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Weekly Shopping Picks: 1/29/07

atlpolkatop.jpgPolka Dot Shirt


Ann Taylor Loft









vspolka.jpgPolka Dot Bustier and Thong

$48.00, bustier. $24.00, thong.

Victoria’s Secret








bpwedge.jpgBC Footwear, Hollywood Ending Pump






f21tote.jpgPolka Dots Tote


Forever 21






placemats.jpgDisposable Recipe Placemats


Fred Flare





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Valentine musings.

Sorry about the delay this week, my internet was having problems but everything is better now! I was just at Target to pick up a few things and I couldn’t avoid walking through the Valentine’s Day aisles to see what goodies I was missing out on. Does anyone else torture themselves by staring at boxes of chocolates? And these aren’t even good boxes of chocolates! But I can’t seem to help myself by imagining what is inside and how many chocolates with caramel and nuts are inside them. And then I saw a box of nothing but Pecan Turtles and I had to leave the aisle because it was calling my name and I wanted to buy it. Bad Nicky! Don’t worry, I did not get it so I am keeping good on my resolution to eat healthy, not that chocolate is all bad, I just have to discipline myself first! Anyway, this got me thinking about Valentines and what my plans are this year. Adrian and I don’t do anything major, I don’t particularly like the idea of needing to have a holiday to tell/show people you love them. It should be something more regular than that! And thankfully, my husband is one of those thoughtful types that bring flowers and little gifts every once in awhile. However, I do like to make the day a little fun, so I will probably make a special dinner with food that he likes (red meat and potatoes) since normally I cook un-manly dinners like salad and whole wheat pasta. And maybe I’ll pick up a cute little something for later, because we all realize guys don’t want flowers or chocolates, you know…but I am not going to talk about that here because with my luck my dad will probably read this and will either 1.cover his eyes and scream or 2. use this as ammunition to tease me endlessly (just like in middle school when he would drop me and my friends off at the mall, roll down the window and shout “I love you Nicky poo!” as he drove away. I am not kidding, he thought it was hilarious.) But enough about that, here are some girly without being too skanky pieces…vday.jpg

From the top, clockwise: GapBody, Cotton Lace GownCosabella, Black Mesh Camisole and Hipster Set; Belabumbum Butterfly Bralette and Boycut; Victoria’s Secret, Sista Shei Gingham Slip


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Friday Favorites: Drool.

bvdress.jpgThree Things I LOVE about this Bottega Veneta dress:
1. It’s green, you know I love green!
2. It feminine enough without being overly frilly.
3. I love the details- the shawl collar, the tie waist, the sleeves, the silk fabric, I could go on and on.  
Three Things I HATE about this Bottega Veneta dress:
1. Um…my “girls” would not do so well in a dress that low cut, it would be indecent.
2. It’s so nice I would be so paranoid wearing it, with all the food I spill on myself, I would have to wear a bib, an apron and strategically placed napkins all over.
3. $1,980.00, enough said!
But if those negative points aren’t a problem for you then scoop it up at Net-A-Porter!



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For those lighter days…

dayclutch.jpgOne more trend that I am loving for this upcoming season is the day clutch. Not that I won’t be carrying my big bags around anymore, they’re still very necessary. Who could not love a bag that looks great and can hold makeup, a paddle brush, a wallet, sunglasses case, 27 receipts, 5 lip glosses, 3 packs of mints, and a can of Diet Coke? But somedays lugging all that around during the day is not my cup of tea- lunch with friends, an early date, or running a quick errand for example…Just like I have to remind myself that I don’t need to wear high heels to get groceries, I don’t need to cart around half my worldly possessions when I run to the post office either. From the top here’s my picks for day clutches: Laundry by Shelli Segal Polka Dot Clutch, $98.00; Goldenbleu Tiffany Patent Clutch, $455.00 ; Juicy Couture Status Fairy Tate Clutch, $295.00 and Lauren Merkin Eve Textured Lamb Clutch, $180.00. Another useful and creative idea is the L.A.M.B. Carlisle Convertible Clutch Tote, $395.00. It goes from clutch to tote in a snap for those days when you might need a different bag at different times. Gee, that would have come in handy last Saturday when I had a baby shower in the morning, furniture shopping in the afternoon, church in the evening and a birthday party at night. I am not joking, it was that busy! Thank goodness there’s not that much going on this weekend!  

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My little buttercup.

yellow.jpgSo from all the magazines I’ve been reading lately (and believe me it’s a lot, someday I’ll tell you about my Barnes and Noble dates), I think I can confidently say that lemon yellow and romantic, girly styles are 100% in this upcoming spring. This top from Free People is in fact both 1. yellow and 2. girly, thus fulfilling two must-have trends in one punch! I don’t think I’d do the patterned bra top underneath though, a little to funky for me. But with a long white tank underneath and a pair of dark, wide leg jeans, I’d be good to go! I may even consider being super matchy matchy with a pair of yellow casual peeptoe flats. These by Rocketdog have super cute frilly heart cut outs but I’m not sure I would go that far into yellow overload. Most of the time I hate the shoes and clothes matching thing unless you’re in wearing a formal gown… Otherwise, I’d dress it up a little with a white strappy sandal like this one by Charles David, I love the flower detail and cork heel, it makes me think of a sitting at a beach side cafe on a date with my hubby. Hmmm, I’m going to have to talk to Adrian about a weekend trip to San Diego this spring… see reading all those magazines is inspiring!



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I love gooooooold.

kevia.jpgSorry for the lack of post yesterday, I had a crazy busy weekend and was catching up on stuff. In other news, Sunday night it SNOWED in Phoenix, I’m serious! Yes, apparently hell has frozen over…not that living in Phoenix is hell, it’s just that hot most of the time! I finally had a few minutes to chill and read my new issue of Instyle while watching football (I’m sure I’m not making any friends here since it seems like everyone and their brother is rooting for the Colts, but Go Bears!)  In this issue, I found the most gorgeous rings I’ve seen in awhile by Kevia Jewelry Collections.  They are 22k gold vermeil with a variety of gemstones, I love the blue topaz one! They look so unique, vintage and organic to me (but flashy enough that Goldmember from Austin Powers would skate around in his hot pants and offer me a “shmoke und a pancake” as a trade. And of course I would say no.) Anyway, since most of my jewelry is very classic and simple, I would love to add a little variety with a piece like this. The only problem for me is I really hate mixing metals and since my wedding rings are platinum, I’m not sure if I would like the look of a gold ring on my other hand.  I am interested to see what other designs are offered by Kevia, their website says that an online retail section will be launching this month, I’m looking forward to it! Kevia lives and designs in the Portland area and if you read the “about us” section you will love her work even more!  

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Weekly Shopping Picks: 01/22/07

nordstromtunic.jpgSplendid, V-Neck Jersey Tunic











maxstudiopump.jpgMax Studio, Yangtze Pump

was $149.99, on sale $73.99





rachelleighnecklace.jpgRachel Leigh, Charm Lariat

was $118.00, on sale $59.00










fredflaredrink.jpgSerendipity frozen hot chocolate set


Fred Flare

pbcafe.jpgCafe Collection

Set of 4 mugs: $28.00, Coffee Pot: $24.00

Pottery Barn    



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Friday Favorites: Cupcakes

baking.jpgI’ve officially decided that my favorite dessert is the cupcake. I mean it’s not too big, not too little, not too rich and not too bland- it’s simply perfect baked goodness! Yes, there are times when I feel like an ooey gooey rich chocolate torte or something small and light like a cookie. But I’ve realized the one thing I will never turn down is a small freshly made cupcake! Especially the yellow cake with chocolate frosting kind. I mean, whoever came up with yellow cake is a genius! I imagine that Betty Crocker was in her kitchen cooking when her annoying ex, Duncan Hines called and taunted her saying, “My white cake is better than yours!” And Betty said, “You’re white cake is crap, I’ll show you!”  As she entered into a baking frenzy, she suddenly remembered her dear Aunt Jemina (or maybe it was Mrs. Butterworth?) reminding her as a child, “Betty, everything is better with butter.” So she threw some butter into that boring white cake mix and voila! A cake masterpiece was created! And of course after Duncan tasted that cake, he begged for Betty back, they made up and lived happily ever after (and then had a son together and called him The Pillsbury Dough Boy)….wow, sometimes my creativity impresses me and sometimes it scares me. That was one of those scary times! Anyway, I had a baking drought recently and until I made cupcakes last weekend, I forgot how therapeutic baking is. It makes me feel relaxed and domestic in a good way, I love it! I want to do it more so I’m thinking of a few items that will spruce up my kitchen time a little, like this adorable apron from Anthropologie and these Silicups from Williams Sonoma that I’ve always wanted to try. I’ll eventually get around to purchasing the grand-daddy of them all, a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer, just looking at them makes me drool in the same way a fabulous pair of shoes does… sick, huh? Now my last task is to find the ultimate make-it-from-scratch cake recipe, I’ll let you know when I find it!

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Link finds.

katespade.jpgI got a newsletter email from Kate Spade today titled “Behind The Curtain,” with some really interesting features. Included were recaps of important events in the company in the past year, upcoming projects, a couple people profiles and most exciting was the section “Things We Love.” It is a creative spread of cool links to intriguing and unique sites, many of which I had never seen before. Have fun scanning through them here. Click on “Things We Love” and discover new places to waste time or uncover a new favorite! I really enjoyed The Bubble Project, a collection of 30,000 bubble stickers that were placed on ads around New York City, filled out by passersby and photographed. Also interesting was Lovelines, described on their site as, “Through large scale blog analysis, Lovelines illuminates the topography of the emotional landscape between love and hate, as experienced by countless normal humans keeping personal online journals.” Cool, huh? Among my other faves are an online Visual Dictionary, an addicting virtual Refrigerator Magnet site, also addicting make your own abstract art at Jackson Pollack, and the talented photographer Jon Von Hollenben. There are many more fabulous links in the feature and I hope you find some to love along with me!

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American Idol Recap.

aidol.jpgTen observations while watching the kickoff of the new American Idol Season 6 last night:
1. Jewel is so cute, it’s nice to see a girl in Hollywood looking healthy and semi-natural!
2. Paula is drunk…or taking too many meds. There has to be a reason for her insanity.
3. I loved Rachel Jenkins, the girl in the Army Reserves with the husband in Iraq, she was adorable!
4. Did anyone else notice that Randy wasn’t saying “dog” or “dude” every other sentence?
5. Sarah Krueger who got through singing “Somwhere Over The Rainbow,” her voice was okay but her shoes were seriously awful!
6. Man, my homestate of Minnesota looked baaadd. So many weirdos at these auditions! But hearing those Minnesotan accents made me miss my family there:)
7. My fave bad moments? Tied between Mariah Carey Man, who stopped for a water break, and spoke in complete run-on sentences in a montone voice and the Biggest Fan ever girl who went last and sang “Under Pressure.” HILARIOUS! Oh and honorable mention to “the other door.” I don’t know why but that cracked me up!
8. Did you notice in the waiting room all the people featured on the episode were sitting by each other? They must decide beforehand who is actually going to been shown on TV out of the 10,000 people who audition…
9. My favorite Simon moment was watching him during the Cowardly Lion meets Chewbacca performance, his stare was priceless!
10. Can’t wait for tonight and the craziness in Seattle (Paula’s TV interview about it was so bizarre but I couldn’t stop watching!) Isn’t guilty pleasure reality TV awesome!?

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