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Please tell me this is a joke.

oksana.jpgI couldn’t resist, I know this is going to blind you all and make you either scream or throw up but I couldn’t help myself. Usually, I don’t like to poke fun at celebrities because, you know, I try to be nice and kind and give people the benefit of the doubt. But this is just too much, I think it goes down as the worst outfit (if you can even call it that) worn in public EVER. Seriously, what was she thinking? Remember sweet, innocent, swan-like, Olympic champion Oksana Baiul? Now she goes to parties hosted by girlie magazines wearing what can only be described as a bedazzled girdle…and what’s with the shoes?? I mean, if you’re going to let it all hang out like that, you’d think she’d wear some lucite, 5-inch platforms or something. Not ladylike shoes meant for an outfit like a DVF wrap dress. I am not even going to touch the whole matching issue or the accessories or the hair, it would take too long. But, I am so very perplexed by this, do you think she drank too much Cuervo and forget to put on her skirt? Maybe she ripped a hole in her dress while in the limo and decided to just wing it? Maybe she really wants to be in that girlie mag and thinks this outfit would impress the Hef? I need answers!!
(photo credit: AP Photo/Carlo Allegri)

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my mind on my money.

okwallet.jpgI desperately need a new wallet, I have used mine beyond repair, which makes me feel guilty because it once was a beautiful Kate Spade white leather. But it has endured years of over-stuffing and squishing into my messy handbag interior. You know those old white T-shirts you cut up to use as dust rags? Yeah, that the color it resembles. And with all the wrinkles in the leather and seams, it looks like my wallet gained too much weight and tried to force itself into a pair of spandex leggings. Not pretty at all…So here is my wallet wish. I want something fun, something from a lesser known designer, and something that will withstand my abuse (although I am going to try to be better about this.) My favorite is the Norway Spruce Wallet from Orla Kiely. The fabric is canvas with a leather frame and features a graphic print in blues and greens. I also like that it is zippered instead of a snap closure, I think that will wear a little better and keep me more organized. It seems like it has plenty of room and is even long enough to hold a checkbook in one of the compartments. Plus, I love the name since my heritage is Norwegian and I studied Scandinavian languages and culture in college! It will give me more incentive to take better care of it, at least I hope so! I’m going to go see if they have it at the Anthropologie near me since I have a few things to return there, if not I’ll just order it online!

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Which would you choose?

bjshoes.jpgI get that Betsey Johnson is a little funky, a little frilly and most definitely a style genius. Many times I love her designs, and even if I wouldn’t wear some of them myself, I still appreciate the creativity behind them.  This wedge/platform/torture device is not one of those times. Maybe I’m a little old fashioned but I much prefer the simpler heel version. I mean, I like bows, pink, the cute heart buckles and retro vibe but just not on a 5 and 1/2 inch wedge and 2 inch platform! I’d be over 6 feet tall (and fall on my face if I tried to walk!) Am I just jaded by looking at too much Fashion Week coverage and my Super Bowl disappointment? Which shoe would you choose? Leave me a comment with your pick! (and if you are brave enough to rock the platform version, then I am super impressed…but a little scared.)



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Weekly Shopping Picks: 2/5/07

jcrewtee1.jpgElbow Tee









roxyshorts1.jpgRoxy “Brooks” Bermuda Shorts












francosandal1.jpgFranco Sarto “Arena” Sandal







stilaset1.jpgStila “On The Go” Set







cozypad.jpgPaper Pad Cozy







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making my eyes happy.

ikea.jpgToday I finally gave in and put away my laundry. It is my most dreaded chore and I am horrible at doing it. Only after traveling to my laundry room for the last week and seeing piles of clean laundry still in the baskets waiting to be folded, I realized the wrinkled mess I have created from my laziness. The thing I can’t stand is I’m one of those people that can ignore a problem on purpose for what seems like forever, but then if I somehow reach a place of awareness, I am suddenly obsessed with correcting it. This means that the unfolded laundry leads to putting it away, which leads to reorganizing my drawers, which leads to cleaning out my closet, which leads to arranging all clothes by color hue, which leads to where did my day go? Seriously, it took me hours. So during my cleaning frenzy, I became horrified at the sad state of my underwear drawer. Even with perfectly folding all my dainties and socks and arranging by color, it still looks too sloppy. By divine intervention, an IKEA catalog arrived in the mail, completely devoted to bedrooms. In it, I found the most perfect solution to my disorganization, the Komplement storage with compartments. It has little dividers to sort your socks, undergarments and other little numbers. Plus it can be washed in the gentle cycle in case you need to be extra clean. I am going to IKEA this weekend and buying some for my drawers, which will lead me to buying some for my husbands drawers, which will probably lead me to try to convince him that we need an entire wardrobe re-haul in our walk-in closet. Have you seen how spiffy their wardrobe storage systems are? Seeing things meticulously placed like that just makes me feel good!

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