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loreal.jpgSince it was in the 90s for the past week in my city, everyone has been forced to switch to summer clothes a little early. I was horrified to try on my short sleeve and sleeveless tops only to be blinded by my pasty arms! I try to use those gradual tan lotions but always end up forgetting so I needed something quick that would give me a glow. I usually use lotions or foams, but I decided to give L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Any Angle Spray a try instead. My first attempt was not very easy and I was a bit disappointed. For some reason the spray nozzle is difficult to press down and then after smoothing one arm, my hands were so slippery on the bottle that I couldn’t even grip it. Plus, even though the any angle feature is great for covering your skin, it also covers your walls and floors too! But after a couple hours, the color developed and it was natural looking and streak free so I decided to give it another try with some minor modifications. The next try, I stood in the shower to apply it so it would spray all over the bathroom like last time. I also sprayed my entire body first and then smoothed over it with my hands, giving me a better grip on the bottle and making it much less frustrating! Now I am in love with this self tanner! It is a ton faster than the lotions and foams I used to apply and since it’s a drugstore brand, it’s also pretty cheap as well!

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