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fruitgown.jpgI just have to share my new found love for breakfast! I have always been a horrible morning eater, I always skipped it because I just don’t feel like eating early in the morning (I have a really sensitive stomach) and nothing really sounds good. I’ve tried doing the yogurt thing, tried eating whole wheat toast, but usually I find I end up even hungrier by noon when I eat those things than when I eat nothing at all.  And of course good breakfast food takes forever to make and I just don’t have the time! Well, I was reading this cookbook and they had a recipe for a “flexible fruit smoothie.” It can be thrown together in the blender within 5 minutes or less and in my first try I created a super healthy, very filling smoothie that rivaled the taste of a Jamba Juice! The main components you need are 1. something filling (yogurt, tofu, soy or regular milk) 2. something juicy (OJ, lemonade, POM juice, etc.) 3. fruit (one banana plus FROZEN berries, etc.) and then add a small squirt of honey. This way you can customize your favorite flavors, get your daily serving of fruit, and kick start your metabolism all in one. I made my smoothie with 1 banana, 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 carton low fat vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup OJ and a little honey (no ice is needed since the berries are frozen). It made enough for both me and my husband and we both loved it. I then went to volunteer, run errands and got back to my house around 1pm before I was hungry for lunch! I’m so excited after all these years to have something that works for me for breakfast and is good for me too! I hope this motivates all my fellow breakfast skippers to try and make it change with me!
On a completely different note, I’m excited for The Grammy Awards this weekend (GO JT and OK Go!) and if by some miracle I was invited to the Grammy’s and could afford any outfit I wanted (and had a body like Beyonce), this gown by Roberto Cavalli is what I would want to wear, beautiful! Have an awesome weekend everyone! 

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