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post Oscar rant

oscars.jpgI know it’s a day late but I’m finally recovered from my sickness, so here’s my take on this year’s Oscars show. Is it just me or was it extremely long and boring? Not that I don’t love Ellen, she has subtle humor that is not crude or rude in the slightest and a goofy sweetness that is endearing. But I missed a little bit of the shock factor of past hosts. It also seemed like the acceptance speeches were more subdued than usual as well, where’s all the screaming and inappropriate political tirades? It’s what I’ve come to expect from Hollywood types! And although there were many beautiful dresses and accessories (my faves are Reese and Nicole), I was sadly missing some fashion train wrecks to spice things up a little. I guess in an age of celebrity stylists, we just have to expect that the days of Demi’s biker shorts and Cher’s Bob Mackie costumes are a thing of the past (except Bjork and Imogen Heap, we’ll always have them!) Overall, it was a  so-so Oscar night for me. Here’s looking forward to next year and if you’ll allow me to go off on a tangent for a bit… I saw the cover of the new GQ with my favorite-crush-since-grade-school actor Christian Bale on the front and I nearly died because the headline said “Next Year’s Oscar goes to…Christian Bale” and if that happened I would be so ecstatic, I would frame the Seventeen magazine article I saved of him from 1994’s Little Women and pass legislation that would make it mandatory for all children to watch Newsies and Swing Kids as well as a law that would prevent Christian from ever looking like he did in the Machinist because that almost broke my heart and the world would know me for the true Balehead I am! Wow, that took awhile to let out and now reading back on it I sound like a totally psycho woman. But don’t worry, my husband knows about my little crush (plus no actor crush can come close to the one I have on him)!  

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Not again.

I’m battling a bad cold (at least that’s what I hope this is) right now. Making me even more grumpy is that I just had one in January, so much for taking vitamin C everyday! So hopefully this thing will work itself out and I’ll be back to normal on Monday. In the meantime, don’t forget to check out the awesome blogs in my link section! Have a good weekend!

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My worst nightmare!

dgstirrup.jpgHere’s my nightmare: I’m back in 5th grade and rocking my favorite outfit. An off the shoulder, bright pink sweater, tastefully cinched to the side with a plastic disc. On my legs I am wearing the most beautiful stirrup pants in black. Yes, I said stirrup pants. Because in a era when we thought feathering your hair was cool and boys in rock bands wearing more makeup than your mom was normal, stirrup pants were a must-have! I look down at my feet and admire my LA Gear tennis shoes with bright pink laces but then SCREAM in horror when I realize my slouch socks are not alternating the colors black and pink (b/c of course I am wearing 2 pairs of layered socks, duh!) but I did each sock in the same order on both legs!! How mortifying! And now every girl in school is laughing at me. But then I wake up and know it was all a bad dream, phew! That was a close one. Now here’s reality today: I really don’t believe that designers are trying to bring back the stirrup pant, right? Please, please tell me this is a sick fashion joke. Why is this super shiny, skin tight stirrup pant available for pre-order from Nordstrom? Especially since it’s worn with cute strappy sandals. Wearing something like this is reason enough to have your friends intervene and call Stacey and Clinton at TLC for a fashion emergency. But apparently the fabulous designers at Dolce and Gabbana (who create amazing items like this LBD.) have decided not only are stirrup pants chic but there are SO chic that they are worth $695! Seriously?? They’re made of nylon and spandex guys! And butt ugly on top of that! Ugh, what is this world coming to?

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Not so fresh.

freshmask.jpgAnother beauty product I tried out this week for the first time was Fresh Umbrian Clay Face Treatment. I have picked up a few other things from Fresh over the years so I was excited to try another. My excitement continued as I applied the clay. The good? I loved the mud-like consistency and the smell was very pleasant in a natural, botanical way. The bad? It was really difficult to remove all the clay residue once it dried and I noticed absolutely nothing different about my face. Usually, I love face masks. There is all this anticipation about letting something stay on your face for awhile and the feeling of it getting hard so that you can’t move your face muscles. But this one left no tingly sensation, my pores looked exactly the same and I sure didn’t feel the “purifying multi-functional treatment with a neutralizing action that detoxifies the skin” like Sephora’s site describes. One thing it did leave behind was an oil slick on my face for the rest of the day. It must have been too moisturizing for my skin because it was like mopping up grease from an In-N-Out burger until I washed my face later that night, which kinda ticked me off. But no hard feelings Fresh, okay? I promise not to let this bad review taint my admiration for your other products.

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Doing a little dance.

mjchristy.jpgI made the mistake of going into Neiman Marcus this past weekend “just to look” at their handbags. Bad idea of course since I loved a dozen of them and was trying to justify to myself why spending $2000 on a bag is really not THAT much. Even though I love looking at expensive things, I really don’t overspend. Everything more than $200 that I buy is analyzed, budgeted and thought over for awhile. I mean, even though I heart Michael Kors, Chloe and Hogan, I don’t own any (yet) and it would be a HUGE deal if I could actually justify laying down my debit card to get one. Which got me thinking…okay, so annually I buy 2 handbags in the $400-$500 range, but what if I only bought one handbag this year and made it something extra fabulous? I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before! As soon as this idea miraculously implanted itself in my brain, I did a little squeal and booty shake in the store, (I think the Gucci counter girls were staring at me) felt proud of my plan, and fell in love with the Marc Jacobs Christy Hobo. Now each time for the rest of this long year I see a handbag calling my name priced around $500, I am going to tell that sucker to shut it because I am a logical, discerning, and very picky girl with a plan!

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Weekly Shopping Picks 2/19/07

tbagstop.jpgT-Bags Cowl neck jersey top

was $155.00, on sale $62.00






trunkt.jpgCircles earrings






korshobo.jpgMICHAEL Michael Kors “Woodside” Hobo

was $168.00, on sale $93.99






avedaset.jpg“Smooth Seduction” Gift set

$48.00 ($73.00 value)






bamboobowls.jpgHandmade mini bamboo bowl

was $12.00, on sale $9.00







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Stila “On The Go”

stilaonthego.jpgI received my latest Sephora order in the mail a couple days ago, so I have a few new products to review and let you all know about. Today will be devoted to the Stila “On The Go” Set. It’s exclusive to Sephora and a great deal for $30. In it are an eye shadow quad, a convertible color compact and a lip glaze.  The reason I bought it was for the shadow palette, I needed a few new shadows and thought the colors looked neutral and easily combined on the website. I have used it the past few mornings and love it! The shadows are pretty loose so beware of sprinkles on your cheek bones but I really like the beige and taupe shimmers. The beige is a good all-over shade and the taupe is perfect for the eye crease. I also like the convertible color, it’s a peachy rose that is almost like a blushed bronze shade. So it’s nice for days when you don’t want your cheeks to be too pink. However, I didn’t really like it on my lips, it was a little too thick for my taste and too peach when placed there. Also included is the lip glaze in Honeydew.  It is a very shimmery light peach so I used it layered over a darker lipstick, otherwise it was too light for my lips. My natural lip color is fairly deep so if the color is too light it looks weird on me! The thing I didn’t really like is the taste of the lip glaze. I’m not sure if it was supposed to taste like honeydew melon, but it was pretty funky. It’s the first lip glaze by Stila that I’ve tried, so I will definitely try another shade because the applicator is really unique. It is a brush tip that you twist the color up into, unlike any other gloss I’ve tried before. Overall, this set is a great value and has some useful products! Especially the eye shadow quad, I mean, if one Stila shadow costs $14 then 4 for $30 is a great bargain! I’ll review more of my new purchases in the weeks to come!

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Gap Online Sale


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When Crochet Attacks, Volume 2

bcbg.jpgSorry for the lack of posts, I have no excuse really. Just everyday busyness and a void of inspiration. Apparently, bad fashion wakes me up from my style coma because while browsing swim suits at Nordstrom, this one made me gasp in horror. Remember those awful crocheted fruit earrings I found a while back? Just imagine wearing them with this little number! Ewwww. It looks like a spider web ate your tummy or you got caught in Elvira’s fishing net…which is sad because I normally love BCBG. Oh well, everyone makes mistakes. Just like I did for leaving you all Swish-Style-less for three days. Please forgive me! I promise to post my shopping picks and get all caught up this week! Then you promise me not to spend $138 of your hard earned dollars on this swim suit. Deal?

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Friday Favorites: Wake up.

fruitgown.jpgI just have to share my new found love for breakfast! I have always been a horrible morning eater, I always skipped it because I just don’t feel like eating early in the morning (I have a really sensitive stomach) and nothing really sounds good. I’ve tried doing the yogurt thing, tried eating whole wheat toast, but usually I find I end up even hungrier by noon when I eat those things than when I eat nothing at all.  And of course good breakfast food takes forever to make and I just don’t have the time! Well, I was reading this cookbook and they had a recipe for a “flexible fruit smoothie.” It can be thrown together in the blender within 5 minutes or less and in my first try I created a super healthy, very filling smoothie that rivaled the taste of a Jamba Juice! The main components you need are 1. something filling (yogurt, tofu, soy or regular milk) 2. something juicy (OJ, lemonade, POM juice, etc.) 3. fruit (one banana plus FROZEN berries, etc.) and then add a small squirt of honey. This way you can customize your favorite flavors, get your daily serving of fruit, and kick start your metabolism all in one. I made my smoothie with 1 banana, 1 cup of frozen berries, 1 carton low fat vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup OJ and a little honey (no ice is needed since the berries are frozen). It made enough for both me and my husband and we both loved it. I then went to volunteer, run errands and got back to my house around 1pm before I was hungry for lunch! I’m so excited after all these years to have something that works for me for breakfast and is good for me too! I hope this motivates all my fellow breakfast skippers to try and make it change with me!
On a completely different note, I’m excited for The Grammy Awards this weekend (GO JT and OK Go!) and if by some miracle I was invited to the Grammy’s and could afford any outfit I wanted (and had a body like Beyonce), this gown by Roberto Cavalli is what I would want to wear, beautiful! Have an awesome weekend everyone! 

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