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Friday Favorites: Everyday addictions

faves.jpgI thought for this weeks installment of Friday Favorites I would get a little personal and divulge a few of my favorites that I just cannot get enough of! When it comes to everyday things, there are some staples that I will never quit using. I am a huge fan of Aveda products, not only because of their botanical scents but also their commitment to improving our environment. I use Aveda’s Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner ritually. I love its smell and how soft, manageable and shiny it leaves my hair. As for my teeth, my absolute fav toothpaste is Crest Vivid White. You have to try it! It leaves your teeth feeling like you just got them cleaned at the dentist and it has a not too strong mint flavor.  Since you already know about my favorite lip gloss, I’ll also express my gratitude to my pick for best mascara. Sometimes you can never improve on a classic and I think Maybelline Great Lash is mascara royalty.  Never clumpy, great definition and always affordable!  In the clothing department, I buy lots of my basics at Ann Taylor Loft. They have great prices, selection and styles for everyday wear. And since I am a handbag junkie, my favorite bags are from Kate Spade. They are so well made, classy and gorgeous. I love designs that are understated but sophisticated and I think Kate takes the cake in that area!  For a little more info on my guilty pleasures,  I am devoted to watching the soap opera, The Young and The Restless (I Tivo it every weekday), I love Justin Timberlake (after all, he is bringing sexy back!) and I would go crazy if I didn’t have a Diet Coke every day…or 2…or 4.  So now you kow a little more about me, what are some of your everyday faves?

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Mirror mirror.

So I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Ask Fashion Kitty, and I saw this entry on a website called It is a riot! You upload your picture and the site scans it to find which celebrities you most resemble.  It takes only a few minutes and it is pretty entertaining. I see some of my results but some of them just crack me up! Their celebrity database is over 4,000 people, too bad they don’t have my actual look-alike, Alison Sweeney from Days of Our Lives in there. That’s someone I’ve actually been mistaken for more than once! It says my closest matches are Tiffani Thiessen, Jenna Elfman and Kate Winslet. If you do it, let me know who your look-alikes are!

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Get hooked.

crochetkit.jpgMy friend Amber is the crochet queen and you know what? I’m getting jealous! Her myspace page is filled with pics of her and her cute creations, from cozy beanies to comfy scarves. I think I need to join the competition and learn the fine art of hooking! Crocheting has been a popular pastime for ages but is now becoming a trendy hobby with a celebrity following including Madonna, Julie Roberts, and Sarah Michelle Gellar.  Unfortunately, I am not the most crafty girl in the world and I have been know to be slightly clumsy. To help get me started, I am buying the Cozy Crochet Kit by Melissa Leapman, it’s a instructional kit for beginner’s like me and includes five hooks, a ball of yarn, and 25 patterns to learn.  Another popular crocheting must-have is the book, Stich n’ Bitch Crochet: The Happy Hooker, by Debbie Stoller.  It’s a fact-filled, witty bestseller perfect for the novice to the best hooker on the block and you gotta love the name!  I’ve heard crocheting is both relaxing and addictive so I am ready to get started- Amber watch out!  

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Brown baggin’

suedebags.jpgSince I am so excited for autumn, I have been thinking about what accessories I need to get to prepare! (I know, I have issues.) Today I went out and bought some red leather peep toe pumps like I talked about in my previous posts. They are super cute! And I thought ahead and got some gel cushion inserts so they don’t kill my feet.  Now I am on to my favorite topic, handbags! I need/want a new brown bag. I’d like something that’s not too dressy but still beautiful, and I think suede is the perfect choice.  Ever since my last trip to Nordstrom (3 days ago) I’ve had my eye on a Tylie Malibu utility bag. They are gorgeous, roomy, and just a little bit funky because of their studded shoulder straps.  Only problem? They cost around $300.  That might be small change to some or outrageously expensive to others, and for me it is pricey but worth every penny!  I think every girl has to have something that she is a little bit crazy for…right? And I tell myself, “Hey, your husband’s electronics and drum equipment aren’t cheap so bags can be your special treat!” And luckily, my husband usually goes along with it.  I know that this isn’t something everyone is able (or willing) to spend on a new bag so I found a bag at Gap that is much more affordable (on sale $49.99) but has similar elements to the Tylie bag.  It is also chocolate suede and stylishly studded too. And if you are loving the Tylie Malibu bag like me, you can purchase it online at Blue Bee.

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Weekly Shopping Picks 9/25

jcrewshirt.jpgStella Ruffled Tuxedo Shirt

$78.00, $39.99 on sale      





nwshoe.jpg Lakesha Peep Toe Pump

$79.99, $69.99 on sale




vspjs.jpg T-shirt pajama in a bag







Urban Decay Baked Body Glow







urbanbloom.jpg Golden means earrings









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Thar she blows!

blowout.jpgDon’t you love the way your hair looks after you get it done at the salon? Here’s the steps on how to recreate the perfect blowout at home. All it takes it little extra time and a few styling tools and you’ll look perfect for that upcoming date, party or just because you want to look gorgeous!

Start with freshly washed hair that’s 90 percent dry, especially at the roots. You can air dry or blow-dry. Apply defrizzer to wet hair.

Apply root lifter to the roots of hair and divide front hair from the back. Then separate the front section into three equal sections. Twist each piece tightly to the scalp and secure with a hair clip. Divide the back into four sections, twist each piece and clip. No need to twist off your bangs or hair in the front because you’ll start with that piece first.

Place a round brush under a section of hair and start close to the scalp, pulling the brush to the ends as the hairdryer follows the brush. Continue until the section is completely dry before moving to the next section.

After the hair is dry, wrap hair around Velcro roller, starting at the tip and rolling to the root. Secure with a hair clip.

When rollers are in place, mist all over lightly with hairspray and let it dry.

Once hair is dry, carefully remove rollers. Don’t tug or you’ll end up with knots that hurt.

Toss your head to the side and softly blow-dry hair on the cool setting. Then apply texturizer or finishing balm to the tips of your fingers while you softly comb hair. Flip sides and you’re done.

-info courtesy of yes at

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Friday Favorites: Get away!

la_jolla.jpgFor this week’s Friday Favorites, I wanted to highlight my favorite city in the U.S. to visit for a quick weekend vacation.  I love love love going to San Diego.  Not only is the weather always perfect but it is a great city for relaxing or entertaining.  Nothing beats a lazy day on the beach with a picnic lunch and a great book to read (I recommend Silver Strand Beach on Coronado).  San Diego has the beautiful, historic Balboa Park to explore, awesome shopping at Horton Plaza, and tons of great restaurants.  And if you want more things to do, there’s always The San Diego Zoo, Sea World, and fun sports to watch. My husband and I try to go a couple times a year, it takes 5 hours to get there from Phoenix and with music, some magazines, and snacks- the ride goes super quick! Recently, we stayed in La Jolla to the north of San Diego and loved it. It is a gorgeous beach community with shopping, eating, and sunbathing all within walking distance!  Now it’s your turn, leave a comment below with your fav getaway location and why it is so special to you!

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Pillow talk.

westelmpillow.jpgI am on a quest, a very serious one. And I’m sure I’m not alone. I am on a mission to find the perfect accent pillows for my sofa and I’m not having very much luck (my dog ruined my last ones!) My house is decorated in tan, garnet red and black. For some reason, I cannot find any stores with black pillows! Brown is very in right now and that is all I see when I am out and about shopping.  To assist my fellow pillow hunters, here is a list of links to websites with awesome pillows sections in an array of colors and designs:

West Elm
Crate and Barrel
Pottery Barn
Garnet Hill
Restoration Hardware
Room & Board
Z Gallerie
The Silk Trading Co.
Bed Bath & Beyond

I hope if you are looking all your padded dreams come true! And if you are shopping and see any pretty pillows made with black fabric, I hope you think of me and give me a heads up!

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Like art on your face!

benefiteyes.jpgI love eye makeup and all the techniques and tricks that go into making it beautiful. Honestly though, I am in such a hurry in the morning that I often just sweep a neutral shadow over my lids, line ’em, mascara the lashes and go.  I also find that my makeup bag becomes a disaster area with a million colors and liners. So many that my head hurts and I really don’t feel like sorting through it all to find something to experiment with! For this reason I plan on:
1. taking an hour out of my day to organize my makeup so I can find stuff (and extra storage space!)
2. buy this super eye palette, new from Benefit!
It includes an eye area concealer (to prime), alabaster pink shadow (allover base color), cocoa shimmer shadow (contouring color), and deep chocolate shadow (for lining).  Also in the kit are a concealer brush, double-ended liner brush and detailed instructions.  Hopefully, this will help cut some time and frustration for me in the morning. I’ll keep you posted!

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Looking good!

jennifer_aniston3001.jpgThe newest issue of People Magazine features their annual Best/Worst Dressed celebs and I couldn’t help devouring the details! The number one choice was a no-brainer- Jennifer Aniston. People writes, “Thanks to her tasteful, easy style, she stands out without ever trying to show off.” Following Jen, in order, are Halle Berry, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Eva Longoria, Charlize Theron, Kate Moss, Christina Aguilera, Jessica Simpson, and Kate Hudson. I have to admit I was surprised by the choices of Moss and Simpson. In my opinion, both have had not only their personal ups and downs this past year but fashion mishaps as well. Remember that horrible dress that looked like a technicolor sheet Jessica wore this summer? I also thought People forgot a few of my favorite stylish women, in particular, Scarlett Johansson and Reese Witherspoon, who always looks fabulous! The worst dressed section was eye-opening with articles on Sharon Stone, bad trends and bad hair. Check out People’s online coverage for all of the commentary and photos. Enjoy!

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