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Email This Post March 28th, 2007 nicky

It’s one of those days…I’m obsessing over things like ear candling, how to keep dogs off new leather sofas and why it takes ridiculously long for DHL to deliver my new shoes, instead of letting my creative juices flow so I can bestow a worthy blog post on you all.  And I cannot for the life of me get the image of Sanjaya on Idol’s freakish mohawk and butchering of a No Doubt song out of my mind… that had to go down as the weirdest performance EVER. Anyway, here’s a few links from sites that I love: HipCandy has all the interviews with Top Model castoffs to enjoy; Go Fug Yourself lays down the law when it comes to celebrity eating habits; Daily Candy features a tee shirt that resembles the 1993 Band Camp shirt I still have in my dresser; and in case you already haven’t, get to know Daddy Likey and a furry little man named Martin. Have a great day!

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