Red, Yellow, GREEN!

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Red, Yellow, Green is a new regular feature at Swish-Style that will highlight three different items ranging from hideous (red=do NOT go there!) to okay (yellow=nice but it could be better) to the very best choice (green=eco-friendly, organic, and fabulous!) Yes, I have been making many changes in my life to go green and not because it’s trendy or celebs think it’s cool but because I am genuinely concerned about what all these chemicals and toxins we live with, wear, eat, and breathe in are doing to nature and our health! After making small changes, it’s definitely time for me to step it up and be more conscious of these things. Hence, this new feature to show you all some greener choices and hopefully entertain you too! So, let’s begin:

Red: Lux Acid Wash Ankle Zip Jean, $68.00 at Urban Outfitters.
I don’t know about you but thinking about a skinny jean…in acid wash…with a zipper on the ankle…makes me want to throw up. Bad 80s flashbacks are in my brain! Besides zippers, I had jeans with snaps, denim bows and laces on the ankles. Who wants to go there again! And beside being a crime against fashion, I’m sure acid wash is also not the best for the environment either!





chippepper.jpgYellow: Chip & Pepper ‘Stella’ Bootcut Jean, $149.00 at Nordstrom.
This jean looks long, lean and oh-so flattering. I love the rinse and navy stitching. It’s definitely a pair that could be dressed up or down and the premium denim means it is also worth the extra cost!







delforte.jpgGreen: Del Forte ‘Juniper’ Denim Trouser, $190.00 at Greenloop.
The trouser fit is one of my faves and Del Forte is an amazing eco-label that uses organic cotton from Texas and California (no pestisides, yippee!) and is designed by a woman who knows how denim should fit our bodies! Del Forte also recycles their own denim, per their website, “Whether you’re the kind of woman who wears her jeans for one year or for ten, when you are finished enjoying your Del Fortes, send them back to us. As a reward for recycling, we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase of Del Forte denim. You can choose new Del Fortes or Rejeaneration Denim, or if you like we’ll donate your 10% to the Sustainable Cotton Project.” All I can say is awesome!

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