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Goodbye for now.

Don’t be too sad but I will be in Chicago on a much needed vacation for the next week. I am so excited to enjoy great theatre, museums, food and shopping. And I get to wear a coat!! And I might see rain!! Did you know my husband had no clue what a “spring jacket” was because in Arizona that is crazy talk. Yes, the little things make me so happy sometimes! I’m sure all the fabulous shopping I will be doing will inspire me to bombard you with new posts and info once I return. So it’s all worth it:) Don’t forget to check out all the amazing blogs to the right while I’m MIA and I’ll be back before you know it. Thanks for visiting Swish-Style and making blogging so much fun for me! Take care.  

Add comment April 19th, 2007 nicky

Build A Bag.

freddyandma1.jpgSometimes when I’m walking around the mall, I get really jealous of the people in the “Build A Bear” store. You know that store I’m talking about? Where you get to customize a bear into wearing any crazy outfit you desire, complete with underwear and even a heart? If that store was around when I was a little girl, it would be an obsession! But the reason I get jealous is the creativity and the imagination behind it. Because I don’t even want the bear, I would give it away. I just want to make the bear! But that would be so embarrassing to be fighting with 7 year olds over the last pink tutu in the bear clothing section, so I’ll just have to wait until I have children and live vicariously through them. UNTIL I saw this handbag designer mentioned in two magazines this past month, Freddy & Ma! I can create my own unique handbag by choosing the leather, fabric, bag style and hardware! I’m so over “Build A Bear” now! Freddy & Ma has pages and pages of fabrics and seven different bag styles. They have done such a wonderful job-  the site is very easy to navigate, you see every change you make to your bag and you have so many choices it may be difficult to decide on one (here are some of my final designs!) Freddy & Ma bags vary in price depending what style you choose. Have fun! 

2 comments April 17th, 2007 nicky

Slick Nicky.

oily.jpgI’m going to be up front and honest with you all, sometimes I think my face is made of oil. I get so frustrated, I am like three years from 30 and I still have to blot my stupid t-zone all the time! It’s not that I have a problem with pimples or anything, just straight from the pizza slice oil! So for awhile, I have been trying out different remedies for this annoying situation. I’ve used a couple different mattifying lotions, Clinique T-Zone Shine Control and Peter Thomas Roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel. I also use a facial cleanser with salicylic acid and tote Sephora’s Matte Blotting Film everywhere with me. The mattifying lotions haven’t really been working wonders for me yet. I still get shiny after a couple hours and the Peter Thomas Roth gel made my makeup feel really cakey as well. I spoke to one of the ladies at Sephora about my issues and she recommended Cosmedicine’s Medi-Matte Oil. She said has the same problem as me and uses this product with great result. And her face didn’t look the least bit shiny so I believed her! I put in an order and hopefully it will be my answer to a life of constant blotting! Do any readers out there have suggestions or success with a certain product? Let me know and have a wonderful weekend!

2 comments April 13th, 2007 nicky

Unknown origins.

lithe4.jpgI have uncovered a fashion mystery and I need the investigative powers of the internet world. Maybe I’m just clueless but I’ve found this designer, Lithe, while looking around at Anthropologie and I cannot find any information about them! I googled, I looked through web news archives, I searched out other online boutiques and I am coming up empty-handed. Their dresses and skirts are fun, feminine and flirty, with subtle details like embroidery, ruffled hems and sashes. Here are a few of my favorites: the River of Grass dress, the Blackleaf skirt and the Ryegrass dress. They are so beautiful and unique that it wouldn’t take much in the way of accessories to stand out and shine in them! They also have adorable blouses to choose from too. If only I could find out more information about this label! If anyone has heard of them or is better at research than me, let me know!















1 comment April 11th, 2007 nicky

I want a mojito.

tropics.jpgUsually, I gravitate towards very classic, simple styles. It is very, very rare that you will ever find me wearing prints or going crazy with accessories or layers (for more on that, check out this cautionary post from Daddy Likey.) But lately I have found myself loving nature-inspired designs with a beachy feel. Maybe it’s watching too much Planet Earth on Discovery Channel (you MUST watch it if you haven’t yet, it’s AMAZING) or simply San Diego weekend-getaway-withdrawal but I can’t get enough! I am loving these wood clog sandals from Rafe with a gorgeous tropical print fabric and also this affordable beach tote from Urban Outfitters. Investing in a few accessories that are different than my norm is a safe way to try out a new style and easily changes the personality of any outfit. Just don’t overdo it with more than one “theme” item per outfit or pretty soon you’ll find yourself wearing T-shirts with palm trees and flip flops screened on them, along with pineapple earrings, a shell necklace and a straw tote. Which would then create a fashion disaster and who wants to be that?

3 comments April 9th, 2007 nicky

I’m too sexy for this shirt.

cavallitop.jpgI had to share…this Roberto Cavalli blouse reminds me so much of my parent’s high school prom picture where my dad wore a powder blue tux with ruffles. And his hair was all feathered and long, kind of like the model’s in this picture too, only a little messier. It’s all sort of creepy that high fashion is making me think of my dad! What’s also creepy is I spent about 5 minutes trying to think how you would pull off a shirt like this since you obviously could not wear a bra. I mean, you’d either have to be very, very small up top or showing the entire world your tatas. Either way is icky to me and I’m not a fan of the sheer blouse with bra peeking through thing so basically I am confused who would wear this. Which led me to try to come up with ideas…maybe a naughty librarian halloween costume,  possibly a free spirited symphony conductor, or someone who loves the style of Right Said Fred and Liberace rolled into one? I mean really, who buys this? I’m sorry Cavalli, I love many of your designs, especially your gowns, but definitely not this one. I’m saving my $1,345.00 for something else!

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Beauty Review: Coach The Fragrance

coachfragrance.jpgI have been wearing the same perfume for years and although there is a certain nostalgia to that, it can be a little boring too. Every once in awhile I try something new but I can never seem to find a different scent that’s really my style. I don’t like really strong, heavy scents and I definitely don’t want to smell like I’m wearing my great grandmother’s perfume! I am more of a fresh, crisp fragrance kinda girl hence my usual staple of Clinique Happy. Well, last week I got a purse sample of the fragrance, Coach, with a recent order and I decided to give it a chance. Surprisingly, although Coach has been around for over 50 years, this is their first fragrance. The top notes are mandarin, guava, lily and violet. The middle are Genet flower, jasmine, mimosa, and honey. While the base notes are amber, sandalwood, vanilla, and iris wood.  I felt very comfortable wearing this perfume, it was feminine but not overly so and was initially very refreshing and bright. After a few hours, the amber and vanilla base notes were more noticeable, which I also found very pleasing to my nose. Plus, Adrian seemed to like it too and that’s always important! I still have quite a bit left in the purse sample and I am seriously considering buying more when that runs out. The packaging is distinctly classic Coach and their fragrance is available in a traditional perfume spray, a compact purse spray and a portable perfume solid.

1 comment April 2nd, 2007 nicky

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