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Fall satin from Rebecca Taylor.

rebeccataylor.jpgRebecca Taylor equals modern femininity with vintage elegance, which makes her designs some of my absolute favorites. Her beautiful Fall 2007 tops featuring satin detailing don’t disappoint. Satin, in moderation, is one of those versatile fabrics that can be dressed down for a fun night out or glammed up for a more special occasion. Here’s my favorites from this season’s collection available at the Combo Cami Tunicthe Pin Tucked Short Sleeve Top, and the Bra Cup Cami. Yes, they are pricey, but picking one luxe design that can be paired with more affordable pieces results in endless possibilities. I think that if you purchase a few classic, functional items that will be in style for years to come it is worth the investment! It is a lesson that I am trying to apply to my wardrobe, and it’s a slow transition from my younger habits but in the end I think it will create a much happier closet!








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New shopping picks.

Check out the newest weekly shopping picks posted under the shopping page. Hope you enjoy them! In case you don’t already know, Nordstrom is having their yearly Anniversary sale and there are tons of good deals on their website to be found. I am busy getting ready to host a baby shower for my sister-in-law this weekend so I will try to get another post up this week, I promise next week will be more productive for me!

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Weekly Shopping Picks: 7/22/07

freepeoplebib.jpgKnit Bib Top by Free People

$68.00, on sale $44.90







shellambika.jpgShell Drop Earrings by Ambika







jcrewheels.jpgMetallic leather kitten heels

$128.00, on sale $49.99







lmstain.jpgLip Stain by Laura Mercier


Neiman Marcus



rootofearth.jpgRoot of the earth bowls







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Maybe its just me…

But I’m feeling all alone here! No comments since June, ouch! Sorry if I haven’t been very interesting or something but here’s a few things I’m working on for the coming weeks: more beauty reviews from a fresh shopping binge at Sephora, a new Red, Yellow, Green feature, my must have fall items, new shopping picks and of course your maintenance routines. I also will have a couple posts from a guest writer with fabulous fashion taste! Hope you are all enjoying your summer and as always let me know if you have any questions, feedback or info for Swish-Style. I’d love to hear from you!

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Maintenance: My Hair

mainhair.jpgI thought I’d start off this new feature (see post below) by letting you all know my hair care routine. I have stick straight, fine, long blonde (naturally) hair. I have never dyed it but I sure will if it ever gets gray! My scalp is a complete mystery. I have to wash my hair daily because it gets oily by the next day but I also tend to get an itchy, dry scalp if I don’t use a clarifying shampoo every once in awhile. Yeah, oily and dry, I can’t figure it out! Anyway, here’s my routine. I use a lot of Aveda products. I like that they are natural and a very eco-conscious company, plus they work great for me! I shampoo and condition with Aveda’s Brilliant line. It is helps get rid of build up, makes my hair extra shiny and is gentle on my scalp. About once or twice a week, I shampoo with Aveda’s Scalp Benefits Balancing Shampoo. It’s extra clarifying and helps keep my dry scalp issues at bay. Before I blow dry, I work in a little of Aveda’s Phomollient and Kerastase’s Oleo Relax Serum. The Phomollient is my absolute favorite hair product, it adds volume without being sticky or heavy and it also helps get the tangles out. The Oleo-Relax Serum keeps my hair smooth, shiny and frizz free. It’s expensive but you only use a tiny amount so it lasts forever. I’ve had mine for almost a year and it’s not even half gone. I blow dry with a large paddle brush and about 3 times a week either curl loose waves or flip out the ends with my ancient Revlon curling iron. It looks crappy but still works! I set my style with a little John Frieda Sheer Blonde hairspray. It doesn’t darken blonde hair like a lot of hairsprays can and it is a flexible and weightless hold. So there is my hair care maintenance! Let me know if you have any questions or comments and I look forward to featuring some of your everyday routines!

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Maintenance Feature

I was thinking of new ideas for regular features I could do on Swish-Style and thought wouldn’t it be awesome if I could involve all you readers out there? We all have our daily routines, whether it be hair, makeup, skin care, nail care or whatever! I think it would be great if we could pool together to share information and tips on what things we use or do on a daily basis. It could be the start of discovering your new favorite product or trying a product you’ve already heard of in a brand new way. It doesn’t matter how many items you use in your routine, whether they are luxury brands or cheap drugstore finds. What matters is that it works for you! So send me an email either via the contact page or [email protected] and let me know about one of your maintenance rituals. Include a list of the things you use, how you use them, why you love them and even if you are looking to change something. Also include a digital snapshot either from your camera or cell phone in the email. Don’t worry about editing it and its okay if you can’t get a pic of all the items together. Then look for your routine to be featured in my blog! I hope you’re as excited as I am!

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Beauty Review: Philosophy Microdelivery

philosophyset.jpgI am not a fan of facials. The times I have tried, I end up with irritated, oilier than normal skin that usually breaks out afterwards. Maybe I just haven’t discovered the right facial for me but it’s not my cup of tea. I have very sensitive skin and on top of that a very low pain tolerance. One time a lady did extractions on my face and I cried. Also, for some reason, other people touching my face kinda creeps me out. I don’t know why but it gives me the willies! After seeing how many people rave about microdermabarasion, I have been so tempted to go and try it but my fear of facials stops me. The next best thing is trying something at home and I have been hearing wonderful things about Philosophy’s Microdelivery products for some time now. Since it is a brand I’ve had great experience with, I finally gave in and purchased The Microdelivery Exfoliating Face Wash and The Microdelivery Exfoliating Cloths a couple weeks ago. The nice thing about the face wash is that it is gentle enough to use as a daily cleanser in case you need some extra everyday scrubbing, like let’s say you sunburned your nose last week and now it is one big peeling mess? Voila, instant smooth nose! (Not that this happened to me.) But combine the face wash with the exfoliating cloths and you have an instant, at home, super strength exfoliating facial. I can control the number of strokes with the cloths so I don’t beat up my delicate skin and it left my face feeling extra smooth. Sephora says, “this unique formula is sulfate-free and formulated with ingredients designed to replenish and protect the skin with topical antioxidants as it helps condition the skin and retain its moisture level.” My face was not stripped of all moisture and also didn’t turn into an oil slick like it often does. My pores felt clear and with regular use this combo treatment will brighten and refine my temperamental skin. These Philosophy products have satisfied my curiosity about at home microdermabarasion while also keeping my facial fears at bay. Maybe if I’m feeling extra strong, I’ll actually attempt the real thing at a day spa but for now I am content! 

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Bing Bang Clutch

bingbang.jpgI must have this lovely little clutch from Bing Bang! The crackled patent leather and classic feminine shape are a unique combo of modern meets vintage design. I definitely think it is a versatile clutch that could go from day to night no matter the occasion, which helps lessen the blow of the $352 price tag. Also, the gold chain strap is removable and it has a roomy lined interior with a 6 inch zipper pocket. The main reason I love this bag is because it is so different than most of the handbags in my possession. I’ve realized I am maxed out on basic black and brown bags, not that I don’t love them too, it’s just that I want to spice up my accessories a little bit. When looking for a new bag, I usually find myself browsing through the endless variations of black and brown until I tell myself to snap out of it! I already have my perfect go with anything neutral handbags staples. It’s time my choices got a little more creative and fun. Not sure if you’re in the same everyday rut like I am but maybe this is what you need to branch out of your norm along with me!

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Get me out of here!

sandiegowear.jpgThis is the time of year when I am fixated on getting out of town for the weekend. I start to sound like a broken record, “blah blah too hot blah blah miss the green blah blah need ocean.” Then I start feeding my preoccupation by looking at hotels, things to do, where to eat and of course what to wear while on my little getaway. The bad news is my hubby’s schedule is awful this month and we’re saving all our extra cash for the new house we’re building so I’m not sure if it will happen for awhile! Poor me. Maybe if I talk about it enough and drop hints like crazy he’ll give in? Haha, I wish! If I am so lucky, here is my must have day wear for walking, shopping and relaxing in my favorite weekend spot, San Diego. (Terry Hoodie by Juicy Couture, Cropped jeans by Joe’s, White tank by Splendid, and a pair of old school Vans.)

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Beauty Review: Goldie Lip Gloss

goldie.jpgSometimes the sheer number of lip gloss options is overwhelming. So many brands, shades and formulations that you have no idea where to start! I usually stick to my tried and true favorites but ocassionally give a new gloss a try just to see if it might win a spot on my rotation. I had a coupon for a free item by Goldie and decided to give their lip glosses a chance, I’m so glad I did! Goldie is sold at Bath and Body Works stores, which in case you haven’t noticed, have a ton of brands besides their traditional lotions and potions. It’s like a little mini Sephora selection! Since I’m not a huge fan of their normal bath products, I will have to make an effort to stop by more often to see what other beauty lines they offer. Anyway, back to Goldie. I picked out Blossom, a sheer, coral shade with a hint of shimmer. After I tried it, the first thing I noticed was the taste- YUM! It’s like a hint of vanilla or birthday cake. Not fake tasting at all, just delish. I also loved how the gloss was not super sticky and thick like some can be. The color is the perfect shiny, summery shade and the shimmer was not overpowering at all. The only thing I don’t adore about this product is the packaging. The case is a bit large and rectangular- I would by the mini purse size next time. But overall, I am very glad that I gave Goldie a try, it’s a great gloss!

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