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Have a wonderful Halloween!

vegas1.jpgNow that my technical probs have been solved (sorry for not posting yet this week) I am all back to normal! I hope you have fun doing whatever you’re doing tonight. Adrian and I will be at home passing out candy and admiring our four super cool pumpkins carved with ASU and a Sun Devil pitchfork. We’re hoping that brings us good luck for the huge game this Saturday! I am also hoping that Adrian does not break out his creepy mullet wig and scare all the little kids away. It’s sooo gross…yuck. In other news, I absolutely miss my new nephew! I am just searching for ways Adrian and I can get away for a weekend to go see him, but of course it is so busy this time of year with the holidays fast approaching. Hence the picture I wanted to share with you all. My sister-in-law says he is growing fast and being a good baby. I can’t wait to see him again! Also, I wanted you to all know about the newest weekly contest from Coutorture. This week, you can win four styling tools from Bed Head’s new product line. (And if you win, I get an extra set too. So thanks!) Enter on the sidebar to the right by submitting your email address. Until tomorrow!

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Happy Friday!

This is from a few years back but is still too funny.  Mmm, I feel like Mexican food now! (Seriously, I am making carne asada tonight…just not wrapped in a pizza or blueberry pancake.)

1 comment October 26th, 2007 nicky

You ask, I deliver!

Okay, so here are my before and after shots during my morning makeup routine as promised in the comments section. Consider yourselves loved, since this is really testing my bravery. I am not one to leave the house without being properly “done” so this is a big step for me to show the world my naked eyes! All I have to say is thank you Lord for beauty products! Oh and my camera does not take the best close up shots so you can’t see a ton of detail (like the eyeshadow) in these pics, sorry about that!

5 comments October 25th, 2007 nicky

Maintenance: My Eyes

eyemaintenance.jpgHere’s an overview of my normal, daily eye routine in six easy steps.
Step 1: Prime lids with Urban Decay Primer Potion and cover dark under eye circles with Benefit Boi-ing concealer in Lite.
Step 2: Apply base color in Clinique ‘Like Mink’ Eye Shadow Duo over entire lid and brow bone. Then apply darker shade above lash line and into crease.
Step 3: Line just above top lash line with Revlon Colorstay Eyeliner in Black Brown. I draw a thin line and extend it out a little at the outer corners. Then I line my lower lashes with a thin line too.
Step 4: Using the tip of an eyeshadow sponge, I smudge a bit of the darker eye shadow into the lower lash liner to make a slightly smokey and softer effect.
Step 5: Use Benefit Brow Zings in Light to fill in my blonde brows. I only use the wax section of the compact because it seems like the powder is a little too heavy for my coloring.
Step 6: Apply a coat of mascara to upper and lower lashes. My current fave is Dior Diorshow Mascara in Black.
And that’s it! So far the products I am most devoted to are the Primer Potion, Revlon eyeliner and Brow Zings. All three are the best I have tried (and I have tried a TON) in their category. Especially wonderful is the eyeliner since you can pick it up at any drugstore and it works better than liners double its price. I regularly try different eye shadow compacts in neutral colors and have a habit of trying a new mascara formulation every time a tube runs dry. Let me know some of your beloved eye makeup products and tips in the comment section!

7 comments October 24th, 2007 nicky

Shop, shop, shop all day long.

New shopping picks are ready, better late than never! I already bought the shoes I featured, the bow is huge but cute in a frilly way, LOVE them! I’m working on a new Maintenance feature for tomorrow, all about my eyes. Remember that you can contact me if you want to be the next Maintenance feature on Swish-Style!

1 comment October 23rd, 2007 nicky

Weekly Shopping Picks: 10/22/07

liamsweater.jpgTurtleneck by Lia Molly










bcbgwedge.jpgLeather peeptoe wedge by BCBGGirls





scooptote.jpgNatural Tote (proceeds benefit Natural Resources Defense Council)


Scoop NYC








philcarrot.jpgCarrot Cake shower gel (proceeds benefit Childhelp)








sprinklesmix.jpgSprinkles Pumpkin cupcake mix


Williams Sonoma








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Just Say Never Again.

reebok.jpgWhen I was in elementary school, the “Just Say No” campaign of Nancy Reagan was in full swing. I wish they also stressed the importance of saying no to shoes like these. Why on earth do stores want to bring fashion travestshamockeries like this back??? I wore this particular shoe with pink mesh shoelaces. At the time, I thought I was rockin (but I also thought Michael Jackson and George Michael would marry me). Now I want to save future clueless souls from my mistakes. Please for the love of all that is stylish, do not wear 1980s Reebok high tops, do not EVER put on a stirrup pant and stay far away from slouch socks (especially if you are wearing two pairs of different colors layered on top of the other. TRUST me, it is not a good idea). I can deal with the leggings, I can deal with the skinny pants, but I have to draw a line somewhere. Those of us in our late 20s and beyond have been through these mishaps and only want to warn others (and forget the awfulness we once put on our bodies.) As always, feel free to disagree and if you are dying to relive the years when you thought boys wearing full on makeup and spandex were hot then scoop these up @ Urban Outfitters.

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On a more serious note.


Aside from all things fashion and beauty related, one of my true passions is the field of developmental disabilities. Last year, I left my job as a developmental disabilities specialist to help my husband’s new business but that in no way lessened the burden I feel for the children and families who are affected by these conditions. On November 4th, I will be particpating in the “Autism Speaks, Walk Now For Autism” event in Tempe, AZ. Currently, the causes of autism are unknown and there are no specific medical treatments or cure. Physicians have no blood test or scan that can definitively diagnose the disorder so diagnosis of autism is based solely upon observations of behavior. Despite increasing national interest and high prevalence, autism research is one of the lowest funded areas of medical research by both public and private sources. If you feel called to, please visit my personal page and donate to my walk. Every little bit counts and can help make a greater impact on finding a cure!

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Alex’s Top Ten Cardigans.

My sister-in-law Alex is one of the most fashionable girls I know. I really trust her opinion and love her style! She sent me a list of her top ten cardigans for the cooler weather. So here they are in order from best to last (and links in the pics), although she said she would wear them all!

J.Crew cashmere mini-argyle cardigan, $178.00
L.A.M.B. wool-angora boatneck cardigan, $267.00
Design History ruched cashmere cardigan, $119.00
Autumn Cashmere argyle shawl cardigan, $193.00
Vince cashmere ballet cardigan, $275.00
Neiman Marcus cropped cashmere cardigan, $259.00
Design History babydoll short sleeve cardigan, $49.99
Diane von Furstenberg wrap knit cardigan, $250.00
Nanette Lepore stripe short slevve cardigan, $81.90
Aqua ruffle cardigan, $128.00

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Let’s start the week off right!

A brand new contest from Coutorture on the sidebar to the right and new shopping picks are up for your enjoyment. So…enjoy!

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