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Friday Favorites: Fashionable food.

cookies.jpgOkay this has absolutely nothing to do with fashion, beauty or even home decor. But I couldn’t resist because it was so darn cute. I was wandering around AJ’s, an upscale fine foods store, when I spotted the sweetest little boxes of cookies and I was so impressed with the packaging that I bought some. I can attest that they are a yummy as they are cute and bad for you as well…but just one won’t hurt, right? The boxes have fun prints and are sealed with matching ribbon ties, if only all food merchandising was this stylish! When I got home, I checked out their website and found even more adorable items like lollipops, candies, barks and a huge array of gifts. They would be perfect to send to loved ones as presents and such! Check them out at Traverse Bay Confections!

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Link time

It’s one of those days…I’m obsessing over things like ear candling, how to keep dogs off new leather sofas and why it takes ridiculously long for DHL to deliver my new shoes, instead of letting my creative juices flow so I can bestow a worthy blog post on you all.  And I cannot for the life of me get the image of Sanjaya on Idol’s freakish mohawk and butchering of a No Doubt song out of my mind… that had to go down as the weirdest performance EVER. Anyway, here’s a few links from sites that I love: HipCandy has all the interviews with Top Model castoffs to enjoy; Go Fug Yourself lays down the law when it comes to celebrity eating habits; Daily Candy features a tee shirt that resembles the 1993 Band Camp shirt I still have in my dresser; and in case you already haven’t, get to know Daddy Likey and a furry little man named Martin. Have a great day!

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The Red Dahlia.

astridchair.jpgI realized that I haven’t had a post on things for the home in forever! I guess it’s that I’ve been so focused on redecorating lately that I needed an escape from it all! But my family room is now complete and oh-so-comfy that I am ready to move onto the next project. The plan is that my hubby and I may upgrade to a nicer, bigger home soon. We have the opportunity to possibly move into our perfect “family” house. Meaning, it’s the place we would stay in FOREVER and raise our future family in for the years to come. We still haven’t worked out all the details but just thinking about it is exciting and since it would be almost double the house we have now, there would be many more rooms to decorate! By complete chance, I recieved an email from Anthropologie that they are having a 25% all upholstery through April 30th. I am in complete love with the Astrid chair in the fabric “naive tropical.” I have no idea what naive tropical would mean but whatever it is I LOVE it. And one random fact about me is that Astrid is one of my favorite girls names too (it’s Norwegian!) and isn’t that even more of a sign? I think it would be perfect in my future living room/study. I love the eclectic, retro style and bright, cheery dahlia print. I think it’s always great to have one unique piece in a room that stands out a little, I wouldn’t have a whole room full of pieces like this or anything, that would be overkill! It’s still $750 though, so I’m not sure if I’ll get it but at least I have inspiration for more ideas!

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Shopping Picks Posted!

Click on the link to the right for my updated weekly shopping picks! I FINALLY got around to finishing them, sorry for the delay. Enjoy!

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Weekly Shopping Picks: 3/26/07

forver21top.jpgRuffled V neck Top


Forever 21







ninewestwedge.jpgThe Seeker Peeptoe Wedge

was $89.00, on sale $69.99

Nine West




urbnnecklace.jpgIsla Necklace


Urban Bloom NYC








bodyshop.jpgGrapefruit Bliss Gift


The Body Shop




frescovasess7.jpgFresco Vases










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Beauty Review: BADgal Lash

badgal.jpgMondays are going to be Beauty Review day at Swish-Style! Today, I’m giving my two cents on BADgal Lash by Benefit. I love to try new mascaras and even though Maybelline Great Lash will always be my go-to staple, it’s fun to see what’s out there and if it does anything different for my lashes. First off, the mascara wand is huge and fluffy! It reminds me of the one for Dior’s Diorshow in case you’ve ever tried that one. It takes a little practice getting used to applying it, since it is so big it can be easy to touch your eyelids with mascara. BADgal Lash glides on smoothly in a deep black hue and I only needed one coat. The formula also thickens and lengthens your lashes and I didn’t have a problem with clumps or flaking either! I really love this mascara so far and would recommend it to anyone looking for a dark, bold mascara! You can find it at Sephora for $19. 

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Friday Favorites: Super 70s

marcjacobstop.jpgRemember The Brady Bunch Movie from 1995? Hilarious! Especially Jan’s great big wig and the singing and dancing numbers. I am such a sucker for campy movies. In the same way, I have a serious fondness for hippie and disco inspired fashions like this fabulous Marc by Marc Jacobs cotton sweater. You might think I’m crazy for loving this patterned top but it screams “It’s a Sunshine Day” to me! And I know wearing it would feel like taking a few too many happy pills. I love the colors, button bib front and swinging shape. It would be perfect with my Marsha hair too! I can’t find anything else like it, which I also love… but at $348, it will have to just be a fashion crush for me.  If you love it as much as I do and want it even more, it’s available at

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Walk this way.

dolcewedge.jpgI just had to share with you all my awesome shoe find today! I fell in love with this Dolce Vita wedge when I saw it on I love the Dolce Vita brand and I am looking for something comfortable to walk around in during my trip to Chicago next month. I don’t want to wear my Pumas up and down Michigan Ave. but I don’t want to kill my feet either! I think a cute canvas wedge will be a perfect balance between style and wearability. But I was a still a little nervous to buy them since they were $95.00 and I obviously couldn’t try them on. I did a little bit of research online and found the exact same shoes in my size at Nordstrom and they were priced at only $79.95! An added plus is that they had free shipping and I had a $25 gift card that I could apply to the final cost. It ended up only being $60 with tax, so I feel so proud that with a bit of work I saved myself $35!  It’s also nice to order from Nordstrom since I can return items easily to the store and exchange sizes if need be. This seriously made my day!

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Flirty and thriving.

coraltops.jpgSpring is almost sprung and I need a little shopping fix to cheer myself up from this prolonged illness (yes, I still cannot hear and I am now on steroids, look out Wonder Woman!) and spend a bit of the tax refund that’s burning a hole in my wallet.
A few feminine tops in coral shades that I am dying to try on soon:
Mina tie-back tunic from Aquarius, $78.00 at Anthropologie.
Indonesia top from Language Los Angeles, $72.00 at Nordstrom.
Pleat-front tank top, $44.00 at Banana Republic.
Aren’t they just darling? Hopefully one will look pretty enough to wear to my brother’s rehearsal dinner in May. Coral is one of those colors that look amazing on every skin tone, whether you’re pale or tan (or fake tan like me!) And I am loving the flowy shapes that can conceal a not so flat tummy, except hopefully they don’t make me look pregnant. I’ve found there’s a fine line between empire waist and maternity wear. Anyway, let me know which one is your favorite!









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Nice ‘n toasty.

loreal.jpgSince it was in the 90s for the past week in my city, everyone has been forced to switch to summer clothes a little early. I was horrified to try on my short sleeve and sleeveless tops only to be blinded by my pasty arms! I try to use those gradual tan lotions but always end up forgetting so I needed something quick that would give me a glow. I usually use lotions or foams, but I decided to give L’Oreal’s Sublime Bronze Any Angle Spray a try instead. My first attempt was not very easy and I was a bit disappointed. For some reason the spray nozzle is difficult to press down and then after smoothing one arm, my hands were so slippery on the bottle that I couldn’t even grip it. Plus, even though the any angle feature is great for covering your skin, it also covers your walls and floors too! But after a couple hours, the color developed and it was natural looking and streak free so I decided to give it another try with some minor modifications. The next try, I stood in the shower to apply it so it would spray all over the bathroom like last time. I also sprayed my entire body first and then smoothed over it with my hands, giving me a better grip on the bottle and making it much less frustrating! Now I am in love with this self tanner! It is a ton faster than the lotions and foams I used to apply and since it’s a drugstore brand, it’s also pretty cheap as well!

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