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Origins Giveaway!

originstote.jpgIn case you hadn’t yet noticed, be sure to enter the weekly Coutorture giveaway on the sidebar before the week ends! This weeks giveaway is from the new Origins Organics line which I am excited to try. I was sent the organic, reusable cotton tote in the mail as a promotion and I have already used it a few times shopping. It’s roomy, well constructed and useful for so many different things. The tote is included in the giveaway, along with two full size products. So get those entries in! I hope a Swish-Style reader wins!


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Scarves at every price.

scarves.jpg(Can I just start out with a little whine that I had to turn my AC back on this afternoon since it got up to 80 in my house? Ugh.) Anyway, back to fashion. One of the few cold weather accessories we Phoenicians can wear without looking silly in our mild winters in the scarf. I love the look of a cozy scarf tied over a pretty sweater or turtleneck. For me, the scarf of all scarves is Burberry. In addition to their classic plaid, Burberry has tons of scarves in designs that will be timeless items for years. I particularly love Burberry’s Diagonal Check Scarf, ($350) it puts a spin on their signature plaid and is available in four colors. If you are looking for a more affordable option, I like the Wool-cashmere Torino scarf from J.Crew ($48). It is available in seven shades, is made in Italy and I love the long eight inch fringe. But if you need a cute scarf with a cheap price tag, head over to Old Navy, where they have scarves in prints and solids, knits and fleece, all on sale for $10. Happy scarf hunting!

3 comments November 28th, 2007 nicky

I love the winter weather.

It’s the end of November and early this morning when it was still dark, the heater came on for the first time since February. At first, I woke up and thought something was burning but then I remembered what it was and smiled to myself as I fell back asleep. The past few days of sweater weather here in Arizona has me in a winter wonderland mood, which is perfect since I had a hard time getting in the spirit of Thanksgiving when I was still sweating in short sleeves. My house is all decorated inside, I’m searching for new Christmas cookies recipes to try and getting started on that holiday shopping. But the thing I really want to do to fully embrace these feelings while they last is put on cozy pajamas, curl up on the couch with a fluffy blanket, a good book (I’m reading Love in the Time of Cholera) and a Peppermint Mocha. It seems like every year I plan to buy new pjs but talk myself out of it when I see the new pumps/handbag/makeup that I want instead. This time I want to change that and give my snuggly side some respect. GapBody has supersoft tees and bottoms at great prices like these tartan flannel pants and the essential long sleeve T. And Anthropologie always has unique loungewear, I love Lilka’s pajama bottoms and Wednesday’s swingy cotton top available in their sleep section. While I’m buying gifts online, I definitely plan on throwing in a little present for myself and taking some time to enjoy this time of year stress free! Are there any places/brands you love for loungewear?pjs.jpg

3 comments November 26th, 2007 nicky

Have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

turkeyhat.jpgIt’s Thanksgiving time and I am so thankful. Some are serious and some are fun, but they are all things I am so happy about! 1. My husband, Adrian, is all the best things about people wrapped up in one handsome man. 2. I discovered an obsession with baking and I’m actually pretty good at it! 3. I feel so lucky to have a family that I love to be around and get to act crazy and silly without being embarassed. 4. Although building our new house is delayed (we can’t sell our current home in this crappy market) we still got our down payment back! 5. My close friends are like family. 6. Peppermint Mochas are back at Starbucks, yum. 7. My dog, Lily, sleeps with her tongue sticking out and it is the cutest thing ever. 8. It is below 80 degrees starting today (about time Mother Nature!) I’m breaking out my sweaters! 9. This year, I have a new sister-in-law, a new nephew and my long lost cousins were found! and 10. My favorite time of year is right around the corner. Christmas will explode at my house is exactly 2 days, baking frenzies will begin, shopping for gifts gives me a high and I still have over a month to get working on the New Year’s Resolutions I haven’t met (I really do take those seriously. Expect a recap at the end of this year!) And by the way, that picture is from Etsy. It’s for a crochet pattern that will create the most amazing turkey hat ever imagined (Amber, you MUST make it!) Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

4 comments November 21st, 2007 nicky

Beauty Review: Make Up For Ever Super Matte Loose Powder

makeupforever.jpgThe Good: Maybe it’s also due to my new night cream ritual, but applying this after my foundation and concealer seems to keep the shine away much longer than usual. It blends easily, does not cake and the color I chose (#16) has just enough pink undertones to match my skin.
The Not So Good: At $24, it is a little expensive. But the jar is large and you only need to use a small amount regularly. Also, it does not travel very well since it is a loose powder that shakes up through the jars holes and onto the powder puff. But overall, I like it and plan to keep using it daily!

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Another sale and new site fyi.

chshoes.jpgNordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale for women started last week and I couldn’t resist purchasing one little gift for myself. These Cole Haan ‘Esme’ mid pumps in olive croc patent were marked down $60 and fit like a dream. Plus, I have been looking for a pair of perfect green shoes forever (with my obsession for the color and all!) There were also Fendi sunglasses marked down $200 that I was really tempted to get but restrained myself, or maybe I should say my husband restrained me. Anyway, there are limited days left of the sale, so hurry! Also, I will be leaving for a 4 day weekend in Texas, to visit my best friend Emily. I’m finally going there after canceling my trip earlier this year when I got really sick. I can’t wait! I probably won’t be able to post while I’m gone but I’ll be back on Monday with a new post. One thing you can pass the time with is the new site SugarLoving, from the TeamSugar network. It’s kind of like Digg for girls. I love it! Here’s a link to my profile. Check it out and join so you can “heart” posts along with me. Until Monday!

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Sale Alert: Kate Spade Sample Sale!

Click here, fill out a simple registration and score awesome deals on bags, wallets, shoes and more!kssale.jpg

2 comments November 13th, 2007 nicky

There’s a slight problem here.

asushirt.jpgWhile I am sure Chip & Pepper makes amazing denim and I love their vintage sporty tees in theory, maybe their reseach and development team needs to do a little background work (say a simple Google check?) before manufacturing hundreds of these bad boys. Considered one of the longest and nastiest rivalries in college football, (along with the oldest trophy in history for the winner) Arizona State and Arizona do not mix well. Putting the Arizona State colors and helmet on a tee and then labeling it with freaking ARIZONA at the top is blasphemy! You would figure a company that makes millions would double check which school the shirt they are selling represents. Especially since they had a short sleeved version last spring with the correct name on it. Can you tell I take college football very seriously? Go Devils!

7 comments November 8th, 2007 nicky

A little venting…

Totally unrelated to fashion and beauty, but are you as nervous about the Writer’s Guild of America strike as I am? I am a complete tv junkie, with my two tivos and all. My even more tv-obsessed friend, Mike, luckily started a new feature on his personal blog to give out ideas for DVD watching in the coming months. I’ll either have to add more DVDs to my Blockbuster queue, start watching waaay more reality shows or just play Scrabble instead. I’m really exaggerating here but a little part of me will be sad if my shows go into hiatus for awhile. Let’s see, I watch: The Office, Ugly Betty, Grey’s, Heroes, Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, The Soup, What Not To Wear, The Colbert Report, Amazing Race, and The Hills (I know, shameful) weekly. Then throw in my daily addicted-since-childhood viewing of The Young and The Restless and an occasional Oprah, HGTV or Food Network show. Holy crap! I have a serious problem. Although not watching commercials cuts the time down by at least 30 percent and I do get a ton done like cleaning and cooking while the tube is on. I would be most devastated by a break in Y&R, it is as strong as my dependence on Diet Coke. Rational? No. Necessary to live? Of course! (The pic is of the cast and the 18 years at #1 celebration earlier this year. They also just reached a record breaking 100 Emmy’s won. See, they are special!) Anyway, I’m just whining now. And I’ve just confessed my tv-aholic ways to you all, I’m a little embarassed!

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I like elephants and donkeys.

adlerbanks.jpgI’m not going to go politico on you all, but today I changed my voter registration from Republican to Democrat. My father-in-law will probably jump for joy (he’s a very involved, lifelong liberal). But really, the party name is not that important to me since I’m more of an independent anyway. For me, it’s about the individual candidate and this way I can vote in the primary for my chosen leader, Barack Obama. Come on, after seeing him dance on Ellen how can you not love him? Haha. But I won’t go too far into the topic since this isn’t that kind of blog. Instead, I’ll segue to these modern piggy banks that would make perfect holiday gifts! (I’m laughing now, what a random transition!) They’re from the fabulous Jonathan Adler, made of fired ceramic, glazed in white and feature artful geometric patterns. Available in donkey or elephant, they would look perfect on any desk or bookshelf. And if you’re an independent, you could just get both and call it a draw!

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