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Beauty Review: Benefit Brow Zings.

brows2.jpgHaving a fair complexion and blonde hair means virtually non-existent eyebrows and eyelashes. Thankfully applying mascara is a no brainer but what’s a girl to do to fill in her brows naturally? I don’t want to look like they’re penciled on and I don’t want to deal with messy, smeared creams either. For years I have taken matters into my own hands and lightly brushed a little taupe eyeshadow into them. Yes, it is unglamourous and faded within a few hours so it was not a fool proof solution for me. A friend told me about Benefit’s Brow Zings and I was excited to give them a try. First, you apply the wax with a mini-angled brush, then you apply the powder with the blending brush. The wax tames your brows while the powder helps fill them in a bit. A tiny pair of tweezers is also included for grooming on the go. I love Brow Zings so far, it is a very easy, natural looking product for great looking brows! I attached a before and after pic of my eyes to show you all the difference. Not sure if the quality is good enough to notice the detail but Benefit’s Brow Zings give subtle definition to brows of all shades and sizes!

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Party time!

plumparty2.jpgNot sure if you’re the party hosting type but if you are, you must check out Plum Party! It is my absolute go-to site for party decor, favors, centerpieces, etc. For a bridal shower I threw a few months ago, I got these cute wire ladies and tied tulle and ribbons on them. It was so simple and added just enough to the tables. I also ordered these unique Blumeboxes, that come in a million colors and have endless uses as vases, centerpieces and gift boxes- I love them! Plum Party has tons of categories, boutiques and fabulous ideas for whatever type of party you are throwing. The great thing is that they aren’t like so many party supply stores that are stuck in the 80s and have such a cheesy style. Their website is extremely easy to navigate and browse for all sorts of items from coaster invitations to paper lanterns to hand painted maracas (yes, they really have those!) So next time you are throwing a shindig, whether it’s over the top or super casual, stop by the ever stylish and clever Plum Party site!

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Tale of Two Suits.

jcsuit.jpgSummer is officially here! All this week it has been about 110 degrees and the pool water is already feeling like a bath! Adrian and I met with our pool builder last week to design the pool for our new house and I am so excited! This time next year, we’ll be floating around in our new backyard. I can’t wait! I went browsing online for cute swimwear and I found lots of pretty things…but one thing that really irked me was noticing how different the same suit looks at different stores. Take for example, Juicy Couture’s Halston Hippie Hankini. I saw it at Bloomingdale’s first and thought, “Oh that’s so unique! A little sweet, a little sexy.” and then 10 minutes later spotted the same suit at Saks and was speechless. That’s the same suit? Is it just me or does it look totally frumpy and weird now? I guess a shiny tan and sultry pose really makes a difference…






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My Bday!

pinkcupcake.jpgTomorrow is my birthday and it should be a busy but awesome weekend. We have a couple BBQs to go to, a Father’s Day brunch and my hubby is sneaking me out for a birthday dinner for just us to enjoy. I thought for my birthday, I’d get a little more personal and let you know some things you might not know about me! Enjoy!
1. I’ll be 28, way too close to 30 if you ask me!
2. I am a Midwest girl at heart but love the Southwest where I live now.
3. I am a diehard Arizona State Sun Devils fan, I bleed maroon and gold!
3. My husband and I are high school sweethearts. We met in band…yep band nerds! Except he was in drumline so way cooler than me!
4. My first nice handbag was a Kate Spade nylon and I used it until it fell apart!
5. I can’t roll my tongue and have never been able to.
6. My favorite movies are Clueless, Emma, Anchorman and Gladiator.
7. I didn’t eat a cheeseburger until I was in college, seriously!
8. My hubby rubs my back almost every night, yes I am spoiled!
9. I named my golden retriever after a character on The Young and the Restless- Lily.
10. My fave designers are Rebecca Taylor and Michael Kors.
11. If I could look like any celebrity, it would be Gwen Stefani. I think she is gorgeous and so unique!
12. One of my most treasured possessions is my blanky from growing up. And Adrian always trys to steal it from me!
13. I was almost fluent in Norwegian in college but I have sadly forgotten most of it!
14. I worked in the field of developmental disabilities for years as a consultant between state agencies before I quit to work for my husband.
15. My secret wish is to become an awesome hip hop dancer, I love dancing.
16. I am generally not a red meat eater but I could eat carne asada tacos on handmade tortillas with handmade guacamole everyday. It is my favorite meal, especially if you throw in a big margarita!
17. I have never dyed my hair.
18. I am afraid of other peoples feet. Please don’t touch me with your feet!
19. Some of my hobbies are baking cupcakes, making cards, discovering new music, helping out at my church and of course dancing!
20. I can’t wait to be a mom and I hope it happens soon!
So that’s a little more about me! Let me know what we have in common or are opposites on. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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More summer sales…

katesamplesale.jpgNot that I am turning this into a blog about sales but I couldn’t forget to remind you about Kate Spade’s Sample Sale either! This sale is four days only, so if you wait until this weekend, it will be all over! There isn’t a HUGE selection but there are HUGE discounts, up to 65%. (FYI: You have to register to enter the website.) I am sooo tempted to pick up one of the bright and shiny ‘Fulham’ totes, I love the handle and cut of the leather! Plus, it’s $166 off! I also spied one of my favorite Kate Spade bags in my collection, the ‘Geneva Suzette.’ The fun apple green croc leather, the supersoft lining and adorable feminine shape make it a fabulous handbag. And now that it is $236 off, you would be crazy not to buy it! Anyway, let me know if you find your new bag at the sale!

1 comment June 12th, 2007 nicky

How many shades of brown?

I most likely will not be able to get a post up until late Monday night, instead I will spending my day pulling my hair out in frustration over the endless amount of choices in kitchen cabinets/countertops/doorknobs/(enter various home interior item here) at the new home design center. My friend Sara told me to expect to be there for 5 hours… just thinking about it makes my stomach sick. I am one of the absolute worst people at making decisions. Even choosing where to eat dinner with my husband is like torture for me. Trust me, you don’t want to witness my indecision and I thank God for my patient, kind husband who puts up with my pickiness! We are starting the process for building our new home, which is exciting but very overwhelming. Especially with trying to get our current home ready for sale. Some people may just wing it and let people come over to check their home out without a second thought but I am a neurotic, everything must be staged and completely sparkling beautiful before that sign goes in my front yard type of girl. Case in point, we spent four hours this morning staging the garage…and no one will probably notice but me. Man, I am making myself sound really crazy by telling all of this to the world! I promise I am normal! Anyway, wish me luck at the design center!

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Freddy & Ma Sample Sale

freddyma.jpgRemember this feature I did a couple months back on super cute, super affordable, super unique handbags? Well, I just received word that Freddy & Ma is having their biannual sample sale where you can purchase their custom designs at amazing prices! Here’s what they say, “Get your credit cards ready. Freddy&Ma, a designer of custom handbags and accessories, would like to announce the beginning of their summer sample sale. These customized handbags were created for marketing and press purposes and have been marked down up to 70%. We wish we could keep them for ourselves, but there is only so much room in our little NY showroom!  With prints and leathers matching the summer fashion trends, these bags will make a great, and inexpensive, addition to anyones wardrobe. Each bag is a one of kind, so act fast before the perfect bag disappears. Sample sale begins June 8th and lasts until every bag finds a loving home.  Online at”

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Sale alert!

nordstromsale.jpgIt’s that special time of year again: Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale for women and kids! It just started today and I already made a pit stop at the mall to check out the goods. I picked up a gorgeous pair of red patent peep toes at half off (a little pre-bday gift for myself!) and a couple gifts for friends’ babies. Hurry over to the nearest Nordstrom before all the good stuff is gone (but be prepared for lines and tons of people!) The good news is the sale is online as well so you can ignore all the crowds and often find items not left in the store. Have fun! 

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Friends don’t let friends…

missoni.jpgBuy this dress. Yes, I am aware that it is Missoni and $600 off from it’s original price. But it’s still $927 of 100% rayon. Seriously. I wouldn’t care if Christian Bale himself told me I would be drop dead gorgeous in it and my husband had given permission for us to go on one date together (thanks babe!) I still would turn it down. Why would I choose to wear horizontal stripes that got WIDER on my butt/hips/stomach regions? It’s just begging for people to focus in on that area and ask you if you’re pregnant. Plus, even though it throws a little bit of pink into the mix, I have a fear of looking like a bumble bee if I pair black and lemon yellow together. Does anyone else have this issue? Maybe I’m just weird? Anyway, I would have to say thanks Missoni but no thanks!

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Beauty Review: Fresh Supernova Mascara

freshnova.jpgI know it seems that I try a million mascaras but I am positively, absolutely, 100% sure that Fresh’s Supernova Mascara is my new favorite. Not only is the packaging simply adorable, but the product is nothing short of amazing on my lashes. One coat is all it took to perfectly separate, lengthen and thicken my lashes just they way I like them. No clumping, flaking or smudging here! The brush is the best shape for my eyes, not too tiny and not too huge, and it also leaves just enough mascara on the wand so you don’t have to wipe and waste a bunch of product or pump like crazy to get any on there. For special occasions, I tried doing two coats and it was like BAM, I had instant lash extensions! Loved it! According to Sephora’s description, it is made with “panthenol, protective linden extract, and nourishing meadowfoam oil,” which must be why it glides right on and looks glossy and deep in color. I had never before used any of Fresh’s makeup products but I am so happy with this one that I am looking forward to trying others. I also noticed that Supernova is a Best of Sephora 2007 nominee. If you click on the link you can enter to win $1000 Sephora gift card as well as a ton of beauty goodies!

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