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Email This Post September 26th, 2006 nicky

suedebags.jpgSince I am so excited for autumn, I have been thinking about what accessories I need to get to prepare! (I know, I have issues.) Today I went out and bought some red leather peep toe pumps like I talked about in my previous posts. They are super cute! And I thought ahead and got some gel cushion inserts so they don’t kill my feet.  Now I am on to my favorite topic, handbags! I need/want a new brown bag. I’d like something that’s not too dressy but still beautiful, and I think suede is the perfect choice.  Ever since my last trip to Nordstrom (3 days ago) I’ve had my eye on a Tylie Malibu utility bag. They are gorgeous, roomy, and just a little bit funky because of their studded shoulder straps.  Only problem? They cost around $300.  That might be small change to some or outrageously expensive to others, and for me it is pricey but worth every penny!  I think every girl has to have something that she is a little bit crazy for…right? And I tell myself, “Hey, your husband’s electronics and drum equipment aren’t cheap so bags can be your special treat!” And luckily, my husband usually goes along with it.  I know that this isn’t something everyone is able (or willing) to spend on a new bag so I found a bag at Gap that is much more affordable (on sale $49.99) but has similar elements to the Tylie bag.  It is also chocolate suede and stylishly studded too. And if you are loving the Tylie Malibu bag like me, you can purchase it online at Blue Bee.

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