Gift Guide Part 6: Last Minute Gifts

Email This Post December 19th, 2006 nicky

giftslastminute.jpgOnly days left until wrapping paper will be flung around the family rooms of the world…but what do you do if you still need to purchase a gift and you are fresh out of ideas? Never fear! Hit your local big box stores for sure-to-please gifts that aren’t damaging to your already blown budget! Here are a few options that I turn to when I am in a gift jam. If I need to pick up a gift for a hostess of a party or for that co-worker or friend that gave you a gift but you didn’t get them one (I feel sooo bad when that happens!), throw together a pampering basket! Head over to any department store or even Target and pick out cute slippers or super soft slipper socks, a nice beauty product like sugar scrub, bath soak or a facial mask, a pretty nail polish and toe separators or a nail file. Then toss in her favorite magazine and some quality chocolate and you’ve got a no-fail basket that will please pretty much every woman! Onto a speedy gift solution for guys (or less girly girls!), I usually create a movie night gift. Grab a bog bowl (some stores even sell retro popcorn bowls) and fill it with classic movie treats like Goobers, Milk Duds, Junior Mints, Raisinets or Sour Patch Kids and of course microwave popcorn! Bed Bath and Beyond has a set that has all these items put together for you! Then, put in a gift card for movie rentals or a must have DVD to add to their collection. So those are my two no-fail, last minute gifts that I turn to when I’m in a rush! I hope you’ve enjoyed my gift guides for this holiday season and I hope your holidays are stress-free, full of joy and focused on all the things that truly matter!

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