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Email This Post November 3rd, 2006 nicky

hairtame.jpgIt has arrived…Yesterday, I was undressing and pulled my top over my head only to hear the distinct crackle of static. Yep, thanks to the dryer, colder air, my hair has transformed into an electric charged shocking machine.  It happens to me every fall but for some reason I forget about it once spring arrives. I’ve only found a couple things that work to rid my tresses of this annoying and sometimes painful menace- dryer sheets and shine serum.  Seriously, if your hair is having static cling problems and you are in need of a quick fix, all it takes is smoothing a sheet of Bounce over your head. I’ve had to use this remedy many times and although it looks funny and my hubby then asks, “why does your hair smell like clean laundry?” it does the job.  A better (and less weird) option is to use a shine serum after styling your hair in the morning. My absolute favorite is Kerastase Serum Oleo Relax.  It might be meant for unruly, coarse hair (which my hair is not) but a couple drops of that stuff keeps my hair shiny, frizz free and bouncy the whole day. It is pricey at around $30 but since you use a very miniscule amount, it lasts forever. Keratase products are available at many fine salons, if you’re in the Phoenix area go to my favorite salon- Dolce Spa in Chandler, or buy them online at Fred Segal Beauty.

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  • 1. nicky  |  November 3rd, 2006 at 4:49 pm

    I noticed I put a pictuer of the shampoo instead of the serum, sorry! They look exactly the same except the serum has a pump on it:)

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