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murad1.jpgIt’s time for the first Maintenance routine submitted by a Swish-Style reader! Amber from Portland dishes on her skincare products from Murad:
“I started using this about a year ago when I kept getting pesky chin breakouts. The first two months the treatment cleared out all my pores and I’ve been free of zits for most of the time. If I’m not using all elements of the treatment I will break out from time to time.
step 1 ~ Clarifying Cleanser
step 2 ~ Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel & Acne Spot Treatment
step 3 ~ Skin Perfecting Lotion
If you order from you get all 4 items delivered to you every 2 months and they bill your credit card over a 2 month span $29.99 each time.
Pros:  My acne is under control.
Cons: The every 2 month shipment schedule is TOO MUCH. The only thing I run out of is the cleanser (which can be purchased at Sephora or Bath and Body works). I now have 3 of each step due to over shipping. I changed to a every- five month plan but I’m still overrun. Another con is that the lotion doesn’t have an SPF.”
Thanks Amber for sharing your experience with the Murad skincare system! Has anyone else tried these products? I checked about her concern over the lack of SPF coverage with the Skin Perfecting Lotion. The description of the product seems that it is basically an oil-free moisturizer. So if you wanted to try a lightweight, non-greasy lotions with an SPF, I know the brands Boscia, Cosmedicine, Borba, Laura Mercier, and Lancome all should carry one through Sephora.
If you’d like to be featured on the next Maintenance post, send a description of your routine (skincare, makeup, haircare, etc.) and include a snapshot of your products to me: [email protected].

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  • 1. Alex  |  August 7th, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    As someone who has struggled with acne for ten years and is still trying to prevent breakouts, I have learned a couple of things during my daily maintenance routine. You can take ’em or leave ’em:

    1. NEVER exfoliate (even if it’s the tiniest microbeads) if you have blemishes on your face. I’ve used Proactive and some samples of Murad in the past, and they didn’t help me get my acne under control at all beacause their rough/exfoliating face wash aggrevated my acne.

    When you exfoliate you strip a layer of skin away, so it’s definitely helpful for preventing acne because you’re allowing your skin to breathe and to make it less possible for oil to get trapped. However, if it rips the skin on top of a pimple the infection can spread. =( BEWARE!

    So, I would say that Procativ and Murad are great for PREVENTING blemishes, but not the best for getting rid of current ones, especially beacause exfoliation is part of their DAILY routine.

    2. Becareful with acne spot treatments! I’ve used Clinique’s Acne Solutions Spot Healing Gel, Rentin-A, Differin and some other ones…They definitely help minimize zits, BUT they also dry them out a lot which can create a patch of dead skin…Like I said above, dead skin can trap in oil = breakouts…So, my recommendation is to NOT put the treatment on morning AND night even though it’s a tempting idea to zap that zit ASAP. Just try it at night. If it looks like it’s going to take a couple of days make sure you apply oil-free moisturizer twice a day to keep your face from flaking and dead skin from building.

    Also, if it’s a really deep zit (the ones that are super painful) a spot treatment isn’t going to do the job. From my experience, spot treatments just help the surface pimples that can eventually turn into white heads. If you’re experiencing deep, painful zits that’s usually hormonal acne that should be treated by a dermatologist.

    3. Wash your pillow case every week! I sleep on mine about three times, turn it inside out and then use it for another three to four times.

    4. Change your hand towel/washcloth/shower towel every three times. Makeup, soap, oil and dirt can build up really fast. If you have sensitive skin, use a soft paper towel and blot your face or just let your face air dry.

    5. If you have dry skin, soap suds can dry out your face so use a non-foaming cleanser.

    I know that’s a lot of info. I’m definitely not an expert, but I’ve visited with soooo many dermatologists and have talked with a couple esthiticians. I’ve been through micro derm, Accutane, different birth control pills and about 15 different face washes/10 different lotions/ 4 topical treatments…I still have acne because a big part of it is hormonal. Just do your best to keep your face clean and to not aggrivate your acne.

  • 2. nicky  |  August 7th, 2007 at 11:37 pm

    wow Alex, I think you take the award for longest comment ever! Thanks for sharing your experience and great advice for peeps with more serious acne issues. I think though for people who have minor blemishes and just want something to unclog their pores a bit, lines like Murad and Pro-activ can really help. I know I have oily skin with an occasional pimple and I find that exfoliating once a week really brightens my skin and keeps it smooth and tightened.

  • 3. Sophie  |  August 9th, 2007 at 8:11 am

    I tried the Murad system for my minor acne and it ended up being a disaster. Even though it’s marketed to people with sensitive skin, it’s definitely a pretty harsh treatment system for someone with even the slightest irritation prone-skin. My own skin absolutely hated it and I cringe thinking back at the intense breakouts and rashes the entire system caused me. I’m definitely not the only one this has happened to, either. I just wish I had read more about it online before I bought it at Sephora.

    That said, I certainly won’t deny that Murad products can do great things! The blemish treatment that came with it is INCREDIBLE (just a thin layer and any just forming zit is either gone or diminished overnight), the face wash works great for gross body acne, and the exfoliating gel (when used only 3 times a week at night) has helped my skin stay clear. The moisturizer still causes me to break out in a rash, though. I’ve since switched over mainly to gentler (and cheaper!) Mario Badescu products and will probably make a full change when my current Murad products run out.

    I do think that for someone with bad acne, the entire Murad system could be just the ticket, though.

  • 4. amber  |  August 9th, 2007 at 10:35 pm

    I did break out bad for the first 2 months but then i’ve been fine. I think that was the whole ‘cleansing’ effect. I stuck it out and it really came through for me. Sophie is right.. the blemish gel is incredible!

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