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mjchristy.jpgI made the mistake of going into Neiman Marcus this past weekend “just to look” at their handbags. Bad idea of course since I loved a dozen of them and was trying to justify to myself why spending $2000 on a bag is really not THAT much. Even though I love looking at expensive things, I really don’t overspend. Everything more than $200 that I buy is analyzed, budgeted and thought over for awhile. I mean, even though I heart Michael Kors, Chloe and Hogan, I don’t own any (yet) and it would be a HUGE deal if I could actually justify laying down my debit card to get one. Which got me thinking…okay, so annually I buy 2 handbags in the $400-$500 range, but what if I only bought one handbag this year and made it something extra fabulous? I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! As soon as this idea miraculously implanted itself in my brain, I did a little squeal and booty shake in the store, (I think the Gucci counter girls were staring at me) felt proud of my plan, and fell in love with the Marc Jacobs Christy Hobo. Now each time for the rest of this long year I see a handbag calling my name priced around $500, I am going to tell that sucker to shut it because I am a logical, discerning, and very picky girl with a plan!

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