When Crochet Attacks, Volume 2

Email This Post February 15th, 2007 nicky

bcbg.jpgSorry for the lack of posts, I have no excuse really. Just everyday busyness and a void of inspiration. Apparently, bad fashion wakes me up from my style coma because while browsing swim suits at Nordstrom, this one made me gasp in horror. Remember those awful crocheted fruit earrings I found a while back? Just imagine wearing them with this little number! Ewwww. It looks like a spider web ate your tummy or you got caught in Elvira’s fishing net…which is sad because I normally love BCBG. Oh well, everyone makes mistakes. Just like I did for leaving you all Swish-Style-less for three days. Please forgive me! I promise to post my shopping picks and get all caught up this week! Then you promise me not to spend $138 of your hard earned dollars on this swim suit. Deal?

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