The sport of curling.

Email This Post October 24th, 2006 nicky

CurlingIf you don’t already know, I am super clumsy. I spill food on myself pretty much every time I eat, run into walls, stub my toes, drop things, you name it. Yesterday my husband and I ate dinner at Z-Tejas, I end up with queso dip in my hair. Ah, it’s so fun being me sometimes! For these reasons, there are certain things I do not attempt. One of them is using an eyelash curler. I tried once and practically bruised my eyelid from pinching too close (not funny at all!) Since then I’ve been pretty scared of those mini-torture devices. Well, this past weekend I was browsing around Sephora and found this lash curler that resembles a little fairy wand. It is also heated so the results are supposed to last longer. You use it like a mascara wand and hold in place for a couple seconds to set the curl. It only costs $16, a price I am willing to pay to save my eye area from the certain doom I would face if I used a traditional curler. My one question is if eyelash curlers really make a difference and are worth the time and effort?

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  • 1. Leilani  |  October 24th, 2006 at 12:19 pm

    I say YES! I can not live without my eyelash curler and I am will definitely have to check out this one at Sephora!

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