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What? Huh?

No, I’m not dead…promise. But I am STILL deaf in one ear and VERY frustrated. On antibiotics but they obviously are not doing anything for me…except making me extremely thirsty. And the left side of my face is still puffy, I have a half fat lip, and I would be much happier if both sides were fat so at least I could have pouty lips while enduring this sinus hell. Anyway, I will catch up on my posting ASAP and hopefully you all will forgive me for being so absent this past week!

1 comment March 13th, 2007 nicky

Friday Favorites: Idol picks

idol.jpgOh, American Idol…I love to hate you and love you at the same time. You make me so mad and excited and addicted. Here’s my thoughts after last night, I love Jordin Sparks from my very own Valley of the Sun! She is cute, perky and has an amazing voice. I also adore Chris Sligh, he may not look like a typical American Idol but he has an awesome personality and great style to his singing. I love his song choices too. I am sooo sick of people picking cheeseball songs that you would never want to hear on the radio today (at least I wouldn’t want to hear “Queen of the Night” ever again.) My other faves are Blake Lewis and Lakisha Jones. One more thing, who in their right mind is voting for Sanjaya and Antonella? They were AWFUL this week and last (AJ should not have went home either.) But, we know it’s like this every year, so bring on the drama! 

2 comments March 2nd, 2007 nicky

Ear offerings.

claudette.jpgI think maybe my ears are mad at me because I am losing my hearing. Seriously though, I guess my “little cold” has decided to make a home in my head and torment me! I have some kind of sinus infection now and although I feel better, this unbalanced hearing/liquid in my face is not very pleasing. I’m trying to have a good attitude about it though, so to be chipper I’m saying my ears are mad at me which means I have to make them happy again so they’ll start working (do you know how weird it sounds to blow dry your hair when an ear is plugged?) Anyway, to win back their affection, I’m buying them gifts. I recently discovered an emerging jewelry designer, Claudette, and I am in love with her organic meets modern style! She takes influences from her time in Paris working as a liaison between Spanish and French fashion companies, as well as her travels around the world. Some of my favorites from her earrings collection are the Crystal Cluster Chandeliers, Double Oval Earrings and the Nomad Circle Earrings. She also has beautiful collections of necklaces, bracelets, and rings to check out. And although her designs are handmade with silver wire and semi-precious stones, they are very affordable and so unique! As an added bonus, until May 19th you can get 20% off your purchase by entering the coupon code “Swish.” I know I plan on ordering a couple items! Maybe then my little ears will love me again? (keep your fingers crossed!) 

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