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kevia.jpgSorry for the lack of post yesterday, I had a crazy busy weekend and was catching up on stuff. In other news, Sunday night it SNOWED in Phoenix, I’m serious! Yes, apparently hell has frozen over…not that living in Phoenix is hell, it’s just that hot most of the time! I finally had a few minutes to chill and read my new issue of Instyle while watching football (I’m sure I’m not making any friends here since it seems like everyone and their brother is rooting for the Colts, but Go Bears!)  In this issue, I found the most gorgeous rings I’ve seen in awhile by Kevia Jewelry Collections.  They are 22k gold vermeil with a variety of gemstones, I love the blue topaz one! They look so unique, vintage and organic to me (but flashy enough that Goldmember from Austin Powers would skate around in his hot pants and offer me a “shmoke und a pancake” as a trade. And of course I would say no.) Anyway, since most of my jewelry is very classic and simple, I would love to add a little variety with a piece like this. The only problem for me is I really hate mixing metals and since my wedding rings are platinum, I’m not sure if I would like the look of a gold ring on my other hand.  I am interested to see what other designs are offered by Kevia, their website says that an online retail section will be launching this month, I’m looking forward to it! Kevia lives and designs in the Portland area and if you read the “about us” section you will love her work even more!  

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