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sandiegowear.jpgThis is the time of year when I am fixated on getting out of town for the weekend. I start to sound like a broken record, “blah blah too hot blah blah miss the green blah blah need ocean.” Then I start feeding my preoccupation by looking at hotels, things to do, where to eat and of course what to wear while on my little getaway. The bad news is my hubby’s schedule is awful this month and we’re saving all our extra cash for the new house we’re building so I’m not sure if it will happen for awhile! Poor me. Maybe if I talk about it enough and drop hints like crazy he’ll give in? Haha, I wish! If I am so lucky, here is my must have day wear for walking, shopping and relaxing in my favorite weekend spot, San Diego. (Terry Hoodie by Juicy Couture, Cropped jeans by Joe’s, White tank by Splendid, and a pair of old school Vans.)

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