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Feet need rest too!

sneakers.jpgI’m looking for some new casual sneakers. Yes, I love stylish shoes, so much in fact that I realized that I only have one pair of retro Pumas that I haven’t worn out and one pair of New Balances that I wear to the gym. Basically, most of my shoes but 3 pairs hurt my feet after a couple hours. I try gel pads, I try pampering my feet with scrubs and lotions, I am trying to save up money to buy a pair of Cole Haan Nike Air pumps that Oprah swears by. But I think what I need to do is try to not wear uncomfortable shoes when I don’t need to. Like going to the grocery store, or walking to the mailbox, or when I volunteer, and a number of other occasions. Most days, I swear I wear shoes more for myself than anyone else who might see them. Which makes me think, WHY do I put my feet through such needless torture? So I can wear fancy pants shoes at Safeway to pick up Diet Coke and guacamole (man, I love that stuff!) Anyway, the snazzy sneakers that I am eyeing are Michael by Michael Kors Perforated Sneaker, Puma Lab II Sneaker (I heart Puma), or maybe I’ll revisit my high school days and kick it in some Vans Era’s! Hmmm, decision time.

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My not so glamorous life…

holidaydress.jpgPoor me, I don’t have any fancy Holiday parties to go to this Christmas. My hubby works in a very small (3 people) company and we also run our own business so it’s not like there are any job-related functions to attend. All the get togethers with friends are casual open houses (but still fun of course!) But if I did in fact have fantastic, stylish shindigs to make a grand appearance at, I would most certainly love to wear this dress (Marie Marie Maya dress, $314.30 at shopbop) and make my retro Hollywood starlet dreams come true. My hubby could dress like Humphrey Bogart and then we could swing dance the night away after drinking too much champagne…  Sorry, I guess I just went off to la-la land for a bit! I also apologize for not having my weekly shopping picks done yet, I have been so busy this week and trying to catch up, I’ll update soon! And the rumors I heard about Barney’s coming here are true (but not until 2009) and Bottega Veneta is opening a store here too, yippee!  

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Gift Guide Part 5: Stocking Stuffers

stocking.jpgPart of me loves digging through my stocking even more than opening presents on Christmas morning. As a kid, I loved finding little toys, Lip Smackers and candy in there. Today, my husband and I don’t have any children yet but we still stuff stockings for each other and it’s fun trying to get creative beyond the usual chocolates and gift cards that can easily fill them. I’ve discovered a few online stores that have unusual or even down right wacky items for stocking stuffers.  The first is the ever popular Urban Outfitters, their site has an entire stocking stuffer section with tons of great ideas. I would love to find the delicate Filigree Leaf Earrings or a pair of cute Sparkle & Fade Skinny Rib Sweaterknit Tights in my stocking! They also have funny products like the Poo Poo Santa candy dispenser or the Hangover Chill Pill eye pack. Another store, Fred Flare, also has a whole stocking section. Fred Flare takes first prize in unique, full of fun gifts! To see what I mean, check out the Crazy Cat Lady action figure or the Mod Edie Clutch. They have lots of smaller items too like keychains, from the adorable Yummy Donuts to my favorite, the Sixteen Candles talking keychain. Lastly, another site Wishing Fish features their own great stocking stuffers. Wishing Fish has a wide selection with everything from silly kitchen helpers like the Butter Boy to useful Gardens-in-a-bag to wonderfully girly lip balms from Spain’s Perfumeria Gal.  Their products are so diverse and interesting that there is sure to be something for everyone on your list.  That’s it for stocking stuffers from me! Next week will be the last Gift Guide before Christmas arrives, can you believe it?

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Friday Favorites: Drugstore finds

drugstore.jpgIs there anything better than a bargain? Especially a bargain that out performs its cost and keeps you coming back for more. With the amount of money I shell out on beauty products and what a brand snob I can be sometimes, finding a drugstore purchase that I love is like finding a picture of Britney Spears wearing panties (doesn’t happen very much lately.) Off the subject, sorry for the joke about Brit Brit but remember how I just posted a month ago on how excited I was about her comeback? Gee, that sure changed fast! Anyway, here’s a few beauty items on the cheap that I use confidently and regularly. My go-to eye makeup remover is Almay’s Oil Free Pads. Just a sweep over my lids and lashes and a wipe with a tissue gets rid of all my hard work in an instant. I also love Revlon’s Colorstay eyeliner, it glides on smoothly and stays put the whole day. I often have people ask me what liquid liner I use, but it’s an easy to use pencil!  During the dry winter months, I swear by Neutrogena’s Hand Cream. It really fixes chapped hands in an instant and is not greasy at all. Another drugstore product I enjoy is John Frieda Sheer Blonde Crystal Clear hairspray.  When your hair is lighter and you need to hold a style, many harisprays darken the color, which I hate! It is also flexible hold so it’s not sticky and it has a glisten to it so it does double duty by making your hair shiny too!  So there’s my faves that I pick up during my weekly Target visits, I love that store! One last thing, speaking of stores, I am on cloud nine because there are rumors flying around that they are going to put a Barney’s New York at my favorite mall in the Phoenix metro area. Whoo hoo! Have a great weekend everyone!

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You look marvelous!

kate.jpgI adore Kate Winslet. To me, she is the epitome of glamour and sophistication but at the same time can be down-to-earth and a natural beauty. I admire pretty much everything about her style (and her talent as an actress too!) I love her hair and makeup in this picture from a movie premiere, it is so beautiful without being overdone. If only my stick straight hair could do tousled waves like that! I am seriously going to experiment with my curling iron and follow the directions mentioned by Oscar Blandi to achieve this style.  I am also considering getting some lowlights and highlights to get some more dimension in my hair color. I’ve been talking to my stylist about it for awhile because I am a member of a rare breed of women- natural blondes with virgin hair! I have actually never colored my hair before since it has stayed medium blonde and I get some natural highlights from the sun. I am really nervous if I should go for it, I don’t want anything drastic but I’m ready to spice it up a little. So two questions: 1. what celebrity style to you admire? and 2. do you think I should go for it with the hair color decision? 

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Rooty tooty fresh and fruity.

fruitear.jpgThese have to be the strangest, funkiest earrings I have ever seen. They are crocheted and although Girlshop says they are lightweight, I can’t imagine 5 inches of yarn-fruit hanging from your lobes would be comfortable. Plus at $175 a pair, I am at a loss for words who would spend that much on these! My crochet crazy friend Amber (who just sent me a handmade scarf in ASU colors!) could probably hook thesegoldleaf.jpg together in no time and make a fortune! In contrast, these Sun Leaf earrings also available at Girlshop are more my style. I love big hoops and I think the leaf clusters are a unique touch and have a cool natural vibe. They may not strike everyone’s fancy but at $77 they are much more affordable for my budget and much more my taste!


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Teaching an old dog new tricks.

smashbox.jpgIsn’t it funny how hard it is to break habits? Like teaching my golden retriever not to jump on the couch, cutting down from four Diet Cokes a day to one, getting my hubby to stop leaving his boxers on the bedroom floor or stopping myself from saying “like” and “you know” WAY too much!  I know we’re creatures of habit and all but sometimes it’s just plain annoying how long it takes to change. That is unless you discover something so wonderful, perfect and life-altering that you instantly succumb to it’s powers and make it a brand new habit.  It happened to me last week, when I finally took a chance on little travel size bottle of Smashbox Photo Finish that a guy at Sephora convinced me to buy a couple months ago. It has been sitting in my bathroom since then and I just told myself that my makeup routine was fine as it was and didn’t need another step. Well, last week I had a little bit of extra time on my hands and I decided to spice things up and try products that I hadn’t used yet like a Clinique eyeshadow palette and a lipgloss from Goldie.  Before I put on my foundation I remembered the Photo Finish primer and I was blown away! It is silky smooth, leaves your face prepped for applying your base by filling lines and mattifying (is that a word?) and is loaded with vitamins and anti-oxidants. Why didn’t I start using this sooner? It is pure scientific genius! They even have color correcting versions, I am going to try the green version for evening out redness once my original Photo Finish runs out.  I suggest you give this product try if you haven’t and break some habits by starting a new one along with me!

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Gift Guide Part 4: Gift Sets

giftsets.jpgSome of the most unique and fun presents come in groups! Gift sets can seem more personal since they usually represent the interests of the recipient, and they also are great because included are a bunch of little surpises instead of one singular gift. One of my favorite things to do is create my own gift baskets for friends and family, the downside is it can be a time consuming task and the cost can skyrocket without realizing it!  Fortunately, many stores and websites take the hard work off our backs and sell pre-made gift sets featuring as many themes as you can imagine. For foodies, cooks and superstar hostesses on your list, Dean and Deluca is the place to check out! They have an amazing gift inventory for any budget. Some of my picks are the destination baskets such as St. Helena, the Rise and Shine set is perfect for breakfast lovers and the Dean and Deluca’s Best set is a variety of yummy house favorites. Dean and Deluca has spice sets, coffee and tea gifts, cheese plates, chocolate and pastries sets- pretty much any food gift you want you can find here! For a huge selection of bath and body sets, there’s plenty more than what’s available at your local Bath and Body Works.  Philosophy is a fun and inventive company with so many fab gift sets its hard to pick just one!  Whether you’re looking for fruity, floral, bakery, or even mixed drinks scents, Philosphy has them all. Try the Holiday House, Holiday Traincase or the Amazing Grace Set. Philosophy has more than just great bath products, they also have amazing skincare, haircare, makeup and fragrances as well. For makeup sets, it’s pretty simple. As I’ve said many times before, you can’t find more brands, ideas and gifts than at Sephora! As for clothing, Cherry Tees is a must see! They have a few tee samplers that feature their high quality shirts packaged in vintage wooden fruit crates with a gift tag and candy attached.  They also have cute buckets of tanks and tee of the month clubs too! That’s all I have for now but if you all know of any shops or sites that offer exceptional gift sets then let me know!

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Weekly Shopping Picks 12/4/06


Purple Tunic Top by Lush


LuLu’s Fashion Lounge






maxstudio.jpgMAXSTUDIO Poe Pump

was $148.95, $73.90 on sale






satchel.jpgFront Pocket Slouchy Satchels

was $85.00, $29.99 on sale

shop intuition






Roman Holiday Eye Shadow Palette by Fresh







treeplatess4.jpgTree Plates

$18.95 for set

Crate and Barrel






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