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Please don’t go!

girlshop.jpgSuch a sad day today when I discovered one of my absolute favorite online shopping destinations,, is history. I suspected something was up when they were not updating items very much the last couple months and my fears were confirmed when I typed in their web address only to be forwarded to Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Net-a-porter but it is a bit more expensive than I can normally afford and I will miss the funky, boutique feel of Girlshop. Apparently if you live in and about NYC you were blessed with the chance to hit Girlshop’s wearhouse sale. Wish I could be there to say goodbye and score some great mark downs! We’ll miss you Girlshop!

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Comfort and Pain.

mmkslide.jpgOne of the best parts of my brother’s wedding was that my best friend, Emily, flew in from grad school to visit. She is like comfort and stability for me during busy times so it was wonderful to have her here. And of course we got to throw in a little shopping therapy to blow off some steam in the midst of all the family activities! We made a quick stop at DSW one day to see if they had any good bargains and I was ecstatic to find a pair of Michael by Michael Kors slides marked down to half off in my size. They are so cute with a wooden heel, black leather straps and gold ring detail. I couldn’t find an exact picture on the web but the pic to the left is similar, just with a criss cross strap and sexier than those. I snapped them right up and took them home! The day after Emily left, I went to the nearby Chandler Fashion Center (again!) to meet up with some relatives from out of town, wearing my cute new slides. BAD IDEA! Within an hour, the strap was cutting into the one side of my foot and the gold ring was digging into the other side. I was wincing in pain but trying to look stylish while doing so! But then I couldn’t take it any more and had to leave early to save my poor feet. I was horrified when I took them off to see my injuries and I now have scabs on each side of my feet to remind me of my pain. Ugh, I guess they are a pair of shoes reserved only for light walking situations, because there is no way I will ever suffer that much for fashion again!

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Shopping Picks are up!

Some new shopping ideas and items are now posted. Just click on the ‘Shopping’ tab on the menu above to enjoy!

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Weekly Shopping Picks: 5/28/07

splendidtop.jpgRikka top by Splendid










stripewedge.jpgTicking-stripe peep-toe espadrille


Banana Republic







olivina.jpgOlivina Classic Olive Body Butter


Beauty Habit






lunchtote.jpgGourmet Getaway Lunch Tote


Built NY







magcoasters.jpgMagazine Coasters


Patina Stores







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It’s been a crazy past two weeks! With my family in from Minnesota for my little brother’s wedding, the actual wedding festivities and the chore of getting back to everyday normal life after all the hoopla is over and the fam has gone home, I was spent! But I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things and one of those things is of course this blog. I am updating my weekly shopping picks and will have a bunch of new posts for you all starting tomorrow. I’m glad you’ve stuck with me through my hectic times these past couple months and I hope you will still enjoy Swish-Style! As always, feel free to click on the contact page for any feedback, suggestions or questions! Stay tuned!

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shampurecandle.jpgIf candles weren’t technically on fire to release their scent, I would rub this one all over me. (Hot wax is not my thing!) And I got it for free with my Aveda Pure Privilege card, whoo hoo! Now if I can only accumulate 50,000 points, I can redeem them for a 3 night spa getwaway in Jamaica, Ireland or Italy. But the decision gets tough when 50,000 points could also translate into hmmm, let’s see, 20 Shampure Soy Wax candles! Smells…soooo…good…





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Fancy feet.

bowshoes.jpgSince we have already established that I am a girly girl, it will come as no major surprise that I love bows. No, not the big, stuck-smack-in-the-middle-of-my-butt-on-a-bridemaids-dress bow but sweet, simple, classic, bow details on various products. Whether it’s a handmade card, packaging, jewelry, sleeve or belt, I don’t care! I just think they are too cute and hard to resist. And now that I am way past the age where I can tie a ribbon in my hair without looking completely ridiculous, I have to find more appropriate bow choices. Thank goodness that lately there have been so many wonderful shoes with bow accents to admire! I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you. From the top: Unlisted by Kenneth Cole ‘Play List’ Pump, Report ‘Lola’ Flat, Bettye Muller ‘Gazebo’ Pump, and Miu Miu Leather Wedge Pump. Whether they are heels or flats, casual or dressy, there are so many choices that it’s hard not to embrace the fun and flirty bow!






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ShopStyle Contest

Guess what? It’s time from another awesome contest from the Coutorture community. This time ShopStyle (the first and only shopping engine devoted to fashion) is giving us the chance to win a $500 shopping spree at! All you have to do is make a ShopStyle profile, create a look in your stylebook, and click the “Enter this Look” box to enter! Here is a sample of one of my looks below, perfect for a fashionable weekend that proves you don’t have to spend a lot to look gorgeous. I’ve been having tons of fun designing looks on ShopStyle, it’s kind of like playing virtual Barbies with an unlimited supply of clothes! Find my looks under “Nicky” on the Set The Trend 2007 stylebook page. Have fun!

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Red, Yellow, GREEN!

Red, Yellow, Green is a new regular feature at Swish-Style that will highlight three different items ranging from hideous (red=do NOT go there!) to okay (yellow=nice but it could be better) to the very best choice (green=eco-friendly, organic, and fabulous!) Yes, I have been making many changes in my life to go green and not because it’s trendy or celebs think it’s cool but because I am genuinely concerned about what all these chemicals and toxins we live with, wear, eat, and breathe in are doing to nature and our health! After making small changes, it’s definitely time for me to step it up and be more conscious of these things. Hence, this new feature to show you all some greener choices and hopefully entertain you too! So, let’s begin:

Red: Lux Acid Wash Ankle Zip Jean, $68.00 at Urban Outfitters.
I don’t know about you but thinking about a skinny jean…in acid wash…with a zipper on the ankle…makes me want to throw up. Bad 80s flashbacks are in my brain! Besides zippers, I had jeans with snaps, denim bows and laces on the ankles. Who wants to go there again! And beside being a crime against fashion, I’m sure acid wash is also not the best for the environment either!





chippepper.jpgYellow: Chip & Pepper ‘Stella’ Bootcut Jean, $149.00 at Nordstrom.
This jean looks long, lean and oh-so flattering. I love the rinse and navy stitching. It’s definitely a pair that could be dressed up or down and the premium denim means it is also worth the extra cost!







delforte.jpgGreen: Del Forte ‘Juniper’ Denim Trouser, $190.00 at Greenloop.
The trouser fit is one of my faves and Del Forte is an amazing eco-label that uses organic cotton from Texas and California (no pestisides, yippee!) and is designed by a woman who knows how denim should fit our bodies! Del Forte also recycles their own denim, per their website, “Whether you’re the kind of woman who wears her jeans for one year or for ten, when you are finished enjoying your Del Fortes, send them back to us. As a reward for recycling, we’ll give you 10% off your next purchase of Del Forte denim. You can choose new Del Fortes or Rejeaneration Denim, or if you like we’ll donate your 10% to the Sustainable Cotton Project.” All I can say is awesome!

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Home again!

I am back in sunny Phoenix and I already miss my vacation. Why do they go SOOOO fast? Anyway, we had a great time doing all the traditional Chicago things that I have been missing since my parents moved back here five years ago. I forgot how good Garrett’s popcorn tastes and The Second City show we went to was hilarious! I also got to wear my cute trench coat three different days while we were there, which made me so happy! Seeing that I have gotten to wear it a total of zero days here in AZ! I definitely need to make time to visit Chicago more often and not let five years fly by again. On the fashion front, it was awesome going to stores that I read about all the time but never get to experience like H&M, Intermix NYC and Jake. I am so jealous of you if you have one of them in your hometown! And of course all the fabulous designer shops on Michigan Ave. are amazing too! Well, just wanted to give you a recap of my trip. Let me know if you have any questions for me and I will be working away on fresh new posts to add!

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