My bath plans.

Email This Post November 7th, 2006 nicky

bathroom.jpgI have finally awaken from my carpet nightmare! After almost 2 months of lost orders, mis-orders and disorder, my master bedroom has recovered from its injury. In August we had a little flood in our master bath that seeped into the bedroom and even better down the floor into our kitchen below. Worst day ever to come home and find that, but that’s all behind us now! Our new shag carpet with its premium pad is amazing! It’s so cushy and gorgeous. After walking around on scraped up base boards (the emergency crew pulled up our old carpet) this is like walking on clouds and I have to run upstairs and feel it under my feet every now and then just to make sure it’s really there! Anyway, since my bedroom has a new lease on life and looks prettier than it ever has, I sauntered into my master bath this morning and felt a little disappointed that it looked the same! Basically, this is just my excuse to do a little sprucing up in there! My decor style is a little eclectic, a little contemporary and heavy on the world import vibe. So I’m thinking these graphic paisley towels from Cost Plus in espresso as well as antique bronze accessories and fixtures. I have some extra carpet from the install and since it’s shaggy and plush, I plan on making a long runner to lay on the tile beneath the vanity. And I might even paint my walls a deep red to spice it up a little bit! What do you all think? Any suggestions?

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