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tgunn.jpgHooray for more fashion shows on television! My favorite snobby yet endearing fashion guru, Tim Gunn, has his own show on Bravo- Tim Gunn’s Guide To Style on Thursday nights. The premiere last night was great and it only lasts for eight weeks so you should totally put on your Tivo list! Tim Gunn helps style victims find their signature look (and gives them a closet full of designer frocks) with a bit of firm but lovable guidance like only he can deliver. He even cried at the end of the show yesterday, awwww! On the show’s website Gunn says, “I want every woman to achieve her style zenith.” I mean, anyone who can perfectly interject a word like zenith into a normal sentence is pure genius in my book. I’m going to have to remember that next time I play Scrabble!

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