliner (Revlon Colorstay) was running low. Pros: It goes on very easily for a pencil, when you drag it across your lash line, it feels creamy- not dry like some pencils do. Also, it is waterproof and lasted the whole day without smudging. Cons: The black color was very muted, almost a charcoal gray instead, so I was not very happy with the pigmentation. Also, I have a pet peeve of sharpening liners and I prefer the Revlon Colorstay because it is a twist up liner that I don’t have to sharpen every day. Bottom line: It’s a good pencil liner but not as good on my eyes as Revlon’s. Plus at double the price of my go-to liner, it’s definitely not worth a change for me!

5 comments January 24th, 2008 nicky

RIP Heath Ledger.


What a sad loss for his family, friends, fans and especially his 2 year old daughter. Details are still emerging on the cause of his sudden death at such a young age. We’ve truly lost an amazing and talented actor today.

1 comment January 22nd, 2008 nicky

Swingin’ memories.

reddress.jpgWhen I was in college in the late 90s, the 1940s style made a huge comeback and I was smitten. I have always been a fan of the movies, music and glamorous fashions of that era, so it’s no surprise that when it became trendy, I jumped right in and started swing dancing. A little club (that sadly no longer exists) right next to the Arizona State campus had weekly swing nights with lessons and live acts; it was a blast! Seeing this adorable red dress from Anthropologie takes me back to that time when I got to live my own ‘Swing Kids’ dreams and pretend for a little bit that life was all about the dancing. Seriously, if you’ve never seen that movie, please rent it! Not only does it star my since childhood crush of Christian Bale but it is entertaining and touching. Anyway, I only wish dresses as pretty as this were available back in my college days! Instead, I spent hours searching through the nearby vintage store for 40s dresses, only to be shocked how much dress sizes have changed since then. A size 10 now fits like a size 6 then, crazy. I love everything about this dress and I’m picturing how with accessories you could recreate that throwback style or modernize it for today. Gorgeous!

4 comments January 21st, 2008 nicky

Little birdie.

ccskye.jpgWhether it be skulls, owls, peace signs or wings, there’s always some trendy symbol every year. It pops up everywhere and lasts for a few years before it fades away into the fashion history books (only to be resurrected later of course). One of my favorite icons lately has been the bird. I’m even considering doing a little bird design in my baby’s room if it is a girl. I saw the cutest bird bedding and decor at Pottery Barn Kids last week. Anyway back to reality, I love these new enamel pendants from C.C. Skye. They come in blue, gold, white or red on a 17 inch gold chain. They’ve already been featured in Lucky, Elle and In Style so I’m sure they’ll be around for awhile, they seem perfect for accessorizing this spring!

8 comments January 17th, 2008 nicky

Rub a dub.

gingerfloat.jpgBefore I forget, I have to tell you that the bath I was taking when I spotted the L.A.M.B. handbag was one of the best I have ever enjoyed because of the spectacular Ginger Float cream bubble bath from Origins. The botanical ginger meets light citrus scent was relaxing and just what my tired muscles needed. It smells so good (but not in an overpowering way) and leaves your skin silky smooth afterwards too. It was also kind of fun to put in the bath, you scoop out a handful of cream (or three depending how much bubbles you want) and let the running water gently wash it into the tub. I could have sat in there all day. And talking about it makes me want to take another bath. Now if only I could trade my mid size roman tub for a deep soaker, that would be perfect!

2 comments January 17th, 2008 nicky

Can you tell?

greenlamb.jpgThat I am stuck on the idea of a new handbag lately? I wholeheartedly apologize to anyone who is bored with my fixation but when the January Nordstrom catalog arrived and I saw this L.A.M.B. leather hobo, it was as if it fell from my green heaven! I was reading the catalog while enjoying a bubble bath and was so excited that I squealed and Adrian came running from his home office to see what his pregnant wife was screaming about, only to find me speechless and enthralled with the picture of this bag. He then rolled his eyes, said “Oh” and walked away. Some people just don’t understand. Yes it is $725 and yes I have to save up my money for baby but it is green and it is perfect! Tough decision I know. I am hoping some last long enough to go on sale this spring and maybe I can use it for a diaper bag later! I totally think it could fit a couple in there. Probably not but I’ll keep dreaming.

3 comments January 15th, 2008 nicky

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