American Idol Recap.

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aidol.jpgTen observations while watching the kickoff of the new American Idol Season 6 last night:
1. Jewel is so cute, it’s nice to see a girl in Hollywood looking healthy and semi-natural!
2. Paula is drunk…or taking too many meds. There has to be a reason for her insanity.
3. I loved Rachel Jenkins, the girl in the Army Reserves with the husband in Iraq, she was adorable!
4. Did anyone else notice that Randy wasn’t saying “dog” or “dude” every other sentence?
5. Sarah Krueger who got through singing “Somwhere Over The Rainbow,” her voice was okay but her shoes were seriously awful!
6. Man, my homestate of Minnesota looked baaadd. So many weirdos at these auditions! But hearing those Minnesotan accents made me miss my family there:)
7. My fave bad moments? Tied between Mariah Carey Man, who stopped for a water break, and spoke in complete run-on sentences in a montone voice and the Biggest Fan ever girl who went last and sang “Under Pressure.” HILARIOUS! Oh and honorable mention to “the other door.” I don’t know why but that cracked me up!
8. Did you notice in the waiting room all the people featured on the episode were sitting by each other? They must decide beforehand who is actually going to been shown on TV out of the 10,000 people who audition…
9. My favorite Simon moment was watching him during the Cowardly Lion meets Chewbacca performance, his stare was priceless!
10. Can’t wait for tonight and the craziness in Seattle (Paula’s TV interview about it was so bizarre but I couldn’t stop watching!) Isn’t guilty pleasure reality TV awesome!?

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