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Email This Post June 11th, 2007 nicky

I most likely will not be able to get a post up until late Monday night, instead I will spending my day pulling my hair out in frustration over the endless amount of choices in kitchen cabinets/countertops/doorknobs/(enter various home interior item here) at the new home design center. My friend Sara told me to expect to be there for 5 hours… just thinking about it makes my stomach sick. I am one of the absolute worst people at making decisions. Even choosing where to eat dinner with my husband is like torture for me. Trust me, you don’t want to witness my indecision and I thank God for my patient, kind husband who puts up with my pickiness! We are starting the process for building our new home, which is exciting but very overwhelming. Especially with trying to get our current home ready for sale. Some people may just wing it and let people come over to check their home out without a second thought but I am a neurotic, everything must be staged and completely sparkling beautiful before that sign goes in my front yard type of girl. Case in point, we spent four hours this morning staging the garage…and no one will probably notice but me. Man, I am making myself sound really crazy by telling all of this to the world! I promise I am normal! Anyway, wish me luck at the design center!

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  • 1. Sharon  |  June 16th, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    That sounds like alot of fun to me. I’m not choosy about anything, and make up my mind fairly quickly.

    Have you picked out ceiling fans yet? You’ll have to learn how to pick quickly, or leave with a sore neck!

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