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Email This Post October 9th, 2006 nicky

portofinooffstrgbx_l.jpgThe room in my house I most dread entering is my home office. What’s funny is it used to be my favorite room with its cranberry red accent wall, reading chair and large black bookcase…Not so anymore, it’s now been taken over by an enormous drum set! Not that I don’t love my husband’s incredible talent because he really is amazing, it’s just that the office was the only room in our house that we could put it and now I hate it! Doesn’t help that I have probably only entered the room a handful of times since the drums made their home in there 6 months ago. So it is now both drummer’s paradise and messy web developer land (my hubby’s job.) I have the itch to reclaim the beautiful space it once was and restore it to its former glory. I am going to clean like mad and also organize like a professional. The Container Store (I cannot wait until they build one in Arizona) is like heaven for organizing freaks like me. I plan on buying stylish storage solutions for the array of discs, papers and files that are cluttering the desk.  They have really cute storage accessories made of recycled fiberboard in a ton of colors to match your home decor, and also a huge selection of bulletin boards so you aren’t limited to the dorm room standard corkboard. I am crossing my fingers that this will help my husband and I stay clutter free and help me get over the monster that is lurking in the corner of the room!

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