I’m a J.Crew victim.

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jcrewyork.jpgI know there has been much discussion in the blogging community this past year about the gradual increase in J.Crew prices. I remember J.Crew as like a slightly cooler cousin to the Gap when I was younger, but there is no way I would’ve been able to afford the $100 cotton cardigans they have now (although very cute!) when I was 16. I seriously think their prices have doubled since the mid-90s. Anyway, all this is completely frustrating when the J.Crew catalog arrives in the mail filled with pages of adorable but overpriced fall items. Is it crazy that I am trying to convince myself that paying $128 for a pair of J.Crew moccasins is okay? Have I explained my lovely childhood memories of growing up in Minnesota and going “up north” to buy new pairs of Minnetonka mocs? The warm, fuzzy feelings that wearing mocassins creates in my heart, so much so that I feel a little glimmer of autumn even when I live in a barren desert? The relief my feet will experience in their cozy interior after spending hours being tortured by my affinity for heels? I think I’m doing a good job at convincing myself, don’t you? But I really do think these are a beautiful take on the casual moc (plus there are so many colors!) or maybe I’m just kidding myself and becoming the prey of the J.Crew pricing machine? Have any of you seen a similar pair of mocs at a cheaper price? Let me know!

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  • 1. Alex  |  August 7th, 2007 at 4:18 pm

    Even though Nicky and I have chatted a bit about JCrew and it’s quest to change its market, I feel as though I have to publicly defend one of my all-time favorite stores, not to mention, my place of employment for three years back in the day. =)

    A bit of history…When JCrew first came onto the scene they felt that one of their biggest competitors was Hugo Boss AND they only sold men’s clothing ( I know! Crazy!) They have always given their customers, and still do, the option of custom tailoring their suits, dresses, jeans, etc. as long as they were bought at full price. Quality was definitely one of their highest priorities, so they used fabrics and leather from Italy. THEN….dum dum dum… The Gap craze happened.

    When Gap exploded, a semi-new market began draining all of the dollars. Getting preppy, stylish, basics for low prices… Well, that’s basically JCrew in a nut shell, but their prices were high beacuse of the high quality materials they were using. So, to try and keep up with the trend, JCrew shifted towards Gap’s direction. BAM…You get the JCrew that we all remember…A more preppy, east coast Gap, that sold suits for the young working man/woman, comfy clothes for the young mom, and started the trend of platform flip flops.

    But soon, you could find preppy basics anywhere, not just Gap or JCrew…Target, Banana, Old Navy, The Limited, Express… So, JCrew started to bring back their Armani manufactured suits, Italian leather shoes and cashmere sweaters. Of course, their prices gradually went back up as they began using higher quality marterials again. They’ve even begun a children’s line and a wedding shop in recent years.

    Basically, they’re trying to get back to their old roots. They’re trying to give their customers good quality and good service, which, lets be honest, the Gap hasn’t been doing for a long time. I

    So, I don’t think it’s crazy that their shoes cost as much as 200-300 dollars because you’re getting shoes from Italy, that are Italian leather and manufactured in the same place as Armani. We as consumers just have to start changing our mindset. I do, however, think JCrew should finally start advertising this new direction, but that’ll never happen. They’ve prided themselves on word or mouth.

  • 2. Alex  |  August 14th, 2007 at 1:23 pm

    Hey. I saw these shoes while shopping at a Nine West outlet store in Sedona. They’re similar to the Jcrew mocs, but they are currently on SALE for $50.00. I bought a pair in a camel color with a gold buckle on the front. They’re really comfortable and they make my big feet look cute. Unfortunately, on their website they don’t give you the different color options for the suede. I know they offer camel, red, navy, black, and green. So, if you’re ever in Sedona check out the store or if you really want green mocs check out their site.

  • 3. joanna goddard  |  August 18th, 2007 at 7:35 am

    i love these. i say go for it:)

    btw, i just read — j crew is also coming out with The J Crew Collection in the fall, which is a luxury line of their clothing. it’s going to be sold on a separate website and, next spring, in a store on madison ave. apparently they’ve been introducing some of these luxury pieces over the past year, so i think maybe those are all the crazy prices you’ve seen…

    anyway, i like your blog!

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