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Lucky Shops Giveaway!

Take a pit stop at the sidebar and enter your email address to win the Lucky Shops Giveaway, courtesy of Coutorture! It is overflowing with over $800 worth of beauty and fashion goodies.  As an added bonus, the blog with the winning entry will recieve a gift bag as well, so you could help me score some free stuff too! Lucky Shops will be an amazing event on Nov 9th and 10th in NYC, but if you’re like me and won’t be able to make it, there’s still hope! Go to from Nov 10th-Dec 15th to find super deals (up to 70% off!) from many of the fabulous brands featured at the LUCKY SHOPS event, exclusive items, a charity auction via silent bidding, and an exciting sweepstakes from Jeep. Whoo-hoo! 

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RIP Wile.E.Coyote

untitled-1.jpgNot that I could spend $1200 on a coat, especially since I live in Arizona (yep the desert) and more importantly my husband would kill me but I love this leather jacket from Coach so much!  The warm brown color, gorgeous fur collar, tassel pull zippers, beautiful stiching, colorful striped lining. I could go on and on…and then I noticed that the fur is coyote. Hmm, the same sneaky animals that roam around the suburbs of Phoenix, getting into trouble and sadly ending up as roadkill along the freeway? I might feel a little weird wearing that. So I guess it’s best that I move on, for the coyote’s sake of course. Instead, I found these cute hoodies at Old Navy that are lined with faux fur for an amazing $1155 cheaper than the Coach jacket! Their outer layer is made with Old Navy’s cozy fleece and they come in black or brown. Now there’s something I can wear in the desert without getting heatstroke in the winter and save money, my marriage and those pesky but beloved coyotes too!




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Weekly Shopping Picks 10/30/06

blacktop.jpgMichael Stars, Shine scoopneck









black-ring.jpgEnamel flower ring


Banana Republic






nylabootie.jpgN.Y.L.A. Celine ankle boot







 Brush-on Cream Liner







Black tiger eye coaster set


Patina Stores






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Decor solutions.

vases.jpgOne of the easiest ways to change your home decor with the seasons is by adding subtle accessories that you change out every few months.  My favorite trick is to purchase a big, beautiful glass vase in whatever shape you love. Then, fill it with little goodies that reflect the time of year. For instance, in autumn, drop in some colored leaves and mini gourds.  When the holidays are approaching, trade those in for pinecones, Christmas ornaments or fake snow.  Don’t be afraid to get creative! For warmer months, I might fill it with fruit like lemons and limes or seashells and sand. Just remember to stick with the color palette you already have in your home and add your personal style! For a gorgeous array of vases, try Pottery Barn. They also sell many items that can complete your seasonal centerpiece as well. Hope this helps! 

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Friday Favorites: Nine West

ninewestatom.jpgYesterday on my doorstep were new shoes from! I love new shoe days, just looking down at my feet and admiring my newest pumps or boots just makes any day better!  One of my favorite shoe brands is Nine West. They are affordable, stylish and comfortable too.  Don’t get me wrong, I love and obsess over designer shoes but my pockets are not lined with gold (shocking!) so I can’t buy them as often as I would like! The designer shoes I’m currently drooling over? Chloe’s Buckled Pump. But at $495 that won’t happen anytime soon, so I am content with Nine West. The pair I received yesterday were the brown leather Atom pumps. I was looking for a new brown shoes that could be dressed up or down and after reading the reviews on Zappos about how comfortable they were I decided to give them a try. They were so right, they fit like a glove! Check out Nine West’s site or Zappos for all the latest styles and prices that won’t hurt! 

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Times They Are A-Changin’

watches.jpgI’m one of those annoying people who is always asking others what time it is because I’m too lazy to dig around in my purse for my cell phone and I hate watches.  I don’t know why, I have just never really liked them. I’ve tried to get over it a few times and bought a couple but they just end up sitting in a dresser drawer lonely as can be.  My arm hair always ends up pinched in the metal links or I get frustrated because they slide around on my wrist too much. Anyway, I got a message from Nordstrom (yes, they know me way too well and the ladies there even send me cards sometimes) about the new L.A.M.B. watches by Gwen Stefani. They are sooo cute and I saw a watch that even I might like, the Locket Watch on Leather Band.  It looks like a stylish leather cuff with a little charm and I think it’s just darling. Too bad it costs $275…it’s hard for me to rationalize spending that much on an accessory that I have never enjoyed in the first place.  But it got me thinking if there are other alternative (and cheaper) watch styles that may solve my time telling dilemma. I found the Rain watch bracelet at Fossil, it is priced at $75.00. You wouldn’t even know it was a watch if you weren’t looking closely.  Fossil has quite a few bracelet style watches if you’re looking for something a little different. So good news, if you’re like me and can’t stand watches, there is hope! In other good news, my grandfather had a pacemaker put in and is doing well so far. Thanks for you prayers and kind words! 

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bathsoak.jpgToday’s post will be short and sweet, my grandfather is in the hospital and it is very serious so it is a scary time for me and my family. To take my mind off worrying, I baked Banana Nut muffins and took a bath. I found a really cute and practical bath soak from Davies Gate. It is the Bath Fizz Pop with Body Oil Filling and is sold at Bath and Body Works. It comes in 4 scents- Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit, Sweet Orange and Cinnamon. It is described as, “two spa products on a stick. Drop the Bath Fizz Pop in your bath water and enjoy an effervescent pool of nourishing oils. You’ll find a special treat attached to the stick a fragrant pillow of hydrating body oil. Allow this pillow to warm up in the bath water and gently massage into skin after bath.”  What a unique idea with skin soothing results!  I tried the Peppermint version, with its scent of Peppermint, Bergamot and Freesia combined with Water Lily and Honeysuckle, it turned my bath into a very calming and stress reducing place.    

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The sport of curling.

CurlingIf you don’t already know, I am super clumsy. I spill food on myself pretty much every time I eat, run into walls, stub my toes, drop things, you name it. Yesterday my husband and I ate dinner at Z-Tejas, I end up with queso dip in my hair. Ah, it’s so fun being me sometimes! For these reasons, there are certain things I do not attempt. One of them is using an eyelash curler. I tried once and practically bruised my eyelid from pinching too close (not funny at all!) Since then I’ve been pretty scared of those mini-torture devices. Well, this past weekend I was browsing around Sephora and found this lash curler that resembles a little fairy wand. It is also heated so the results are supposed to last longer. You use it like a mascara wand and hold in place for a couple seconds to set the curl. It only costs $16, a price I am willing to pay to save my eye area from the certain doom I would face if I used a traditional curler. My one question is if eyelash curlers really make a difference and are worth the time and effort?

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Babies are contagious!

maternity.jpgNot only has Hollywood been baby crazy lately, my own little life has erupted into a full on baby epidemic! No, not for me personally (I wish!!) but for about 7 of my family members and friends (bring on the ice cream and pickles!) With all the upcoming maternity clothes shopping sprees and baby showers I will be attending, I thought I’d pass along a few places that can help both the moms-to-be and us girls who will be participating in the rituals that go along with this exciting time.  First off, maternity clothes. Who wants to look like a tent or wear sweats for 9 months? Not me! I also wouldn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on fashion that I’m not going to wear for more than a year either! Although A Pea in the Pod is super stylish and has amazing quality, it can also be very costly. But they do have great sales so don’t count them out!  For stylish, more affordable clothing a couple great websites are Imaternity and Kiki’s Fashions. They have all the basics, career wear and dressy items you need mostly priced well under $50.  For those of us who will be looking for unique gifts for the future mommies and little ones, try browsing at bellablu or Baby Box, they both have huge selections of gifts including personalized clothing and all the toys you can imagine. For designer and upscale gifts, try TuttiBella or Baby Browns. They have the cutest baby clothing, special gift ideas and accessories for mom!

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Weekly Shopping Picks 10/23/06

ardenb.jpgRouched top w/satin bow


Arden B






oldnavyoants.jpgVelour Pants


Old Navy






Chalet cashmere ballet slipper


Banana Republic






Bliss “Twinkle Toes” Pedicure Set







Table Topics Game


Z Gallerie






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