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Weekly Shopping Picks 01/14/07

anntaylortop1.jpgSilk/Cotton/Cashmere Kimono Sleeve V-Neck Top

was $68.00, on sale $29.99

Ann Taylor







pauljoeboot1.jpgPaul & Joe, Short Boot

was $454.00, on sale $136.50








urbbag1.jpgFloral Cord Printed Tote


urban outfitters








smashboxgloss1.jpgSmashbox, Tokidoki Skin Tint









ugvase1.jpgPaper bag ceramic vase


Uncommon Goods







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Mmm Bop!

shopbopcoats.jpgThe online shopping site Shopbop is having an amazing sale right now on tons of designer items! Seriously, I think I counted over 70 pages of sale heaven while browsing there this weekend! They just added hundreds of new styles with deep discounts, although most are still well over $100, there are plenty of steals too good to pass on! One thing I was thinking about is what a great time it is to splurge a little on designer outerwear. There are still a few months left of cooler temps and if you pick a classic style, it can carry you through next year too! The wrong choice? This Long Reversible Jacket by Rachel Roy. Yes, a discount from $1,095.00 to $328.50 is a phenomenal deal and I get that volume and ruching are in… but this is a little extreme, don’t you think? If I saw some woman walking down the street in this bad boy I would run screaming (or laughing!) On the other hand, the Officer Jacket by Ya-Ya (marked down to $292.50 from $585.00) and the Long Trench Coat from adam+eve (marked down to $375.00 from $750.00) are extremely stylish but versatile pieces that can be worn for seasons to come!  Check out Shopbop’s site for many more beautiful outerwear choices as well as a ton of other items to add to your closet!  

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I’m alive!!

empowermint1.jpgMan, last week was awful for me! I haven’t had a bug like that in I don’t know how long…while I was hibernating in my bed, I read (score 1 for my New Year Resolutions!), drank a ton of water, lived off soup and the occasional dose of Nyquil, and to be honest whined a lot (I am not a good patient). Thank goodness I have a great husband who is understanding and sympathetic (and makes me jealous because he never gets my germs!) In my fog, he was so sweet and brought me the Empowermint Place set from Philosophy that I put on my Weekly Shopping Picks last week. It comes with both a Salt Scrub and Shower Gel/Bubble Bath/Shampoo. I didn’t use the gel one as a shampoo since I already have a few I love but I did try it as a shower gel and loved it! The mint scent is very strong but nice in a fresh mint kind of way. An added bonus is that the combo of the mint and shower steam definitely eased my congestion while I was sick! The salt scrub is also wonderful, a perfect consistency, it didn’t need a lot of mixing like some scrubs do. It smoothed and polished my skin to feel so soft! I felt all sparkly clean but the scent did not linger on my skin for long after the bath so it was not overwhelming at all. The set is limited edition and only available at Sephora!  

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scratch that.

Change of plans….I am the saddest girl in the world because I’m not able to leave for Texas this morning. In some stroke of bad luck, I got the flu and had to cancel my flight. I still won’t be able to post much until this thing clears up, sucky! I can’t think about not visiting Emily this week or I’ll start crying so that’s all I’m going to say about that. I’ll be in a Nyquil-induced coma until I can cope! (and sorry to be such a downer.)

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Weekly Shopping Picks 01/08/07

paulandjoe.jpgPaul and Joe Sister, Pauline Pointelle Top

was $150.00, on sale $60.00









mkors.jpgKORS Michael Kors, Wellesley Suede Clog

was $165.00, on sale $59.00 (in 6 colors!)

Jildor shoes


colehaanwallet.jpgVillage Medium Flap Wallet

was $115.00, on sale $69.95 (in 3 colors!)

Cole Haan





Cargo, PurseGloss











Toss and Chop kitchen tool


Crate and Barrel
















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Ya’ll, I’m fixin’ to leave!

texas_messed_large.jpgI’ll be in Texas all this next week visiting my best friend Emily for some much needed girl time! For fun, here’s my Texas Top Ten! 10. Panera Bread Co.- we don’t have these in AZ and I really miss their yummy soups and sammies. 9. David Crowder Band– Texas is home to my most favorite band ever, and they got 2006 MSN Artist of the Year, whoo-hoo! 8. Wine- A Winery? In Texas? Apparently Emily and I are touring one near Texas A&M, who knew they made wine in Texas, but I bet anything I’ll like it! 7. Austin- this is one awesome city, great food, shopping, and killer music scene! 6. BBQ- Sometimes I think I could go vegetarian because I feel so sad when I think about killing animals…and then I eat BBQ and remember why I love dead cows. 5. Texas Pride- I think it’s cool that they love their state so much (even if it is a little annoying sometimes!) I’m all for state spirit but I love this shirt I found at Random Shirts, too funny! 4. Football- no, I’m not a Cowboys (or Texans) fan but they love football and so do I! 3. Cooler- yep, it’s 10 degrees cooler where I’m visitng in TX than where I am in AZ, nothing wrong with that! 2.– my church has a campus in Ft. Worth! We’re one church that meets in multiple locations through the use of technology. In fact, we were voted by Outreach Magazine as America’s #1 most innovative church, feel free check out our website! and 1. Emily- of course! I miss her so much and I am planning to kidnap her and bring her back to AZ where she belongs, but don’t tell her okay? Anyway, I posted my Weekly Shopping Picks for this week but that’s about all you’ll hear from me until next week when I return. So to tide you over don’t forget to check out my favorite blogs to the right! Have a good one!

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Friday Favorites: Orange

orange.jpg(Warning: Sports fueled post follows, yes, even girly girls obsessed with fashion and beauty can be crazy sports fans!) So orange is not really my favorite color but my reasoning is that my Phoenix Suns are so stinkin’ good this season that I now embrace this color with glee! Not since the championship of 1993 has Phoenix had such sports fever. I mean, the amazing Insight Bowl, the nail biting Fiesta Bowl and the upcoming BCS Championship were all in my hometown this year; and I’m hearing rumors that Randy Johnson is on his way back to the Diamondbacks! But to top it all off the Suns are on their way to the most amazing basketball season ever! It is a much needed positive turn after enduring another disappointing AZ Cardinals season and my beloved ASU Sundevils mediocre year. However, one thing I don’t love about sports is most of the team gear. I am not a fan of women wearing hugely oversized, cut for a guy tees and sweatshirts, sometimes it just comes off too sloppy! And simply because I am watching sports and maybe enjoying a frosty beverage doesn’t mean I have to look like a burly man. So either I’m forced to find a top that fits a little better or buy some of the cutesy girl tops, which there really isn’t a huge selection to choose from in the first place. My solution during times of sports fashion emergency is to just buy clothing in my teams colors, then I can still look put together but full of spirit at the same time! Like this Alpaca crewneck at Banana Republic is over $20 off and is very soft, lightweight and comes in honeydew (looks like Suns orange to me!) Complete it with some dark rinse jeans, a Suns baseball cap and maybe even some purple and orange beads around my neck and I’m good to go! Eyes on the Prize Suns!

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4 months and counting.

chicago.jpgFor my fourth wedding anniversary, my hubby and I are planning a weeklong trip to one of our favorite cities, Chicago. My parents lived there while I was in college and I discovered it’s definitely my kind of town! I love the architecture, the shopping, the museums, the food, the shopping, the sporting events, the nature…did I mention the shopping? The Magnificent Mile is beyond words but there are even more places like State Street, Oak Street and Armitage Ave. to browse around and enjoy. Hopefully, I can convince Adrian to devote at least one afternoon to exploring around boutiques and fab flagship stores. A couple places that are on my must-visit list are: Habit, an eclectic boutique featuring up and coming designers; Jayson Home and Garden, a beautiful store with vintage housewares; p.45, a sleek shop with items from established, emerging and local designers; Endo-Exo Apothecary, a fabulous beauty store with hard to find labels and of course the always chic Active Endeavors.  If you’re in the Chicagoland area or are familiar with Chi-town, then feel free to give me a heads up on any other places that may strike my fancy!

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Out damned spot!

boi-ing.jpgFor Christmas I received a couple gift cards to Sephora and decided to try a couple new products instead of buying only my regular favorites when I visited the mall a couple days ago. I was in the mood to try out a new concealer and snapped up Benefit’s Boi-ing in light. I loved the name and have enjoyed the Benefit products that I’ve tried before so I was excited to see how it worked. I applied it with my finger (there’s no messy wand to worry about) and patted under my eyes and on a few blemishes. It was super blendable and creamy but dried into a flawless finish. I instantly loved it and will stick with this concealer for a long time! But my biggest test was on the birthmark on my collarbone. I have this annoying, quarter-sized brownish spot that I hate and always try to lighten a little when I wear vneck and scoopneck tops. Boi-ing’s light shade was the perfect tint to blend into my skin without being too cakey and made me feel much more comfortable with my spot. If you’re looking for a new concealer, definitely give this one a try!

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new-year.jpgHappy New Year! So sad that the Holidays are gone and over but I am a little relieved too. It’s nice to have a bit more down time and less on my “to do” lists! I thought I’d share some of my New Years Resolutions, which I have every intention of keeping. Some are fashion/beauty related, some are more personal and some are just fun! 1. Get in shape. Yes, I know I have been telling myself this for years but I have already started out this year with a gameplan. My beautiful mom is my new workout buddy, and believe me, she will keep me in check! Also, I have my brother’s wedding and my own ticking clock as motivation too! 2. Find a new fragrance to love. I am sooo picky when it comes to my perfume, I have been wearing Clinique Happy forever and although I still love it, I am going to try to find another signature scent for myself! 3. Read more. Growing up, I was a total bookworm but now it seems like I make time for everything but. I want to start enjoying some alone time with a good read and a glass of Santa Margherita! 4. Buy these Cole Haan Nike Air Pumps. I know I have wrote about them before but it’s not easy for me to justify spending $300 on a pair of shoes. They have to be exceptional, verging on miraculous for that to happen and these classic-styled, black leather, most comfortable pumps in the world are just that! 5. Become fluent in Spanish. My husband is Hispanic and his first language was Spanish but he has forgotten much, I think it would be fun and extremely beneficial both culturally and socially if we took lessons together. and finally 6. Make this year as regret-free, positive, less selfish, joyful and full of love as possible. Because we only get one shot at 2007 and I want it to be a wonderful year to remember!  

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