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Email This Post November 5th, 2007 nicky

adlerbanks.jpgI’m not going to go politico on you all, but today I changed my voter registration from Republican to Democrat. My father-in-law will probably jump for joy (he’s a very involved, lifelong liberal). But really, the party name is not that important to me since I’m more of an independent anyway. For me, it’s about the individual candidate and this way I can vote in the primary for my chosen leader, Barack Obama. Come on, after seeing him dance on Ellen how can you not love him? Haha. But I won’t go too far into the topic since this isn’t that kind of blog. Instead, I’ll segue to these modern piggy banks that would make perfect holiday gifts! (I’m laughing now, what a random transition!) They’re from the fabulous Jonathan Adler, made of fired ceramic, glazed in white and feature artful geometric patterns. Available in donkey or elephant, they would look perfect on any desk or bookshelf. And if you’re an independent, you could just get both and call it a draw!

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