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Email This Post November 15th, 2006 nicky

steakknives.jpgYou know how I was talking about wanting to be less selfish? The very next minute I spot something that I want so bad but when I think about it, it is completely ridiculous! Do I really need another set of steak knives? No. Do I really want to spend $98 on a set of steak knives? No. Do I really need colorful, made in France, stamped with Napoleon’s bee crest steak knives?? YES, I have to have them!! Good thing Anthropologie is a good 40 minute drive from my house or I would have a lot of problems controlling myself with that store. They have an amazing holiday guide right now, I’m sure I’ll write more about it later. (And Jina, this extra post is for you!) Seriously though, I need help.

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