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Email This Post July 20th, 2007 nicky

I was thinking of new ideas for regular features I could do on Swish-Style and thought wouldn’t it be awesome if I could involve all you readers out there? We all have our daily routines, whether it be hair, makeup, skin care, nail care or whatever! I think it would be great if we could pool together to share information and tips on what things we use or do on a daily basis. It could be the start of discovering your new favorite product or trying a product you’ve already heard of in a brand new way. It doesn’t matter how many items you use in your routine, whether they are luxury brands or cheap drugstore finds. What matters is that it works for you! So send me an email either via the contact page or [email protected] and let me know about one of your maintenance rituals. Include a list of the things you use, how you use them, why you love them and even if you are looking to change something. Also include a digital snapshot either from your camera or cell phone in the email. Don’t worry about editing it and its okay if you can’t get a pic of all the items together. Then look for your routine to be featured in my blog! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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