Not a good day.

Email This Post August 16th, 2007 nicky

mwdress.jpgUgh, I got sick yesterday. Some sort of stomach bug or food poisoning (can you get food poisoning from mojitos?) I don’t know, but it is HORRID. Since I can only think of grossness and vomit and anger that I can’t eat anything even though my stomach is growling at me like a tiger, I found this dress. If you’re ever in the mood to blow about $900 and can’t figure out what to buy, I suggest this creative, old western meets Partridge Family meets gee-that-looks-like-my-great-grandma’s-apron-fabric jersey number from Matthew Williamson. Sorry if I am being extra grouchy today, I blame it on the pain! Hope to feel better (and more cheery!) tomorrow.



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