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Pinch me.

kslakeforest.jpgAs if I didn’t spend enough money Christmas shopping…Why does the retail industry trick us by starting all the most fabulous sales right after we drain our pockets? It’s maddening! I absolutely cannot afford to plunk down a bunch of cash on myself right now but I am so tempted it hurts. I mean it, physical pain. This beautiful Kate Spade ‘Lake Forest’ Carla bag in chocolate suede (which I have been drooling over all year) is marked down from $525 to $263. Ouch.

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Holiday roundup

How was Christmas for all of you who celebrated this year? We had an amazing time with both sides of the family and got to spend some time with my brother and sister-in-law from West Africa, which was wonderful. We had Mexican food at the in-laws, Scandinavian food at my parents, and lots of little desserts too! Adrian and I open our presents to each other at our home on Christmas Eve before all the family time begins. It’s our own little tradition (and it involves chocolate croissants for breakfast, yum!) He did such a great job, I was so impressed! Plus, I think all the hints I drop on this blog are helpful. Adrian gave me the silver Gara Danielle cuff bracelet, a pair of silver double round hoops from Viv & Ingrid, L.A.M.B. perfume and gray cashmere slippers from Banana Republic. The slippers are divine and there are still a few left on sale on their website. I hope you all had a special time over the holidays like I did! All that’s left is New Years and the small party we’re having at our place, I can’t wait to usher in 2008!

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Merry Christmas!

Phew, so I got through the chaos of last week and I am ready to relax with the family, eat great food and enjoy the presents! I hope you all have a wonderful holiday no matter your plans and come back from the day off refreshed and ready to end the year with a bang! Here’s a couple pics from my baking extravaganza with mi madre to laugh at. We had a great time together, baking, drinking wine and eating cheetos (weird combo, I know!) I also spent a day making tamales and baking with Adrian’s family too, it was so fun! Anyway, I’ll be back after tomorrow with more all things fashion, beauty and girlie. All the best!

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Beauty Review: Imju Fiberwig Mascara

fiberwig.jpgIt’s time for another mascara review at Swish-Style! It might seem like I try too many, but I think it’s an easy product to shop around with since there are so many formulations and brands. It’s also less noticeable than say a horrid shade of purple lipstick or too glittery eyeshadow so I’m not as afraid to experiment. A couple weeks ago I ordered the Fiberwig mascara from Sephora. I have heard a few positive things about it, like it is different than any other mascara you’ll try and it makes your lashes look like falsies. I don’t know if I completely agree with the last statement but I do agree that it is different than any other mascara I’ve applied. When you pull the wand out of the tube, you see all the little fibers and it looks a bit fuzzy. Sounds weird, but it went on smoothly and feels extremely light. It says that little tubes coat your individual lashes and I definitely can attest to that. It dries very fast and is drier than anything I’ve experienced on my eyes before. There is absolutely zero smudging and even if you rub your eyes, nothing comes off! It’s kinda strange actually. Taking it off is very different than typical mascaras. It easily comes off with just warm water, but it doesn’t smear off like most do. It comes off in little clumps, like the tubes of fibers just peel off your lashes and leave them completely clean. So my typical eye makeup remover did not work with Fiberwig but it was still a simple process to remove. I love the unique formulation of this product, the quick drying, extreme length it creates and the no smudge worries. However, it is not very thickening and that is something that I love in other mascaras such as Diorshow. I might just use both Fiberwig and Diorshow for awhile until I figure out what my favorite is. Or who knows, maybe I’ll try another again in a few months and start the decisions all over again!

7 comments December 17th, 2007 nicky

Baking update soon.

So I totally flaked on you all and didn’t update you after baking at my mom’s last week. For one, I forgot my camera and used my dad’s to document it all, so now I need to get back to my parents and upload the pics from his camera. I’m hoping to do that in the next couple days. Secondly, I didn’t realize until late last week how much the busyness of December had caught up with me. I have barely completed any gift shopping and had so many other little activities taking up my time. One bright spot last week was on Thursday. I went with a group from my church to bring clothing and toiletries to the local kids at the school for the homeless. Then we toured the school campus and served the children dessert after their lunch hour. It was amazing to talk to the little boys and girls who have nothing, heartbreaking living conditions and horrible family situations yet still have so much joy and laughter to share. I want to go visit them again soon! Even though I am running at a frantic pace right now (as I’m sure many of you are) I still will try to post a few times this week and give you updates in case things get really crazy! Stay tuned…

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Baking time has arrived.

cupcakeshirt.jpgI’m on my way to my mom’s for an all night baking party. We are going to bake like crazy ladies in our cute aprons and watch our favorite winter time movie, “Little Women,” starring my all time favorite actor/childhood crush Christian Bale. It should be a great night! As you all know, my serious baking addiction is now mostly directed at cupcakes. I am always on the prowl for cupcake related items that aren’t too cutesy and I love the merchandise at Johnny Cupcakes. I seriously need to add this tee to my Christmas list! Love it! Have a good night and I’ll update you on all the treats we make tomorrow!

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It’s raining, it’s pouring!

rainy.jpgMaybe it’s time I actually invest money into an umbrella and pair of rain boots after all the wet weather we’ve been having. It’s been wonderful! Besides the fun it brings to our otherwise boring sun everyday, the reservoirs are filling (after being dangerously low), the ski slopes up north can finally open (after many low snow years), and the ground is soaked (here’s hoping that makes next year’s fire season wimpy!) Back to the story, yeah, I don’t own an umbrella (or rain boots or gloves or a winter hat or earmuffs, wait- do people still use those?) Anyway, last week I had to run into Nordstrom with a Target bag over my head. And then yesterday, Adrian picked up takeout on his way home from work because I wouldn’t run into the grocery store when it was pouring outside. Did I mention I’m a wuss too? Since I have absolutely no idea what to look for in rainy day accessories anymore, I figure if they sell them at reputable merchants then they must work. I love the classic Hunter wellies in merlot. They look sturdy, comfortable and a dark red would be a nice change from basic black. As for umbrellas, I like this J.Crew printed umbrella, on sale for only $19.99. Time to pick that one up when I finally do some Christmas shopping this week! Have a good day!

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Friday ramblings.

lemonheels.jpgIs it silly that I am obsessed with a pair of lemon yellow heels in the middle of winter? Curse that Anthropologie catalogue! Especiallly since it gets me drooling over expensive (in this case $298) accessories when a) I will not spend that much on a pair of shoes and b) I need to start my Christmas shopping already! Is anyone else a superwoman like my sister-in-law, Alex, who already had all her presents bought and wrapped the beginning of last month? I have always been a true procrastinator, so I’ll probably still be getting last minute things up until the 23rd. Do you all have exciting holiday plans? Besides the normal family dinners and present exchanges, we make tamales with my husband’s family every year. It is so fun, very messy and well worth it when we get to bestow delicious tamales on friends and enjoy a few ourselves! The girls of my hubby’s famly are also having a First Annual Galleta Fest (galleta is cookie in spanish) in a few weeks. Speaking of baking, my mom and I always get together and crank out tons of holiday cookies and bars. My mom is an amazing cook and baker, she does most things without recipes and I hope I can someday be as good as her! There’s also the little get togethers we will be having with friends, so overall it should be a busy rest of the month! Anyway, I hope you all have beautiful weekends. Take care!

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Nightmare before Christmas.

xmassweater.jpgI feel blah thanks to a little stomach bug that came to visit Sunday night. In my grumpiness, my sister-in-law reminded me of our hilarious Christmas sweater conversation at the mall last week. I decided to see if I could find the most awful, hideous, it-burns-my-eyes holiday sweaters around. The good folks at QVC should be charged with a crime for the fashion atrocity that is Quacker Factory. Have you ever seen this segment? I by no means watch QVC, but Joel McHale on E! Network’s “The Soup” loves to show the lady, Jeanne, who promotes it and believe me you will be amazed. Just look at this stuff! I have been know to have a slight snowman obsession come Christmastime, but in the form of ornaments and holiday decor, not actually put on my body! And with a marabou trim no less! AHHHH! And this “Snowcat” cardigan complete with a festive kitty, birdhouse, cat zipper pull and tree. All on one sweater! There simply is not enough blog space to document all the horrors. Among other things, I actually saw fiber optic sweaters and a faux wrap with “Ho Ho Ho” written on the breast area. Now that I think about it, this is making me feel a little more sickly. I need to stop now!



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Gara Danielle Skinny Cuffs.

garad.jpgSo beautiful! The perfect dainty cuff bracelet from Gara Danielle. I wish I had one in gold and silver! They are available at, where you get free ground shipping. Order by December 14th for delivery by Christmas. I promise this post is not one big hint for my husband! Ha ha!










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